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  1. While I don't play on the small tribe servers having them clustered will make it easier for them to police. "Mega" tribes that are teaming up will be more prevalent and push to take over their cluster, making it easier to see them breaking the no teaming rules. It all comes to enforcement, how they handle rollbacks if they ban a teaming group, and how often they check up on them.
  2. I did some testing recently on legacy PVE and platform saddles only count as 1 tame slot. Doubt it's any different for new PVE, but could be different for PVP. I started a new tribe, claimed a quetzal then put a platform on it, built on it and it stayed as 1 tame slot. I guess they realised how bad it was for tame caps on PVE.
  3. Press G, most mid to large Dino's can carry sleeping/KO tribemates and other stuff around. Haven't actually tried if they can carry live tames.
  4. Re Great Migration; On the first or second one I read that there would be 1 server type per region available at absolute minimum, but OC PVE haven't had an SE server since the first cull of servers.
  5. I've actually just heard this from someone else, you can't upload kibble or fert eggs if they've been transferred off the server they were produced on. The kibble was produced on my Island server and was transferred to Ragnarok, now can't be transferred again. I highly doubt it's intended since it seems like a dumb feature if it is. Bug had been around for atleast 4 months as that's when the person that told me about it noticed it, but given that the Ascension bug where you lose character hasn't been addressed in 2 months unfortunately I'm not hopeful it will be fixed anytime soon.
  6. Been several weeks now since you've not been able to transfer Kibble and Fertalised eggs off of Ragnarok. People on my server reported it when they first noticed so I didn't bother reporting it, but as its still not working I thought I'd report it too. As soon as the transfer timer drops to 0:00 it resets back to the timer, nothing has spoiled or changed inventories, it just resets straight away before you can upload it. I've been told it happens with Shock darts too but i haven't tried. If, somehow, it's an isolated issue for the Ragnarok server I'm on then I'm on OC PVE Ragnarok 39.
  7. Trust me, you don't have it bad. I'm on Australian internet, the download took me 5hrs. But, it is what it is, maybe you should have it set to automatically download so it can download when you're not sitting around waiting for it... just a thought.
  8. A suggestion for ALL Dino's with tails. REDUCE THE HITBOXES. It's crazy how big the hitboxes are on the tails of Dino's. Particularly when babies, it's like they have the same sized tails as the adults. It may not be the best option but maybe just make it so you can walk through the tail of anything that doesn't use the tail to harvest. Reapers are now the worst for it since their tail hitbox seems to go down to the ground, I can't even prone crawl under it.
  9. I watched Panda Dev wipe someone that has been a menace on our server for months. Blocked off Obis for months, greifing, toxicity. Was Glorious to see the wipe happen. Just coincidence that I got to the Obelisk when he started wiping stuff. I'd just traded for a Yuti, lost it when the server reset after he was wiped. But honestly not even mad now that he's gone.
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