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  1. Tamed dino cap per server

    My question is how you get the tame cap to go down by getting rid of platform saddles (if it was introduced onto PVE.) I've removed all the platforms that I don't need and my tame limit never went down. We (my 1 tribe mate and myself) have 3 tribes at tame cap at the moment on Legacy. We're just playing until we can have a go at Ascension basically, don't want to wait a year to try on Legacy.
  2. Any Cool Mutations? my latest Rex. I really like the blue on it, especially with the green spine.
  3. Hitbox rework

    Would be nice to see some more love go towards re-doing some of the hitboxes for a QoL increase. Particularly things like opening/closing gates/behemoths whilst mounted on dinos. It's extremely annoying to have to get off a giga to close a gate each time you go through it. Then to things like tails, i just feel that it would be a huge QoL change to remove clipping on tails, particularly babies that seem to have a hitbox that goes 2-3 feet beyond the tail itself. I'm sure there are plenty of other hitboxes that could use some love, but these are the main two that irritate me. Thanks
  4. 450 level cap

    Hey, I've heard mixed things about the level cap. Someones told me that hatched levels over 450 will dissapear and someone else has said that leveling a dino to over 450 will make it dissapear. I had a Rex hatch at 485 today, so leveling it all the way will get it over the 450 cap so I just want some clarity on it to see if its player levels or base level that counts. Thanks
  5. Let me guess...

    Dont worry, they'll only give 1 server to OC PVP and 1 to OC PVP, with 1000s of people playing from OC regions there has to be at the very least 1-200 people playing official PVE, yet it only gets 1 server which then is half filled constantly with chinese and NA tribes. I've bought Abberation, but I doubt I'll get to play it on official for a couple of months.
  6. Bionic skins

    It might be the case for Console, but I only own the game on PC, so I'd have no way of testing it.
  7. Bionic skins

    Nope, I have all skins and haircuts on Official servers using the above methods in single player. As long as you don't uninstall/reinstall you'll keep them all.
  8. Season Pass

    So if you look on the season pass in steam it states "The ARK: Survival Evolved Season Pass gives you access to three huge expansion packs - Scorched Earth (available now) and two future expansions (coming in Fall 2017 and Spring 2018)" The part this post is focusing on is "in Fall 2017" (Autumn in most countries) a quick google search tells me that Fall starts September 1st for the US. Now on twitter the Devs said there was a fun surprise coming. It was delayed until today as it was running on "Ark time" and was a little late. (Atleast the devs are honest) Could a new map be on the cards already? Alot of people are saying that we just got Ragnarok not long ago so we wont get one for awhile, but that wasn't the devs map. I'd be guessing if the surprise today isn't a new map then that Countdown in the launch trailer QR code will be the new map.
  9. Bionic skins

    Giga and Rex Bionic Skins are linked to steam achievements. Just go on Singleplayer, start a game in The Centre map and go to an obelisk, spawn the items needed to summon the bosses and kill them with console commands. gmbuff to get there safely, kill when looking at the bosses to kill them then the spawn commands are on the wiki for each item. That gets you the Giga Bionic Skin Then go to the Island and travel to the volcano (like a little NW of the centre of the map) and spawn the stuff needed to open the tek cave. I'm pretty sure its just any ascension unlocks it, but do alpha just in case. Then use gmbuff and Infinitestats and level all points into speed and just run through, activate the teleporter and then kill the final boss to ascend and receive the Rex Bionic Skin.
  10. Otter - Inspiration for those that don't have one yet

    I didn't have one sadly. The desert cloths helmet would look cool too with the goggles, but again, don't have it.
  11. Otter - Inspiration for those that don't have one yet

    yeah man, mine is currently wearing a 300 armour heavy miners helmet because i like it the most. They die easily to piranhas, so don't go cheap with the helmet.
  12. My Otter wearing hats has got to be the cutest thing I have ever seen in a game. I went and tamed an Ichthyornis just so I can tame more otters easier.
  13. Dead horse?

    Then why Nerf it on PVE too? Honestly, they should just make it so you can't breed the stat, you get the same boost to speed that you get from Wild to Tamed and then thats it, all other levels have to be placed into speed. Then just make it so speed is only +0.5-1% per level. This way you can get a faster flyer, but its not good for raptor all else. The fastest possible flyer you can get with 0.5% per level is a Pteranadon with 170 move speed, but to get that 170 it has to spend all its points into speed, meaning it won't be good for other things unless you're good with breeding and breed in 40 stat mutations of ONLY stamina or something.
  14. GM response

    Tell me about it, only one OC PVE PC server for the Island and its full and all pillared off already. Don't want us playing Legacy, but don't give enough servers for the populace to move to.
  15. PC OC PVE servers

    Can we get more than one OC PVE Server for the Island? Unlike Ragnarok where we only ever got the one, despite it being at capacity for the first 2 months. If you were unlucky enough to crash you couldn't get back on. There was no where to build cause everyone pillared everything off and its been at tame cap for ages now. There is quite a large player base that plays OC PVE servers and I just don't understand why there is only ever one server when they launch new servers. Edit: The ONE server we have holding at 65+ people at the moment and most of the map is blocked off with pillars already. Release was the middle of the night for people in OC timezones (cause it was over 3hrs late) and a lot of the tribes that have blocked everything off and NA and Chinese tribes, which further adds to the strain of only having one server.