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  1. I respect this move. I'm looking forward to ASA as long as y'all don't raptor it up. As cheap as I got ASE back in the day and the hours I put into it I can definitively say I got my money's worth. Official is crap now a days anyway so I'm ready for a fresh start and if you guys really make it as good as you make it sound ASA will be worth the 60.00 since I'm hoping you'll keep this one alive concurrently with the ark 2 servers so we can enjoy it for at least another 8 years even if I decide not to buy ark 2. I wouldn't mind it being even cheaper but this felt like a genuine explanation of things which is all I really wanted. I forgive you temporarily but I still dont apologize for all the smack I've been talking on twitter 🤣
  2. I'm pretty much at a loss for words. You guys just can't help but lie is it?
  3. I always feel so much better about myself after reading these posts, lol. The player base's salt literally sustains me at this point. All you people that claimed to have been playing this game since launch crack me up. If this is true, why wouldn't you expect another delay? WC has literally never met a release. You should know better than to trust a date until it's fully downloaded and you've already been playing it for a few days, hahaha. Also, stop lying to yourself and others about uninstalling the game. You're not going anywhere. Just shut up and enjoy it when we get it. Last thing, the other half of you gotta stop simping these devs. We all know they suck. Just admit it. We still play their garbo game anyway. It is what it is.
  4. If you use a gas mask and go into first person mode everything under water is clear as on land
  5. Ced, I don't know where you were when I used to troll the forums but I work at a new job that gives me access to them while I'm in between work so I've been on here a lot and you might legit be the best thing that's ever happened to Ark, lol. Thank you for always giving constructive comments and COMMUNICATING with us! I know it has to seem like a thankless job but it's noticed and appreciated by some of us.
  6. awesome! next time you're on if you don't care check it out for me please? thank you!
  7. this sounds awesome! what's the server name? Also what platform?
  8. PS4 (The final ark unofficial PVP) Went to ab to try my hand at reaper hunting with a crapty reaper I stole from someone who had him in his pocket outside my base. Got 6 135+ like a boss.
  9. So what are the changes to pc we need to be looking out for, exactly?
  10. So this is like the final nail in the coffin for prim+? It was a cool idea if they had cared about it.
  11. Caaaaaaalled it ?? last and final DLC, and missed the date again. 0 for 4 WC. GREAT WORK!!! ?
  12. squid can't be grabbed by other squid either, and also have no problems dealing with jellies. Plus no need to run away as a tamed squid can down anything in the ocean including alpha mosa / alpha squid; and when they're hurt you can grab and attack which gives a vampire effect and heals you quickly
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