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  1. i went into broodmother gamma with 40k hp 600+ melee on all rexes. when i summoned boss and was about to transfer my rexes got transfered and i didnt i would at least like something in return of the gms cus this abnormal! it happened twice to me so i lost my rexes 2 times! i hope you guys can fix this cus its neccesary
  2. ARK: State of the Game

    when will s+ come to the game?
  3. Welcome To The New Forum!

    hi devs i hear something about wiping all servers will it happen?
  4. it would be great if element gathering goes up cus bosses dont give so much maybe more ways to get element would be great
  5. will there come any breeding updates cause not everyone has the time to breed but would like to have really good dinos
  6. ARK: State of the Game

    will the island get any updates for map updates more biomes maybe bigger that would be great maybe add a wyvern ravine for island too i would really like to see that
  7. Alternate flyer mechanics

    i think its great not have the flyer nerf in pve or have breeding boost for speed
  8. Remove inventory slots from crafting tables

    isnt that where the tek replicator comes in?
  9. Remove inventory slots from crafting tables

    isnt that where the tek replicator comes in?
  10. Some Ideas

    we need s+ in the game