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  1. Luxbris

    Ping System

    Ping System A ping system, perhaps somewhat similar to the one Apex Legends designed, would help people out when playing with others. I'm thinking something fairly simple, for pinging locations of dinosaurs, places of interest, harvestables, etc.
  2. Yeah, it's stupid. In Wildcard's defense, I guess it could be a glitch? By the sound of it, Extinction isn't exactly glitch free.
  3. Okay. Do I need to unlock the engrams there, or can I just transfer my survivor there and then straight back to Extinction? (I'd much rather start the map at lv 1)
  4. So, I'm slightly confused about this. I'm a console player, so I've impatiently been watching Syntac play Extinction while I wait for it to come out on xbox. I've noticed that you can get green gems, and sap that replaces blue and red gems from Aberration, BUT Aberration engrams are locked. Does this mean that you unlock the Aberration engrams after time? Or, do you have to beat Aberration and then transfer your survivor? I really don't want to have to beat Aberration just to play Extinction, as I imagine you need the Aberration engrams if you can find the materials. If you do, that really sucks... Perhaps Extinction isn't as good as it was made out to be.
  5. Luxbris

    Companion cube

    That looks amazing!! Must have taken you ages to build.
  6. Luxbris

    Who Would Win Meme

    Just a meme
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