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  1. I know its early but killer turkeys would go great for Halloween event. Just my opinion.
  2. i know this is pvp but you should disable cave buildi ng on all pve platforms, at leasr on pvp ylu can use explosives to break down gates walls etc, on pve they can build gates and block resource spawns and nothing can be done about it, on valguero oil cave and crystal metal cae is blocked, that alsp blocks entrance to one entrance to underwater lake and on pve people are screwed with no recourse just like tribes blocking lake access points from one body of water to another and coc compliance team doesnt respond or say its taken care of when dinos structurws are still there and only thing tribe did was change its name
  3. it says including Valguero, when is it dropping on xbox or is it valguero ob steam get the 2x?
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