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  1. The crashes have became unbearable... I tried playing earlier and just gave up.
  2. Either way I'd be fine with it. I like Anime so I'd probably still enjoy it but live action would be good too... Just more expensive with more probability for CGI and filming issues... but whatever.
  3. NAMCOOo did amazing... I would definitely watch an ARK Anime... -PS Fix the game. SE still crashing on Xb single player.
  4. Update after update on Xb and Scorched single player still randomly crashes to dashboard every 20 minutes or so... please quit putting a fix for this off it had passed annoying inconvenience a LONG time ago...
  5. Happy to know SE hasn't always been this way but I've been dealing with crashes as long as I've been on it... And I understand what you mean on the hate train but I mean people will get to the point where NOBODY is even playing their games, or talking on there forums, or making YouTube videos, etc. and if they don't start taking fixes seriously I bet that is what will happen to them eventually. Thanks for the info though.
  6. Scorched Earth still Unplayable... Scorched Earth on Xb1 single player still crashes everytime I play... Everytime I travel from one Obelisk to the other, go through the SE-Central part of the map, or pretty much travel any Eastern part of the map, it crashes black screen to dashboard... Everytime I play... The fact this is the first DLC released and it still hasn't been fixed is kind of a slap in the face to anyone who bought the original season pass... You need to do a complete bug fix on each map, servers AND single player before you release any new content... It is really going to get to the point where people lose all faith in anything attached to your companies name... Please don't let that happen.
  7. I have made a post recently stating they need to not add anymore content what so ever until they fix the game so it runs as intended on all platforms... I didn't realize this had been going on in Scorched since 2018... That is crazy! Really lost hope in this being fixed and the devs in general seeing this... I feel they would never take fixes serious until people completely stop playing their games all together... If people keep jumping back in everytime they add something that's just what they will keep doing... Not fixing anything along the way... I wanted to give the benefit of the doubt on this one but that leaves no doubts at all in my mind...
  8. Ok so it really would make no difference... Good to know. I just hope they find some way to actually fix this game...
  9. I understand what you mean but there is really no space or anything at all it could contribute? It just doesn't seem likely that the space from PGM in the program/game, whatever, can't be used else where? but I'm not arguing because I don't know enough to say either way I'm genuinely asking ?
  10. I understand what you mean but there is really no space or anything at all it could contribute? It just doesn't seem likely that the space from PGM in the program/game, whatever, can't be used else where? but I'm not arguing because I don't know enough to say either way I'm genuinely asking
  11. I retracted my ideas for the Rex and would like to toss the idea out instead that nothing will aggro a tamed Rex with the exception of Wyverns, Deathworms, Gigas, Corrupted Dinos, Yutyrannus, Other Rex's and Boss minions. With the addition of the map bosses of course... Unless they are attacked by the tamed Rex first. Maybe even make the dinos that won't attack avoid the Rex all together... Giving them that ability kind of like my suggestion of the Mosa in the post of being a real apex predator that nothing except the biggest threats want to mess with...
  12. I agree... More black pearls would make a lot of sense particularly because they could be "eating" them at sea... Substrate, Prime Fish all make a lot of sense also... You should be getting prime fish meat every catch to use for water dinos your taming close by... And making rod blueprints unfishable while adding others makes a lot of sense also... Good points and easy fixes if you ask me... Thinking it through fishing could be vastly upgraded those ways... Especially letting us get more prime fish quickly for tames on the water and black pearls as common drops.
  13. ARK Overhaul "Tame your Game" First I would like to make sure I apologize at least once for the times I have lost my temper on these forums... I get that this is a massive game and it is probably extremely difficult to keep it all running smoothly... but never the less we paid for a product that should work as intended and advertised. Especially when it was your decision as a company to create such a massive game and build such hype around that very concept, not to mention building, taming, breeding, etc... I'm sure we can agree on that. So my suggestion, and I can't speak for the whole community when I say this so I hope they would make their opinions heard in the comments... Is to postpone the next Genesis DLC, and the TLC, until a complete overhaul of the games internal problems is completed... Crashes, Bugs, Glitches, Optimization, everything... On every map... Servers AND Single Player... PCs, Xbox AND PlayStation... With it being ported to consoles by professionals that specializes in that specifically and can do it correctly... Like I said I can't speak for the entire community, but I'm almost positive most would agree... This game had grown beyond your grasp a looong time ago... and I don't mean that as an insult... It is a beautiful thing and I commend your concepts for growing into such a force of nature with a life of its own... But just like we do in this game for hours on end. Most of them being lost completely due to these same bugs and glitches... You need to Tame your Game... You need to get it under control and working correctly... From building, to taming, to breeding, to just exploring the map, gathering the artifacts, and fighting the end bosses all the way to ascension. All the way through each map... You need to fix ALL the MAJOR issues that keep you from simply playing the game as intended... Tested Thoroughly and Ported Professionally... There is no need to put this off any longer considering your almost at the games end life and have grown into such a vast company... unless you decide to add more to it passed the DLC and TLC which would be nice but I don't even see how you could... but I really believe all your future game's sales will hurt if you ignore this, and explode beyond your dreams if you actually listen... I'm pretty positive people would be much more inclined to jump back into the game for the last DLC and TLC, and for years on years afterwards, if you did this. I'm also pretty sure they would not mind waiting for the DLC to get something like this taken care of... It would probably save this company's reputation if you fix what needs to be fixed with ARK... I guarantee you will not regret it if you do and the community would love you for it if you gave the game a real "Tender Loving Care" Overhaul... Nothing has to be changed except it actually running correctly... Then Fixing what ever may go wrong with Genesis II and the TLC should be a lot less work and would open up a lot more time for you to focus on whatever your next endeavors are without trying to continually chip away at the bugs and issues overtime while also trying to work on future projects... It makes complete sense if you actually think long-term and I hope you guys really make the right choice. Thank you for your time. PS- Please don't just think of this in terms of money either, which most find it impossible not to do... Even though this would make you much more money in the long run... Think of this in terms of where you started and where you are now... and above all, the community that got you there... And if you do want to think of this in money... We have really gave you enough to simply get our games fixed...
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