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  1. Yeah, even though it was PLANNED from the BEGINING. It's honestly so frustrating that wildcard would simply ignore this even though they made sure abberation stayed relavent with Val not have rock drakes and reapers, etc. It's really painful that even after there lawsuit and getting all the money from everything else, they still haven't done a ascension for Scorched Earth! Even though it was meant to happen!
  2. So after recently installing ark on windows 10 I've noticed the game's battle music, boss themes and loading on the map music don't seem to work? Schorched earth is the only one that seems to work but not the others? why is that? Is there a way to fix this?
  3. From what I have seen on this post as well as the community in general, people really want to some form of TLC for Scorched Earth. I understand that your working on Genesis but when you launched Valguero you didn't have every creature from Aberration the map because you didn't want abberation to lose value. What about Scorched Earth when Ragnarok released? The pheonix can't be used as an excuse to justify what you did to SE as the pheonix is pretty useless in both pvp and pve. You said in the most recent community cruch that you wish to make current content better, so what about Sc
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