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  1. Dragon Boss

    high lvl Rex Army
  2. Reaper Roar?

    i tried that but all as it does is switch me from third person to first person while riding the reaper
  3. Reaper Roar?

    i have no idea what ctrl would be on xbox
  4. Reaper Roar?

    i press the left stick and it just sprints around
  5. Reaper Roar?

    when i press the right stick it does it's tail swipe attack
  6. Reaper Roar?

    How do you roar with a tamed reaper king on xbox or can you not roar at all on xbox?
  7. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    it's still in cert
  8. Xbox update still in cert?

    too true, well hopefully the update comes out soon, as i would love to play on my friends dedicated server without it wiping all the time.
  9. Xbox update still in cert?

    how much longer will the xbox update be in cert for? does anyone know?
  10. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    my friend tried that it didn't work
  11. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    do we know when that update will come out?
  12. Dedicated servers won't save anything Aberration.

    When is the next update for xbox coming because i saw in the notes that it fixed dedicated servers not saving for aberration, which one of my friends is hosting and is wondering when the update will be out?
  13. Aberration not working?

    my apologies everyone, my friends were trolling me and again apologies for not believing you guys i should have
  14. Aberration not working?

    How did you installed it already i was up all night until 12:00 when it came out on the store and i bought it and installed it
  15. Aberration not working?

    the thing is my friends don't have the same issue, they could play it and their in the same country/state as me