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  1. What are everyone's goals for Aberration?

    my goal is to tame all the new creatures, explore the map, find out the secrets of this broken ARK and beat the final boss.
  2. Best Late Game Dino's

    For both PVP and PVE underwater i would suggest a Tusoteuthis (Squid) and for on land i would suggest to keep on breeding rexes especially for boss fights.
  3. Dinosaurs disappearing

    yep, on a previous friends server our dinos kept disappearing, i find this more common on Non-dedicated servers on the dedicated server my friend is hosting, no dinos have disappeared so far.
  4. Transfering from Island to Ragnarok?

    Ragnarok has the island engrams and scorched earth engrams, the only engrams it doesnt' have is primitive plus, but then again you need to switch to primitive plus to play/use those engrams.
  5. like most people have been saying in this topic, WC don't have to follow the entire breeding process of bugs in real life, they can simply just make them hatch from a egg, i suppose i can understand with the whole it's too complex thing i mean look at spiders when they have babies they have hundreds, but the thing is WC doesn't have to do that they can simply just have them hatch an from a egg or something just like all the other breed-able creatures in the game, to be honest i don't see why this isn't in the game already but i really hope it does get added, seeing baby bugs would be pretty cool.
  6. Ark release date

    oh i must not read it properly, but thank you anyway for this, can't wait for ark's final release
  7. Ark release date

    Hi everyone, just wondering what is the deal with ark's release date? like why has it been delayed and stuff?