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  1. doceproce

    Wild water dinos getting stuck inside squid

    d did you get a video? here is this normal pve island
  2. doceproce

    Cannot stop Dilo's from eating corpses

    disables item collation colect
  3. It would be nice to know which server we're dealing with. when it is identified some problem sometimes ARK closes for protection, sometimes happens in my server, stays for a few hours and then returns to normal, but it is not only with me it is with all the players of the server.
  4. doceproce


    knows that you only have 23:59 to get it all out. but still open a request in the support, do not forget to attach the prints of the log. good luck
  5. doceproce

    Is Buying Good Rex Eggs Wrong?

    a good tip to save, are kiblles de pluminus, in the center map, there the statistics are higher, not only for rex, but other dinos also
  6. doceproce

    Is Buying Good Rex Eggs Wrong?

    the players buy for various reasons, but I believe that the goal of the game is not only to overthrow the boss, there is a lot of fun and many hours of pleasurable activities, if you observe there are many activities that we do without having relation with the boss.
  7. doceproce

    Is Buying Good Rex Eggs Wrong?

    Who wants something easy in ark? It's not funny to take a mosa, try new things ... Do you find it easier to buy the rexes but you tried to go to the boss with rexes that you even knocked over? I have seen wild rex status that I believe would be enough for the average boss on the island. I believe that the grace of playing ARK is to be noob, so I am and always will be a noob
  8. doceproce

    Unable to Join - Unknown Error

    if ps has instability in connection with psn, since 07/12 but sometimes it happens to me too when I enter the caves there is a freeze of a few seconds, and sometimes the connection is lost, so whenever I arrive I put sleeping bags on the door. I am very happy when the personnel demarcate the territory with pillar, thus causing me to be born further or take a dino with a bed. I was also surprised with my dino wrapped with a structure around and an unnecessary collection in metal for the release of the same
  9. doceproce

    glitch Help! Typing Problem

    although the staff here understand more than ps, (it has an xbox-only location) try in the global settings of the console to match the keyboard language and model. if it is wireless please reboot the keyboard and check the batteries
  10. doceproce

    Is Buying Good Rex Eggs Wrong?

    always remember only game currency, other forms of payments can be seen as outlaw situation. here we love to play, so buying game items is not our goal, we played since december 2017 on pve servers I particularly bought a couple of high-level adult rex, and then I started my line mixing with rex of scenarios and color of events. sometimes we exchange eggs like other players, to change the level of mutations What about the statistics? well the ideal and you alone discover the ideal value. I think not only arenas of bosses is the ARK, I really like to tame, have tried to take down a rex without traps? or the challenge of taming a Tuso down with a carbonem, then you have a lot of fun before you waste hours trading metal or crystal to buy a rex do not you think?
  11. doceproce

    PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    on my router has a tool that monitors data consumption by connected equipment. in simulation when I open the inventory I do not see a significant increase in bandwidth data, so it points to a problem inside the ps4 hardware, but they are speculations, I can not measure the level of processing of the cpu of ps4, but there is one for ArkTeam to solve
  12. doceproce

    PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    acredito que os pacotes multilingual são baixados de acordo como sua opção global da PS, ´ por sua conta e risco alterar na configuração global do ps4 a lingua e depois baixar os jogos novamente I believe that the multilingual packages are downloaded according to your overall PS option, ' at your own risk change the global setting of ps4 to the language and then download the games again
  13. thank the team, everything here is normal Note: I did not test the transfers
  14. doceproce

    PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    desculpa. Portuguse BR, digital midia, cable internet,
  15. doceproce

    PS4 - Lag opening inventory

    I have experienced this experience since the beginning of ps4, I always judged as normal. after leaving the legacy servers, apparently these freezes are most common mainly when we go through large constructions. I know that in my server many players have already reduced the base sizes by freezing. I know that sometimes this is the difference between surviving or turning dinner, but is not this challenge more attractive?