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  1. Will we ever see a mods section for console? Like the misc mods (Stack mod, S+ , and many others). If so could you give a rough guess or estimate when we will see them. And will we be able to enable them on current player dedicated consoles. My platform is Xbox One.

  2. ARK Digest Q&A!

    Any news on the player dedicated volcano crash. I'm really exited for Ragnarok and I wanna know if it will be fixed before Ragnarok comes out so I can host it. I haven't been able to host a server since July.
  3. Any news on the player dedicated volcano crash?
  4. Hey Jat I have this issue where my player Dedi still crashes. It loaded up after the hotfix but I needed to change a few settings. So I backed out and changed them and now when I load it up it crashes back to dashboard at the volcano entrance again like it did before

  5. ARK Digest Question Collection!

    Date for the Player Dedicated server fix?