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  1. We might be keen. Contact eddytubbaguts or caaws2007 to chat
  2. Gobbledot

    €100 Prize Begins This Saturday !!

    Its Day 15 Boost levels as follows but happy to change. Baby Mature Speed 0.3 Day Cycle Speed 3.5 Day Time Speed 3 Dino health Recovery 3 Dino Stamina Drain 0.1 Dino Harvest 3 Egg Hatch 3 Harvest Amount 3.5 Mating Interval 1 Night Time Speed 2 Player Drains Reduced Player Harvesting Damage 3 No Downloads Taming Speed 4 XP Multiplier 5 Spoiling 1 Item Decompose 1 Corpse Decompose 2 Resource Radius 0.25 Friendly Fire Off Food Consumption 0.25 Crop Growth Speed 3 Eggs 1 Dino Harvesting Damage 3.2 All PerLevelStatsMultiplier =15 All PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoTamed = 8 All PerLevelStatsMultiplier_DinoWild =7 Flyer Platform Unaligned On Structure Replacement Disabled
  3. UPDATE This Saturday 25th the Castle will be set up. The vault containing the prize (first to tell teh admin what was in it gets the €100. The Castle will be fraught with danger yet no admin commands were used. Everything tamed by 2 users. You have one week to get to the vault. Every friday the Castle will be reinforced !!!! Other users have also come up with some cool ideas and are building soon. So this server has all teh fun of raids with out getting your base destroyed. 5 SLOTS LEFT !!! Come Join.... ABOUT US 2 Dedicated players who love this game. We are on most days. Set the server up as to much messing going on other servers. Friendly environment and helpful admin Fun side projects and adventures Party Chat Monthly €100 hidden prize to find !!! Paid Through Pay Pal - A Code Will Be Hidden On A Sign - First To Tell Admin The Code Gets Prize. Clues On Daily Message Contact caaws2007 for any questions We are open to any suggestions to make the game better for you OUR SERVER DETAILS Hosted On Clanforge - 1 Year Lease Dedicated - No Downtime Unless Updates - Which are fast Paid for by Admin - So Free for all Max 10 players (for now) Easy to find SETTINGS Harvesting, Taming, Breeding etc all set to decent levels, allowing for quick progression but still having great gameplay No Admin Cheats Wild Dino Wipes Once A Week No Resets No Destroying Of Bases No Blocking off Resources No Killing Lower Level Players FUN ADVENTURES Take The Castle - Take The Castle In The Swamp And Hold It Find The Loot - Hidden Treasure €100 Per Month The Colosseum - Fight Hand To Hand Combat There are a lot of messy servers out there so we set this up ourselves. Purpose of our game is to allow you to build your base and stay safe. Play at your own pace and and enjoy adventures. Join Ark “Session Filter” set to Unofficial PC Session “Name Filter” search for Gobbledot (its the only one) Full Title - “Ark Ragnarok Gobbledot” Set it to favourite OR SEND MESSAGE/FRIEND TO CAAWS2007 See you there !!!!!