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  1. Arkitect Build Video Hello everyone I am back with my newest build! I have the honor to build for Team Dragonpunk. This build is on a platform that @CheeseGamesLive made which sets on the back of the Leviathan created by @xRowCat , and it looks amazing so far. I looking forward to working with Dragonpunk. @DragonpunkGame.
  2. Arkitect This is a build that I did use Eco RP deco mod with a few parts form here shop and Garden mods working together to make this waterfall build.
  3. Arkitect Build TimmyCarbine came over to tour my newest build Dragon port This build took 200hrs to build, I used S+ and Eco shop deco mod with a few parts form here RP and Garden mods working together to make this port town mini mall build.
  4. omg an ark movie would be the boom!!!
  5. when you are using TimmCarbine call of the wild mod for the first time and your like what no dinos this wave then out of nowhere this pops up
  6. ARKitect video I am very proud of this build for when I build it I had no idea it would be good enough for TimmyCarbine to take a liking to it and showcase it on his YouTube. So this week I would like to enter my Dragon Keep build. Had to do a second video for when he Was in spectator mode the pictures did not show up on the picture frames or Flags so please watch both videos.
  7. Dragonarcwar

    Dragon Gaming Ark Pic

    I love to take lots of pictures of my experiences The Ark Survival Evolution. see more here on my website http://dragonarcwar.enjin.com/arksurvivalevolved