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  1. I been playing Ragnarok1 official PvP EU Xbox primitive plus server for about 4-5 weeks. It has non stop lagged, rubberbandded or knocked me out of server. It’s unplayble. I have sent 2 tickets in the time I have played and tweeted admin support and have gotten no response. This is the support you get for a payed ful release game? I love the game and I just want to be able to play lol. I can’t even do that. I’m scared to go out on a Dino or anything bc of how bad the lag is. Help!!!
  2. Hey Jat! I been playing the game pretty faithful since it came out and love the game. After this last patch the server at times is unplayable. It rubber band and lags nonstop for several minutes if not hours then will act normal. This can be very very frustrating. I play on official primitive server 175. Also when will you guys be doing 2.0 again? I have lost so much stuff because of lag issues, it be sure nice to have a boost to recoup. Thanks man!

  3. Hey! When can we expects to see another 2.0??
  4. Primitive server 38

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      What happens there?