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  1. rip.... if you have proof you should do this through support. EDIT: if you don't have any evidence such as screenshots.... I don't think they'll actually help. but trying is still better than not I guess.
  2. Is it set to private? if it is then sadly you can't play together.... seen this issue for years. Tickets and posts on this simply get ignored. You could play open.... just practice kicking/banning random joiners.
  3. Rename bed? That seems to fix desync for me.
  4. Pretty sure they don't replace mesh deleted dinos... Kinda sucks
  5. What map? For me ragnarok dashboards every 15-30 minutes. Extinction every 15-30 minutes and genesis snow biome every 10-15 minutes...
  6. is this genesis related? if so then flyers are disabled on that map.*official pve settings* they are disabled in certain caves too on other maps. *official pve settings*
  7. Yeah the waiting time can be really bad the loss of my first character and auto-decay of bases forced me to make an alt character incase of anymore incidents. was able to log in and stop decay the second time it happened. wish they had a better system for these character problems
  8. Send a ticket to the support section for character loss. https://support.survivetheark.com/hc/en-us/articles/217178337-My-character-was-erased-
  9. I had a wyvern walk out of dino leash area.... this quite an pain if you don't notice them start walking after getting of them. Also only seems to be flyers that do this.
  10. Im not an admin but wildcard usually ask for screenshots/recording of certain issues Not really sure what could have caused this though and was thinking maybe someone had popped your raft/boat as that happens alot on pvp. That would usually leave tribe log info tho so im completely baffled as to what blew it up.
  11. Not really seeing a glitch in the screenshots.... tribe logs could be more helpful I think.
  12. My favorite is when inviting friends and it says they can't join a private session... pure gold. Also wc do not care about non dedicated and will probably never fix the issues with it sadly.
  13. Did you log out the back in again and try to type again? Chat has an annoying trend of breaking so you can no longer see chat updating.
  14. This is a bug.... hoping they fix it soon
  15. A few questions 1 where abouts are you when the crashes happen? Approximate coords. 2 do you notice large amounts of caol/salmon spawning in near to or at time of crashes? 3 are there any bases/platforms in the areas that crash? 4 do any of the water creatures appear to be stuck or struggling to swim normally? 5 are there any graphical glitches in the areas that crash?
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