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  1. I will assume it does not credit you as the person/tribe that tamed it too... I had to pod/unpod gachas that did this so I could equip them with saddles.
  2. I too have found myself missing these 'purchased' items. when will we get them back?
  3. this is new dlc... the 15+ minute wait for a failed login before you can really join simulator.... but seriously I really do wish they would fix this issue, nothing beats DCing while over water only to take 15+ minutes to get back in game and find your stuff despawned... this is the type of *cough* that turns people into dodo punching psychopaths.
  4. I have the same annoying wait just for it to fail... and so does my partner who plays. [note] this only seems to be a thing for officials from what I have seen.
  5. I wish they would just implement a password system for non dedicated private sessions to completely fix this issue once and for all....
  6. BRING IT ON!!!! finally a fresh start and best of all.... ragnarok.
  7. just tried to invite my friend into a non dedicated game.... and she gets the can't join private game message. will this ever be fixed or even read by a dev? just wanted to have some non dedicated fun while waiting for the new servers to spring into life. [NAT is open]
  8. both the servers I play on will not be wiped....going to get settled on a new server and I'll just let my legacy stuff go after a month or so. a fresh start may be a good thing
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