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  1. right it should only affect new spawns in Genesis.. not dino transfers
  2. maybe never.. these arent gauranteed to be in the game.. They are just part of the sponsored mod program, u can dl the mod on pc tho im sure.
  3. I don't believe so.. I think it is, if you want it for xbox, you buy it on xbox. If you want it for pc, you have to buy in on pc.
  4. Not only that they do not attack nor gather on their own or manually. All they do build up charge and run manually(does not gather wood/thatch) and auto build up charge but stay stuck in build up mode.. Please fix asap Edit: 6 hours later i tame another Trike.. still wont gather when i ride him. An hour after that, he magically can gather all of a sudden. Maybe whgen i set him to passive? idk. i must test now
  5. Dammit, I was hoping to update my game at midnight so i could play Rag .. I don't see why the patch/update/download can't go up at midnight, to at least allow singleplayers to play the game and new map. I mean even if it updates at midnight, the servers are down anyways. So it'd be for singleplayer
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