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  1. I reiterate what I originally said.. Your aware they can wipe at anytime, you admit so on your very own post... so why don't ppl play on unofficial, and continue to complain about official servers.. i'll never understand.. its alike a gf that keeps getting beat and keeps going back.. knowing full well whats happening
  2. reread your first post.. here ill copy paste it.. not only did you realize the obvious you mention it in your own post.. you even say you should go to unofficial... and ackknowledge they can get wiped at any time and that they said they might so it wasn't a surprise... I didn't assume anything.. i just read your post.. word for word... The original sigh was because.. ppl know this... almost everyone knows it.. they are just too lazy to do anything else out of convenience.. so instead of doing anything about.. you just stay on officials.. and complain.. not just you .. alot of
  3. lol nope got the point perfectly... deciding not to play on official servers is pretty obvious and common thing.. on ALL games
  4. Sigh...When will ppl realize until they start their own servers,... Wildcard can do whatever with their servers whenever they want... I stopped playing on official like day 3 after buying the game in early access way back 3 years ago or whenever it was..
  5. I think i might log in and make an awesome tree city like in your picture
  6. Love the Mosa ideas and if its not straight vertical up and down give him some bend up and down at least.. Megalodon ignore on Meg .. great idea
  7. I wanna say they were looking into adding the Brachi so i wouldn't be surprised if its the new dino
  8. Brachiasaurus... however you spell it... long upright neck brontos cousin
  9. So like 10-20 ppl complain about no 2Xtaming.. then 10-20 ppl jump on them for not reading, and that they added it.. then 10-20 ppl jump on them, telling them, hey they added it afterwards, so don't jump on them... Then the cycle continues... See I read it all... if we could just get 10-20 ppl talking about Chibis.. that'd be great...
  10. maybe never.. these arent gauranteed to be in the game.. They are just part of the sponsored mod program, u can dl the mod on pc tho im sure.
  11. Dammit, I was hoping to update my game at midnight so i could play Rag .. I don't see why the patch/update/download can't go up at midnight, to at least allow singleplayers to play the game and new map. I mean even if it updates at midnight, the servers are down anyways. So it'd be for singleplayer
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