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  1. so its pretty clear to you now? Cuz at first you jumped on him for it not adding up.. maybe i makes sense to you cuz i actually explained what happened.. peace!
  2. So like 10-20 ppl complain about no 2Xtaming.. then 10-20 ppl jump on them for not reading, and that they added it.. then 10-20 ppl jump on them, telling them, hey they added it afterwards, so don't jump on them... Then the cycle continues... See I read it all... if we could just get 10-20 ppl talking about Chibis.. that'd be great...
  3. this is why ... you kind of attacked him.. amd he IMO.. was clearly talking about his past experience he wass on a friendly server.. but now he isn't.. his post didn't add up to you.. and thats why.. just pointing out why his post didnt add up to you.. made perfect sense to me.
  4. in the swamp east/central part of the map by the jungle temple cave.. towards bottom of all the steps, I usually build a base in the ruins after the first set of steps near the bottom by the river.
  5. well were is past tense... so i think i interpreted it right, unless he worded it wrong.. but thats how i interpreted it. They *were* (I interpreted as "used to play on)a freindly server, had no problems.. then moved to this one, and are struggling... He starts off by saying he recently started playing again, so im assuming the "were" was his older experience on the game, in the past, on diff servers, that they "were" on.
  6. what about a scorpion trough?
  7. Depends on the server.. some ppl set up unofficial servers with the sole purpose of pvping.. Quick x10 or higher build up to get stuff to pvp with.
  8. They WERE on a friendly server. then they moved to the one they are getting raided.
  9. Or he might of meant the Tek skinned rexes instead of Rexes in Tek armored saddles. If so tek skins were an extra feature, that they eventually just added to all maps as random spawns a year or 2 ago
  10. right it should only affect new spawns in Genesis.. not dino transfers
  11. maybe never.. these arent gauranteed to be in the game.. They are just part of the sponsored mod program, u can dl the mod on pc tho im sure.
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