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  1. Niphead

    New patch and se

    Only wind turbines aren't affected i believe.
  2. Niphead

    USA only country with. ..

    You do realise most servers are at cap or are close and most people moan about too many evo(breeding) events? They can't win.
  3. Niphead

    USA only country with. ..

    As an Englishman i can only agree with this man. As an American company they're only gonna focus on American holidays which is fine.
  4. Niphead

    Not getting any good breeds of dinos in SP

    Big foot are on The Island, try looking in the Redwood for them and Rock Elementals are on Scorched Earth.
  5. They can't be bred and a quick google search will show you their locations.
  6. Niphead

    Diplo needs a rework

    A Diplo can move a Giga? That's ridiculous.
  7. Niphead

    pvp or pve..

    You need to get out more Fella.
  8. Niphead

    Max Survival Level Achievement (PS4)

    Just join an Unofficial that automatically boosts you to max level, dump all your points into whatever and boom achievement earned.
  9. Niphead

    kiting Giga Kiting on PvE

    Every cloud.
  10. Niphead

    Uncapped Ragnarok ?

    Why play Legacy?
  11. Niphead

    Leveling Basilosaurus

    Part of it comes down to the Basils base stats it tames out at but i tend to 20 points in HP and 40 in MD and rest in movement speed.
  12. Niphead

    kiting Giga Kiting on PvE

    Submit a ticket and wait 2 weeks for a response with no resolution.
  13. I breed on Scorched just fine. Center is an alternative?
  14. Niphead

    Breeding before and after 3x.

    It will kick in on them too
  15. You could always throw up a base on one of the other less popular/populated maps & keep reseting timers so when an event rolls round go raise over there and gradually filter your dinos across to your main server? Scorched is rarely ever at cap from my experience.