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  1. The problem isn’t that they won’t grab me, it’s that they drop you as if you struggled and the meter went up high enough to drop you. I wasn’t struggling. I was literally trying to get any bloodstalker at this point. When the 135 was messed up it was more of a mission to tame any bs. I did end up taming a 90 and 20 bs but both were nearly on the ground. Nothing that had to pull me over say 50ft. Everything higher than that failed to pull me up. I even used a bloodstalker to hang beside a level 95 that was way up in the trees and it pulled me off my bs from 20ft away then almost Immed
  2. Bloodstalker taming broken. They keep dropping me Official 1206 pve. 135fem bs. I’m directly below her, take off ghille suit, she starts to pick me up and then drops me long before I make it to her. There are no trees in the way, lone of sight is clear. The only thing in my inventory is blood bags and a few cryogenic pods with tames to feed after I start. Have tried 15+ times to no avail. I don’t have menu open, I do have bug spray on but even tried it without spray as well. tested a lvl 90 as well same issue, picked up not even halfway then dropped each time.
  3. Probably wont get looked at but here is what i have found on PS4 playing single player co op (split screen) *Tether distance which was great when slider was active is now almost unplayable. We had a blast the first week we owned the game...now its almost not worth playing. *If host player dies and respawns while 2nd player is on a raft (had a saber tooth on raft as well) The second player is ported WITH THE RAFT onto the bed. No players are able to move and the raft, bed, and foundation have to be destroyed to allow players to move again. The Saber tooth was dropped in the water whe
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