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    Season Pass Price 25,45->16,79?

    I don't subscribe to the idea that this is an evil corporate scheme to leech more money off the player base, but I do think there is a fairness issue here which should be addressed by Wildcard. I paid for Scorched Earth when it was released, and then paid full price (minus the SE discount) for the Season Pass pretty much on the day it was announced. Now without spending a minute playing any of the content which was paid for through the season pass (and which by the way has been delayed), there's a discount being offered for that same content, and I can't benefit from it because I had already pre-ordered. So essentially I'm being penalized for supporting the company earlier. It's no big deal and I'm not going to stop playing Ark because of a few bucks. But it does discourage me from being an early supporter of the company in the future. And I'm sure this is not what Wildcard intends to do. My suggestion: offer a way for those of us who purchased the season pass for full price and already had purchased SE before to benefit from this sale. As an alternative, at least give us a cute "I paid full price for the season pass" saddle skin or something in-game Thanks.
  2. Dear Devs, I love your game. I play it way too much and I've been playing it since the very beginning. I actually just checked on Steam and noticed I have over 1000 hours on it and cried a little bit. I think the game you delivered at launch is incredibly fun, immersive and has been much improved with Early Access. I write this so you understand where I'm coming from and take it as constructive criticism with the goal of improving the game I love. With that in mind, please take a few minutes to discuss internally the fog mechanic as it is implemented right now. I don't have a problem with the concept of fog. In moderation, it adds to the atmosphere of the game, provides variety and even some very interesting situations, especially in pvp. The problem I see is in its implementation, and it's twofold: First, it makes the game look awful. Ark is, at least for me, an absolutely gorgeous game. I am fortunate enough to be able to run it with all settings maxed, and the scenery sometimes is breathtaking. Looking down atop a high mountain watching waterfalls and entire forests with foliage moving with the wind while dinosaurs roam about and light rays dance around your field of view is a joy to behold. You guys did a fantastic job with that. And then 3 times every single day I'm not able to see anything because there's fog - essentially endless smoke that makes everything look terrible and replaces the breathtaking scenery you've worked so hard to build with a greyish/brownish smog that you have to stare at for 10 minutes doing nothing. Second, it happens way, way too often. On my server at least, it happens AT LEAST 3 times every single day. Sometimes four. I've counted five once before I logged off in disgust. It makes no sense. There's never 4 fogs in a day, ever. In fact I got so annoyed by it that I decided to research fog frequency for you. So to help your analysis and hopefully successfully complete my personal crusade against this terrible mechanic, here's a study of the prevalence and behavior of fog in the real world: https://www.researchgate.net/figure/242592499_fig2_Figure-2a-Annual-average-number-of-dense-fog-days-at-National-Weather-Surface-Airwaves You will notice that even on very foggy areas, there are only 20 days of fog per year. Compare this to 3-4 fogs per DAY on Ark and you can see how it would have a detrimental effect on immersion. Now obviously I realize that talking about realism on a game that involves your person being abducted by aliens, thrown into a zoo of sorts and have you shoot dinosaurs in the face and then force feed them meat/berries/mushrooms/poop so they can do your bidding forever and help you kill a giant arachnid and a poop-throwing monkey is utterly ridiculous, so let's discuss it in terms of game mechanics instead and avoid me some embarrassment. Instead of a subtle, beautiful effect that would enhance the beauty and atmosphere of the game, perhaps present only in lower terrain, fog as it's currently implemented is simply show-stopping. You can't do anything because essentially the scenery is replaced by smoke. It starts abruptly and ends abruptly. There's no difference between regions with and without fog. The whole island is covered in it. For some weird reason, it seeps even inside my base. You can't do any exploring, or anything rather than being indoors or around your base, for several minutes. You could argue: "oh but it's challenging". Well, I'm not sure about "challenging". I don't recall a single instance where I was killed by fog. I can recall several instances where I was very annoyed by it. This is not "Ark: Fog Evolved" or the island of Lost (OR IS IT?! the plot thickens...). If you'd be relying on this outdated game mechanic to provide challenge to this game, you would have bigger problems. Let's be honest then. The fog is horrible, and when you have to stop what you're doing 3-4 times per game day because of it, it's just frustrating and annoying. Not challenging. Just annoying. And it's particularly a pity on such an otherwise beautiful game world. I'm pretty sure the root of the problem of frequency was the recent implementation of a 50% chance of fog every time it rains. I'm pretty sure it's also raining more than before as well. So add 50% chance of fog with rain, with increased rain frequency, on top of the overall chance of fog without rain, and you get to where we are: fog 3-4 times per day and a rather irritated girl on the other end. My suggestions to solve the problem: Decrease the frequency of fog. Make it more relevant by limiting its occurrence. Heck, maybe lengthen the duration of the fog, but make it much rarer. This would have two effects: increase the strategic value of fog and dramatically decrease the annoyance factor. It would be more of an event when it happened, but happen less often so it's more relevant. Ideally, make fog a gradual effect, that starts very subtly then slowly creeps in, then slowly fades away. It would give players warning that it's coming, and it would be much more natural. If you could make it vary in terms of altitude, that would be great as well, and also have the added bonus of making it beautiful to watch, much more consistent with the beauty of the rest of the game. Obviously Im not sure this is feasible or what the performance cost of doing so would be, but I leave it as a suggestion. At the very least, give us players control of the frequency of fog on our servers via ini settings. If for some reason I cannot fathom you are happy with how fog works on official servers, at least unofficial servers would have the option to tailor its frequency to their personal preferences. Thanks for reading this very long winded post about something as exciting as fog on a video-game. If you're a player, I commend your patience and level of boredom. If you're a developer, 1. I love you for the game you've made, 2. please fix fog Thanks