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  1. I'd like to see in ARK 2 an end to gimmicky instant win features that remove strategy from the game. The Snow Owl and the TEK Parasaur in particular took away a lot of the stealth gameplay one could do in PVP. Same too for xray vision goggles and scopes. Keep the human skill factor in the game.
  2. Agreed. TEK ruined the balance in ARK 1 especially between the larger tribes and the smaller ones. Also seeing giant robots with swords looks absolutely stupid in a mostly dinosaur game.
  3. You are playing the pre alpha alpha?
  4. Yep it should only be stuff that offers no advantage in gameplay.
  5. I guess they could throw in some rainbow cosmetics for the PVE players but nothing more. A new game should be a fresh experience, like when ARK 1 was first released everyone was at the same level playing field.
  6. If true this is fantastic news. TEK in many ways ruined the game and helped to create a huge gulf between alpha tribes and everyone else that due to the way TEK was obtained (Boss fights) made it near impossible for the little guy to catch up. Also seeing giant robots with swords was not only looked ridiculous but felt out of replace with the rest of the game which was dino focused. Also stuff like Xray vision and magic radars ie Tek Parasaur and sniper rifles that shoot through walls remove the skill factor from the game and I sincerely hope that kind of dumbed down gameplay will not be
  7. I think ARK 2 will be a good opportunity for a "great reset". A way for the devs to dispense with all their bad ideas and get back to the basics of what the game should be about. ARK jumped the shark when it added in stupid stuff like giant sword wielding robots. A new game will allow them to clear the aid and not be burdened down by previous content. Personally I hope the devs take the game back to its roots. A caveman in the jungle fighting wild dinosaurs and other barbarians. Less TEK nonsense and more spears and melee and more balanced PVP especially with the issues of large tribes.
  8. Personally I hope they drop the whole Tek thing. Robots and people flying around in jet packs is pretty silly and doesn't seem to gel well with the rest of the game. If you ask me ARK was at its peak around 2016 before all the stupid crap was added. Before all the giant fake creatures with a bazillion hitpoints that one shot everything were added, before the addition of numerous air dinos that rendered everything else obsolete, before the increase in dino level caps and inflated breeding stats. Back then there was thing called balance... I hope there is also more attention paid to th
  9. Maybe so but its a just a pipe dream that will never happen.
  10. If you want easier breeding it has to coincide with a balance change. High level dinos are already too strong in this game. To allow players to create high level dinos with ease and without a substantial time investment would be very problematic.
  11. ID's are what they need to counter duping. Every item should have a unique ID on it. No two items should ever have the same ID unless they have been duped at which point the game should detect it.
  12. Sadly I am not certain that they will. All these sales from DLC's has told the devs that player want even bigger ridiculous OP creatures. It started with the Giga that was 2x the size of the Rex and then it was the Titanosaurus and then that wasn't big enough so they threw in the Titans and Giant Turtles. They'll probably be Super Titans and then Giga Titans you watch. The other thing I doubt they have learned is map balance. Why play on a crappy map like SE where you can't even farm efficiently because of the heat mechanics when you instead could play on a very unbalanced map like
  13. Terraforming isn't officially supported in Unreal Engine 4. The devs would need to employ a lot of hacks to make it work. The other issue and one that effects all terraforming games is file size. The more holes people dig the bigger the world map becomes. Do people joining a server really want to download several hundred MB everytime they join? I've played other games that allow terraforming and their usual solution to world sizes that get too big is to hit the reset button...
  14. Dino Balance: If a creature servers no purpose/is easily superseded by other creatures then it shouldn't be in the game. ARK 1 has about 50 creatures that are worthless. For example how it it that a T-Rex is effectively easier to tame them Dimetrodon/Gallimus? Both the later also serve no use. Air cons are superior to Dimetrodons, Gallimuses are massively superseded by flyers.
  15. The game was at its peak in the first 2 years before all the unbalanced stupidity was added. Giant nonsense creatures that are taller then skyscrapers with 500 000 HP? Ridiculous giant robots with swords? DILO were they thinking. The game truly jumped the shark at that point. Also the addition of XRAY vision goggles/dinos that remove skillful play from the game was another brain failure. The Parasaur and Snow Owl detection bullcrap is all around bad for gameplay.
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