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  1. Aberration PvP is Awkward...

    Why are you calling PVP players "trolls"? I was doing the same thing they did when I started fresh on Abberation. Going around hitting thatch/wood/stone bases for anything I could be it saddles or cement paste or oil, metal. When you have little any freebees are nice. Also you are taking a very traditional ARK map approach to this map when you should be exploring other options. Sure you can go the defensive route and try and get turrets and Plant X or you can be smart and instead build a base that can't be found. I have done the latter and if you play it strict ie no campfires, or big dinos then your base can be indeed very hidden thanks to the map which offers hundreds of hiding spots.
  2. Aberration - The Flyer Free ARK

    Yep it sure does, its great fun. I think its a great ide all round.
  3. Suggestion, Stop asking for nerfs on things

    I got a suggestion also. Learn the meaning of balance. Cheers.
  4. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    It seems the word "toxic" seems to be defined as players that do actual PVP on servers. Strange concept. Proud to say I'm a very "toxic" player
  5. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    Your rules are extremely rare for an unofficial PVP server. I wonder though if someone like me joined your server and did some heavy PVP whether you'd "adjust" your rules given that a lot of the handholding tribes would be pretty vocally upset with me.
  6. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    So you would be ban me from your PVP server for engaging in PVP? Well that says a lot about unofficials and that's why I don't bother with them.
  7. Unofficial hosts code of conduct

    I'm curious. If I join your PVP server and wipe a whole bunch of bases would that make me 'toxic'? Furthermore f the victims complained and said they would quit your server as a result, would you resort to banning me to try and make them stay?
  8. Griffin Balance

    Well said Crows. PVP became a joke with the release of the Griffin. Every player and their dog was using one because to not use one meant you were instantly disadvantaged. This change was well and truly needed and will result in more variety in the skies and indeed on land since land mounts now become a thing again. I find it bemusing that there are people on here still trying to defend the pre nerf Griffin. That really does take some effort. Then again not so long ago on here there were people saying that Pteradon's one hitting Alpha raptors was "perfectly fine" and not to nerf them...
  9. Aberration - The Flyer Free ARK

    ARK minus the flyers. That's what Aberration is and that's what makes it great. Finally after many years of suggestions the devs have listened to the community and given us a map where are there no flyers and instead players have to get around using their brain and with some skill. It feels like a whole different game, kind of like how ARK was in the first month or so of release in 2015. Fresh, new and exciting. The devs deserve a significant round of applause for this latest addition. It's truly fantastic. Also additional thanks for not clumping all the metal/resource nodes together and instead spreading them out. It makes PVP better and adds a logistical element to the game.
  10. Griffin Balance

    Thankyou devs for listening to the community and balancing the game. This change to the Griffin will make the PVP side of the game much more competitive and balanced. Much appreciation and thanks all round.
  11. Griffin Balance

    What? That was a broken feature never intended by the devs. The Griffin needs a big nerf in order for there to be variety in the skies.
  12. 3 months passed, whats gonna happen with legacy servers?

    Yep sad to say but some folks just can't let go of their virtual pixels. I've been raided close to 30 times. Never really bothered, you rebuild you get over it. These legacy folks need to realise they are on borrowed time.
  13. Be The Best Troll You Can Be

    Swap their Tek foundations for premium thatch.
  14. Weapon Balance Vs Dinos

    I have been playing this game since 2015 and since then you could say the game has evolved with respect to dinos. When it first launched the maximum dino level was 30. Then a couple months later it went to 60, then 90, then 120 and then finally it reached 150. Breeding was also introduced which raised the potential level and stats even far higher. While these increases in dino levels in each step resulted in increased health and more damage for tamed dinos the same could not be said for the players weapons whose damage has remained the same as 2015 levels. This results today in a massive unbalance. There are dinos out there with upwards 70,000 health combined with high armor saddles. These dinos can literally absorb thousands of arrows and bullets without dieing. The player on foot has virtually no chance against most tamed dinos in 2017. Many will kill him in one hit and if he has the best armor he might survive 2 or 3 hits but in return he would need to shoot off hundreds of bullets/arrows in that time in order to kill it. If you ask me the balance was right back when the max dino level was 30. Players had a decent chance to fight players on mounts, while still giving the mounted rider the advantage. I'd like to see some the damage of players updated to reflect the 2017 breeding/dino levels.
  15. Griffin Balance

    It is definitely OP when you compare it to the other flyers. That said you are right this game needs a proper anti air system. All we have is the useless homing rocket whose missile is too slow to be any use and in any case it self destructs after a 100m. A total waste of a weapon. I think part of the reasons flyers remain so dominant in this game is that they are not fragile enough. When you think of birds or aircraft you don't ever associate with them being 'tanky' due to the nature of flight of itself. Yet in this game strangely you have at least compared to many land dinos, flyers that are indeed very tanky which makes no sense in terms or balance or physics.