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  1. Well we aren't afraid to attack anyone alphas/megas included. In fact some of the most profitable raiding can be had from raiding megas. They tend to overbuild and many of the members in those tribes love to be independent and do their own thing. I've been in several and I know what its like. As a result you can often come across plenty of poorly designed and defended bases with decent loot in them that only remain standing because of who owns it. Most folks when they see the alpha is the owner will avoid attacking it. For security reasons we change servers quite a bit but we always use the same name at least for our raiding tribe. It's important to leave your mark.
  2. I have noticed that as well. This game now seems to be catering towards a younger audience that want flashy toys. The Meks and the Titans look absolutely ridiculous and don't fit within the parameters of the game. They didn't need to add anything bigger then a Rex. Rex's and Spinos were balanced, they were strong but not invincible. The game has gone from the Rex/Spino being the top creature with 25k health, to Titans having 500k. That is a huuuge leap and in the process very little else has been balanced to accommodate these changes. Also as you point out the kibble changes while good on the one hand also have the effect of making dinos that no one ever used but tamed because they needed their eggs ie Demetrodons now completely worthless. The cryo-fridge also makes hoarding huge amounts of dinos very easy since there is effectively zero upkeep.
  3. I wouldn't say its completely mega tribe only but rather that it is quite hard for unaligned medium and smaller tribes to survive unless they really know the game backwards. I run a tribe of 5 and we play and raid on servers quite well. That said the "noobiest" out of us has 3k hours and combined we have almost 30k hours, so that probably helps. However even then we have to make comprises in order to survive, we don't have a small main base and we raid with no tames except for the occasional Stego. I don't believe there is really much room though for tribes inbetween full fledged guerrillas and the mega tribes unless you want to be their slaves.
  4. A lot of folks in this game when they get beaten quickly resort to calling their conqueror by a number of epithets as some kind of excuse for they why they lost. I guess they feel better about themselves to fire off some word missiles in global chat. I've personally been called just about everything under the sun - "toxic", "griefer", "troll", "noob basher" , "a fu**ing ass****", you name it. I was given the last moniker again just last week when I interrupted someone taming a 150 Therizino. He sure wasn't happy and he let me know about it. That said overall ARK is contrary to what some people on this forum like to claim, it is actually pretty community orientated. Even on PVP servers there are strong communities that have been forged over the users taking the form of large tribes or a cluster of allied tribes. Personally I don't like this whole community stuff, I'd much prefer the game if it was a free for all with no alliances and with tribes regularly fighting each other but it is what it is.
  5. That made me laugh. Unfortunately you've summed up what a lot of folks really would like, some kind of super easy mode.
  6. Exactly toxic players are fairly rare in PVP as its quite hard to survive long as a toxic player. It is far easier to be nice to everyone and build alliances then it is to take on the world.
  7. Run past your neighbours base, note down his dino names and their type. Then in your base find dinos of the same type and of a similar level. Rename those dinos to match his. Give ownership of them to your alt tribe Give your alt tribe a near identical name to your neighbours Raid people and ensure that your specially named dinos take all the kill credit Sit back and watch as your peaceful neighbour finds himself in some serious trouble
  8. Clipping through structures isn't unique to rafts, it affects all platform based structures. Basically there is no collision detection for what is built on the platform, only with the dino itself.
  9. Cyropods are rather unbalanced if you ask me. They remove all upkeep from having hundreds of dinos which is what kept players from having hundreds in the first place. A better solution to players/tribes hoarding ridiculous amount of dinos would be to scale their food consumption based upon how many dinos are in a certain area and also lower the total tameable cap.
  10. That was a rather interesting post there brenon45. It is fascinating to see the various tricks and techniques that players have come up when playing inside a much more limited sandbox. The human mind can be very creative when it is forced to adapt.
  11. Do you have a source for these player statistics you have pulled out of your hat? This thread wasn't about either PVP or PVE and I don't know why are trying to make it about that. Outdated and irrelevant building tiers is a balance issue that effect both game modes.
  12. The thing is while you state that "On PvE, your game should not be impacted by the actions of other players", that makes little sense. PVE servers are multiplayer servers and you don't play on a multiplayer server if you want to avoid interaction with others even if it is a PVE one. That defeats the entire purpose and is what single player was designed for. The actions of other players in PVE do have an impact on others. In PVE players can claim land for their base and deny that space to others. Their base can block the spawning of resources and creatures. Other players can sell their metal to your neighbour which then allows him to expand his base 50m in your direction and so on. From reading various complaints on the forums over the years it is clear to me that PVE is full of passive aggressive types and is anything but a tranquil paradise. It seems to be part of the PVE experience, that rather then directly fighting someone openly as you would in PVP, players instead prefer to take a tiny pocket knife to their enemies back when he isn't looking and stab him repeatably making their life hell just because they can and because there is no other way to harm them.
  13. Hehe indeed. I've used that trick many times and it never fails to work. It's even better if you create a fictitious foreign sounding tribe and then use it to stir up hatred against a real but peaceful foreign tribe and then sit back and watch the fireworks as people conclude they must be working together.
  14. The problem with environment difficulty as Scorched Earth showed is that smart players will simply run the numbers and come to the conclusion: why should I play on a map where half the day I have to stand around doing nothing when I play on another map without all this weather crap and farm 24x7? As a result maps that have it will end up just like SE, mostly dead and only used occasionally to obtain specific things.
  15. Yes well in the early days of ARK before all the rates were increased and before alphas it took quite some effort to get anywhere near the top player level. Personally I would like to see a be reduction in gather rates and XP along with some other changes for a true classic ARK mode. I know a lot of folks like everything quick and easy but to me it simplifies the game too much and basically creates problems such as we have atm with dinos becoming rapidly outclassed and underused. Who uses Carnos or Sabers apart from noobs? Everyone goes straight for Rex or even Giga.
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