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  1. What to Level Up?

    My current build for my raiding char 300 health 400% melee 290 weight The sole purpose of this guy is to slaughter and destroy. With a good pike he wrecks most dinos in a couple jabs and breaks boxes and structures extremely fast. He has enough weight to move a decent amount of loot and enough health to survive a few bullets.
  2. What to Level Up?

    You must be very new to PVP that is all I will say
  3. To chat or not to chat

    True but a lot will still try. If I see a lost bird of the alpha tribe I'm more inclined to lure a wild rex to it then to tell them where it is. There are exceptions though. If I am new to server and trying to "settle in" I'll be rather nice and tell them they have a lost a bird and where to find it.
  4. Foundation with 2 walls on it.
  5. Safety of location and defense recommendations?

    Four grenades and I'm in. Even metal bases aren't much better. The best base is the unseen one.
  6. What Is The Best and Worst Part of Ark Official Servers?

    Best: No admins and therefore no admin abuse. I know who my enemy is they have a tribe name and I can freely go and kill them without having an admin come and delete my base for doing so. Worst: Mega tribes. Allowing 70 players in one tribe is very bad for competitive PVP and as a result a lot of Official servers stagnate into PVE servers where everyone is friendly because no one has the numbers to challenge the mega tribe.
  7. To chat or not to chat

    It depends on the strategy you are trying to adopt. For us since we have a farming tribe we always make sure we are extremely polite/friendly to everyone on the server. We want to give off the impression that we are a bunch of PVE players that just here to farm and base build. We try to be as unthreatening as can be. At the same time our raid tribe adopts an entirely different approach. It is entirely prohibited to say a single thing ever in global even if you have done some fluke shot and killed someone miles away. I've been raiding for nearly 2 years and I've never said a thing. If you join my crew and you say something in global chat that's an instant kick. The reasons for this are many but there are 3 main ones. The first one is fairly obvious. By typing in global chat you reveal a lot of sensitive data. Not only player name but steam name and tribe name and on top of that your basically announcing to the entire server that your online and playing on that server. This last point is critical because if you've just joined a server to raid your blowing your element of surprise. Any tribe with half a brain that players on their regularly will be suspicious of a sudden influx of new players. The second is discipline. People that type in global during a raid can be easily distracted from the task at hand. Its very easy for the opposition to say something to try and get a response and therefore cause you to lose concentration. Not only that but when you are sitting there typing back your not doing your job, you can be ambushed or fail to notice what is going on. The third reason is entirely psychological. When we raid we like it to be a mystery. Everything dies, the base the dinos their players and they don't why or who we are. You raid the same tribe again a week later and then again a week later after that and fear sets in. They keep dieing and they don't know why and they don't know to who. Soon enough you create a reputation on that server, just being seen near a base is enough to cause alarm. This is very effective especially when you on a server that has large alpha/mega tribe that guarantees to protect everyone and you go around slaughtering them and their allies with ease on a regular basis and they have nothing to go on. It creates quite a panic.
  8. Stagos OP?

    Guy in video complaining about someone killing his passive dinos Then he is claiming there is bullet drop because his bullets aren't hitting a player that appears to be standing out in the open on his screen. Any decent PVP player knows that ARK uses the lame hitscan method so that there is no bullet drop bullets are instantaneous. It never crossed his mind that he's probably behind a non rendered rock? Hard to take someone seriously as a PVP when you hear noob stuff like that. This video seems be nothing more then clickbait with some ridiculous claims to gain attention.
  9. How picky of a builder are you?

    As a PVP player I do not care if my base is the ugliest monstrosity ever designed. As long as it achieves it goals and performs adequately its good enough. If I can make an ugly base for half the price of a pretty looking base then I'm happy.
  10. I'm not proposing or supporting removing the ability to offline raid at all. What I am suggesting is that if you don't offer incentives to players to raid while players are online you end up with the current situation where everyone raids while offline. My suggestion was to allow players to still raid while offline but at the same time offer good incentives to raid when they are online such as less building health and so on.
  11. Could player and land dino movement speed be capped?

    On paper 100hp is ok but in reality when you got 200% move speed any little cliff or hill can become deadly. I've lost count of the number of times I died with my 260% recon char just going over a little bump and end up flying through the air and splat.
  12. Jat's Official Word on Legacy

    Excellent the faster they delete these irrelevant servers the better. More players playing on proper Official Servers the better it is for everyone.
  13. The issue could be partly solved as I've said many times by implementing a partial Offline Raid Protection system. By partial I mean that your base can be still be attacked and damaged when you are not online but that the incentives for doing so are far far less then they would normally be. I would recommend that for instance when offline turrets do 2-3x more damage output and structures have 3x the HP. This would at least create some incentive for most tribes to wait till your online or else result in a rather expensive raid. That said none of this would mean much to ARK's 70+ mega tribes that run around on servers doing what they do. Even the best raid protection can't make up for broken mechanics and poor design decisions by the developers. How on earth they can conclude that 70 players in 1 tribe is "fair and balanced" is quite remarkable. I have to honestly question how long they have actually spent playing on Official PVP servers since it definitely seems they are well out of touch with reality.
  14. Well that's why your a PVE player who knows little when it comes to PVP...
  15. The 2nd part to the guide reads: Despite the world being full of nearly hundred different dinos less then 10 are actually worth taming/useful...