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  1. ForzaProiettile

    Alpha Tribes and why they will eventually kill ark pvp

    Small Tribe servers have largely reduced this problem, its a lot harder now for wannabe megas.
  2. ForzaProiettile

    Ascendant Fabricated sniper

    It really depends on the quality of the actual BP. It can vary a lot in price between a low end Ascendant a top end Ascendant.
  3. ForzaProiettile

    Unconscious dino disappeared?

    A clever player probably killed it and chopped up the body. I do it all the time.
  4. ForzaProiettile

    Server tips

    Play Official Small Tribes PVP. You'll never look back. No pillars everywhere, no people building massive bases everywhere that lag and cannot be destroyed, lots of people to play with - most servers are 70/70 at peak times, no admin abuse, no issues with not being able to tame dinos because of dino caps. It is a bit like moving from North Korea to America. Total freedom and liberty to work hard and be the best without annoying regulations and other socialist nonsense.
  5. ForzaProiettile

    Megalania uses?

    Why would you bother taking to Aberration when the Rock Drake is superior in every way. The Megalania is currently a uselss dino.
  6. ForzaProiettile


    There is nothing that we can do other then hope that they pull up their statistics and notice that at least in the case of Oceania there is 10 dead PVP servers that never top 10 players at peak and decide that at least a few of them would be put to better use as a popular Small Tribe server.
  7. ForzaProiettile


    Same goes for Oceania and Asia. They seem to think there is only 2 continents North America and Europe...
  8. ForzaProiettile


    If you are new to the game and trying to play solo you are setting yourself up to fail. ARK is a team game, you really need to have an excellent understanding of the game and mechanics to try and play solo on Official PVP.
  9. ForzaProiettile

    move “Pick up” and “moving” items

    Nothing that I am aware of. Those items are so cheap to make that you might as well just remake them.
  10. ForzaProiettile

    Base Building

    No. The closest thing to what you want would be to download a saved single player file where the creator has made a TEK base on it from the workshop.
  11. ForzaProiettile

    Movement speed

    If you are playing PVE then just do a bit of health 200-300 and then the rest in weight. You'll be riding dinos 95% of the time, unless you are in your base in which case you'll be transferring stuff therefore you need weight.
  12. ForzaProiettile

    Oceania Small Tribe Servers

    Any word on when this is happening. There are plenty of dead OC servers that could be requestioned for this.
  13. ForzaProiettile


    If you move your character from Tribe A in Server A to Tribe B in Server B, Tribe A on Server A will still exist and your character will still be listed as a member of that tribe on Server A. What you have to watch out for is making new characters. Say you have a character already on Server B and you try to transfer your character from Server A to Server B, you will get a message warning about an existing character. If you hit Ok that character on Server B will be overwritten and therefore lost.
  14. ForzaProiettile


    If you are meeting friendly tribes on a PVP server then obviously there isn't much action happening on that server. Small Tribe servers are the way to go, kill or be killed. Fantastic.
  15. ForzaProiettile


    Reporting someone for swearing is a bit much. They must have really kicked your butt.