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  1. Pathetic isn't it. What happened to this game, it used to be good back when it was about dinosaurs. Then the developers snorted some kind of hallucinogenic and began adding all kinds of strange fantasy stuff to the game that didn't really belong. It's a shame really this game had a lot of potential if they addressed the bugs and exploits in PVP and had a serious look at balancing.
  2. This new DLC looks very PVE. Also that giant turtle thing looks ridiculous. This game needs balance and less OP big stuff. Won't be buying.
  3. I could be wrong but I believe the command to win in single player is "admin cheat.....". What comes after that depends on what way you wish to win.
  4. Unfortunately what you described "literally no reason I would bother using" also applies to the majority of creatures in this game. There is a very small set of dinos that are the best at everything and which make using the rest pretty pointless. A perfect example is the Troodon. Why would you bother going through the expensive and difficult effort of taming one of those when you can far more easily tame the Owl that is basically a flying rideable Troodon with tonnes more health, can pick up stuff, has good weight so on. The devs didn't think too much when they went ahead and added all these creatures to the game. There was no checks to see if Dino A is going to make Dino B pointless.
  5. Well unless you don't own Aberration you would save a lot of time and effort in searching for them by just finding some dead Aberration server and making a little taming hut on there. They are plentiful over there.
  6. They are very common on Aberration and much easier to tame there as well.
  7. Barbarian PVP Mode 1x new map "El Dorado" Has no deep water, only rivers and lakes Has no mountains, only smallish hills with gentle slopes The map is covered in thick jungle The map has no caves Settings: No flyers 3rd person view disabled K mode disabled Whips only gather material, they don't disarm Player bolas are disabled No Gigas No Titans, Titanosaurs or MECs Creatures available are the same as those naturally found on The Island map save for the flyers. No TEK Max wild dinosaur level is 60 Player movement speed locked at 100% No imprint bonus for breeding or the bonus is reduced. Possible Variations: Extreme Barbarian Mode: No firearms No compound bows Largest player tameable dino is a carno No metal or stone structures. No C4 No RPG No IED
  8. I think your reading way too much into this stuff. The game was basically created as survival PVP game and then they tacked on some kind of quasi story to keep those that like that kind of thing happy but really there isn't anything to it. The best you can conclude is that is your part of some experiment where micro chipped cavemen are pitted against giant beasts.
  9. When I raid I slaughter all tames passive or not, dump and destroy every structure of even slight value to that tribe. This includes stuff like TEK replicators, TEK gens, really anything TEK, chem benches, industrial forges, fridges, generators so on. If they have built stupidly ie a base that is a tall tower with a small amount of foundations then I will also destroy those foundations. I also dump any loot that I won't be taking with me even fairly cheap stuff like stone or wood. It all has to go. The idea is to hit the big reset button on their progress and thus limiting their ability to enact revenge. Maximum damage for minimal investment. I also destroy all auto turrets. I notice a lot of tribes when they raid a base and knock out the power they tend to leave the unpowered auto turrets alone which is a big mistake. It doesn't take much for the raided tribe to put down a new generator and have a fairly defendable base once again or to simply pickup and move all the turrets to a new base somewhere else. Not only that but it's dead cheap to destroy an auto turret (2 grenades for a normal) and you are bound to nearly always get your moneys worth in ammo if you destroy the ones that weren't on the side of the base you raided.
  10. I'm no PR/ Marketing specialist but I've seen enough and played enough games to know that when the developers of an old game that they haven't touched in ages suddenly pipe up and start giving out free content it means only thing - they want to arouse interest in the game again to help sell a DLC or a sequel.
  11. I agree they don't belong on Aberration at all but even more importantly they don't belong in the damn game. These additions were rushed and not well thought out. They break gameplay and balance and the ability to transfer them to any map makes it even worse. If you ask me the devs should remove those creatures from the game, they are broken in every regard.
  12. Despite what teachers tell you, the best way to handle a bully is to best him at his own game. Way back in 1st grade there was my group and this other group and we were always fighting. One day during the lunch break the leader of the other group said something quite nasty towards us so I being the leader of my group went over to him and gave it to him. I landed a solid one to his face. A brawl then broke out between our groups and me and him ended up suspended for a week. After this event things between us calmed down and we actually ended up becoming good friends and our two groups ended up joining together. The moral of the story is you have to stand up to folks that giving you problems, take them on and beat them. Only then will they respect you.
  13. Translation: Tribes actually fight other tribes?
  14. Are those evil toxic griefer troll PVP players attacking your base on a PVP server? That's outrageous dude, I was upset this game didn't come with trigger warnings as well.
  15. It will be new a pink hat cosmetic. Woot I am so excited!
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