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  1. Nonsense this is one of the most popular PVP survival games in existence. The PVP player base is strong and dominant, making over 50% of the player base and nearly all of the streamer content and youtube vids.
  2. The problem with flyers is as you rightly say it removes the challenge from the game in many areas. The most obvious one is terrain navigation. The devs have done a wonderful job crafting these maps we play on with their unique and varied terrain but with flyers its all for nought. Who needs to work out a path through a jungle filled with dangerous creatures when you just jump on a flyer and zip over it? It's really broken beyond all words. Then there is the issues with dino usage as I pointed out in my original thread. Flyers have become so dominant at the expense of everything else that it's very rare to see players using many of the dinos in this game. There is probably no more 10-15 dinos at most that are actively used by veteran players. For instance how often do you see a veteran player scouting a map on a Gallimus even though that on paper should be the perfect dino for that? Pretty much never because Pteradons, Wyvers are just so much easier and risk free to use.
  3. Why is Wildcard still pandering to these Legacy players by giving them valuable server space when their numbers are a tiny fraction of the total player base, not even 5%. They have had years now to get with the program and still stubbornly refuse to budge. Wildcard should be using a cattle prod on them to move them on and if that fails then hit the delete key. Tell them there was some technical issue or something else, it doesn't particularly matter what you tell them just do whatever works to get rid of them. Shutdown the existing legacy servers and use the saved money to invest in improved anti cheat and other areas of this game that need more investment.
  4. For years large sections of the ARK community have wanted to see the dependence on flyers reduced or removed entirely from the game. It has been an issue that has turned many players off from the game and led to accusations that ARK is merely a flying dinosaur game rather then a varied survival game. These arguments are quite valid, flyers have proven to be extremely dominant leading to a stale meta that mostly consists of players using flyers for the majority of their tasks at the expense of all the rest. Flyers impact every aspect of the game from the ease in which farming can be done (leading to an over abundance of resources and thus hyperinflation resulting in everything being worthless), to the speed at which a map/server can be scouted and to the ease that a map can be traversed rendering terrain and hostile NPC's irrelevant. Flyers have also had a negative impact on PVP and combat in general resulting in a very stale flyer dominated meta which only allows room for a handful of dinos to be competitive. This is a great shame because one of the hallmarks of ARK has been its many and varied creatures most of which sadly are today largely unused and under utilized because of the total dominance of flyers. This effect even trickles down to where you choose to build your base and how you design it. Factors largely influenced by the current dominance of flyers. The end result is a stale game that doesn't resemble anything like the trailers. Why put over 100 different creatures into the game if 90 are not used by veteran players because of the sheer dominance of one category of creature? This is clearly a major balance issue and it appears that the developers have finally woken up to the reality that their game was hideously broken and have taken appropriate steps to try and rectify this. A flyer free expansion will ensure creativity and diverse strategies are able to flourish. It will also open up new gameplay opportunities for players. For instance whereas as previously pretty much all mining consisted of a Quetzal and Anklo combo clearing a mountain in a few minutes and then disappearing back to base, without flyers with this will now be challenging as a convoy of dinos will be required to haul the load back to base leaving it vulnerable to ambush and attack. This is a good thing. I have noticed there are already a few whinge threads about the change from the usual suspects, those that don't like to try something new or be taken out of their comfort zone. They are for the most part casual players that got used to the easy mode and are unwilling to shift gears. The same folks that still whinge about the small balance changes made to flyers all those years ago... Stay strong developers and don't give into these vocal minorities that hate a game that is fair and balanced.
  5. Aberration is indeed a great expansion and much better designed and polished compared to Scored Earth and Extinction.
  6. A subscription won't make a difference when it comes to stopping cheaters. To stop cheaters you have to have active admins actively monitoring the servers which won't happen due to the cost. The second less effective option is a software solution but that will always be eventually bypassed.
  7. If you ask me this kind of thing - building in caves is one of the largest balance issues in this game at present. It's way too easy for a defender to do and provides huge bonuses. It needs to be patched out. That said in terms of defense walls of turrets is normally the go combined with various obstacles to funnel the enemy into a narrow confined area where they can be focused fired.
  8. Shh keep quiet comrade! This has been officially fixed by the master coders of Studio Wildcard who's brilliance has also solved meshing.
  9. It's Valentine's Day everyday on Small Tribes.
  10. Are you some professional e-sport player with a million subs?
  11. I'd nerf the flyers. They have broken the balance of the game and are still unbalanced.
  12. If you put your dinos on passive then they deserve to die either to ingame bugs or raiders. Take your pick.
  13. Sold out my allies to a Chinese megatribe. At the time I didn't regret it and it was the right choice but looking back I do feel somewhat sorry for them especially one of the tribes. They were really trusting of us and were one of the most loyal allies I have ever had in this game. No hard feelings but things happen.
  14. You saying a whole bunch of people didn't lose their level 450 rexes? I don't believe you.
  15. Unless its a deliberate spawn trap base ie just a small empty building then this could be a great opportunity for you to cause some mayhem. First check their security to see if they have turrets or dinos on aggressive. If not then check if they have left any boxes unlocked and also go through their smith, forges, chem benches and feeding troughs and dump what you can. Also if they have fridges eat all their eggs (don't drop them). Lastly try and take out key relatively expensive structures such as chem benches, air conditions and fridges if you have the tools. That will set them back a bit. Also riskier but more rewarding - find a ranged weapon and see if any dinos are on passive. If some are try and lure those that are not out of agro range of the passive ones. Then get to work slaughtering them. Once you are done to avoid being taken prisoner, find rotten meat or just punch a neutral dino.
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