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  1. I doubt this. You can only flog a dead horse so long. This game has seen better days. The devs focus on what made the game great in its early stages any why it began to crumble near the end big. Some examples to look at would be: What are the effects on gameplay of adding overpowered flying creatures to the game that most other land bases creatures pointless and redundant? What are the effects of allowing players to lower the graphic settings for the game to such a low level that few things properly render thereby giving them a huge advantage in PVP? What is the point of having "PVP" servers if you allow for infinite tribe sizes and infinite alliances and give little incentive for larger groups to fight one another? What are the effects on gameplay of constantly increasing the max dino levels but never boosting player/turret weapon damage to keep things equal? What are the effects of adding 100 different creatures to the game but then only making a handful of them viable in PVP? How does this affect gameplay variety? What is the effect of adding a dumb barren desert map where you die every few minutes to the weather and where you have to stand around doing nothing for significant portions of the day. How does this affects its player popularity vs other maps? What is the effects of creating a new map that flyers aren't meant to work on but then going and adding rocket powered glider creatures to it and then finally allowing giant flying monsters and gliding ice spitter creatures to be able to be transferred to it? What are the effects of having a weak small creature that requires it to eat other dinosaurs to tame (ie very expensive to tame) and then basically adding a flying rideable version of this creature that is better in every way? And the list goes on...…….. Once they have worked out how to fix these mistakes then they can make an ARK 2 that will bring people back to the game.
  2. You clearly missed my point. Making a large base when you are in a tiny tribe is a rookie movie. It doesn't matter if the turrets are made of gold its not going to make a difference. You do not have the 24 hour manpower to defend the base.
  3. There are many tactics available to players in this game. Some may seem harsh and unnecessary by others but to those using them they are a means to an end. PVP in this game isn't about ethics or morals its about winning and that is frankly how it always should be. Players that go out of their way to be warm and friendly with everyone are most often quite bad players so they try and make up for this by engaging in diplomacy to avoid their fate. Most of the time however that does not work out so well. You need the right mentality to do well in Official PVP, a lot of players seem to struggle a bit with this notion. I always say you have to adopt a total war kind of thinking. Everyone is a potential threat and your allies are only temporary friends. Be mobile with your thinking, be prepared to change with the wind. Nothing is static in this game for long.
  4. Alpha tribes don't need to bother with "meshing" to erase you. They have plenty of resources do delete you legitimately without risking a ban. It's clear your either new or non-PVP player that's wanting to experience only the fun side of PVP. By playing PVP you must accept at some point you will get raided and lose everything. That's a fact and there is not much you can do about it. When it happens it happens. From reading your post its seems you are making routine rookie mistakes. You are in a tiny tribe of a couple people but no doubt you have attempted to build large bases that you cannot effectively defend. Don't do that. Make a little shack 2v2 at most, avoid taming large dinos and in fact don't bother taming most dinos unless you enjoy regularly retaming stuff. If you have to tame something tame an Anklo, Doed and a Beaver they will serve most of your farming needs. Make multiple small bases around the map in the thickest and remotest jungles and spread out your wealth. Play smart, aim small and be realistic. Remember your a small man team you are never going to be the alpha tribe on any server. Once your gulp down that dose of reality then you can start to work out where you fit in and that's the important part. You have to realise what your limits are and adjust. Work diplomacy to your advantage, make deals and allies and at the same time be prepared to engage in some dirty diplomatic tactics. In terms of warfare you will not be winning against an alpha tribe in direct open combat. No instead you want to take the path of the guerrilla. Small raids, hit and run, keep the enemy on their toes. Don't bother going for their main base instead hit their smaller farming bases and water bases.
  5. It reminds me of this base my group raided many moons ago on the Center. It was in a deep valley and didn't appear to have any turrets on it but as soon as I got closer to it all my flak armor started to break. There was literally bullets coming out of the nearby hills mountains that surrounded it. It didn't help them much though, their turrets weren't topped up and lacked a dense coverage to make a real difference.
  6. There is no valid excuse for cheating.
  7. I agree the devs need to sort out things like undermeshing and also the issue of exploiting lower graphics settings. This is rarely mentioned on this forum but I have a top end PC and would love to play ARK PVP on a 'high' setting (as shown in all the trailers) but if I do currently I am shooting myself in the foot. This game when you set things to low basically stops rendering things like rocks and bushes which give players a huge advantage in combat not to mention it makes spotting every tiny bases ridiculously easy. With regards to Atlas that game flopped because of an extreme lack of content. It was a naval combat game yet there was a total of 5 ships, one of which was a mere raft and another which was a very small weak one masted ship which left just 3 ships to pick from for PVP. The other reason why it died was they wiped all the servers and then forced the PVP players to play on new semi PVE servers where you could only do PVP at certain hours. The game was pretty underwhelming... As for this game DLCs wouldn't make sense because the base population of ARK is steadily dwindling, its now quite an old game. They would be better rejuvenating the player base with a brand new title, with a whole bunch of improvements and new content and gameplay. I for one would like to see the flyers either made less useful or alternatively be given a cluster of no flyer servers. To me flyers apart from those issues I mentioned above, really suck the fun out of this game. It's literally a handful of dinos that outclass all the rest in most ways.
  8. Sorry to burst your bubble but no one really uses these tripwire things. They have always been a gimmick that doesn't really function effectively. It's the same for the IED/land mine things. Doesn't do enough damage to even injure most players. If you are relying on these inadequate and pointless traps as a base defence then you must be either brand new or pretty bad at the game or both.
  9. This game is done and dusted. I suspect they are already making plans for ARK 2 if they are not already secretly developing it which is probably likely the case. They tried two other games which failed miserably - some dragon thing and an ARK pirate game. Its clear ARK is their winning formula and one that they should focus their efforts on.
  10. It's not about having a bully mentality its about playing strategic with the aim of dominating others. There is nothing more fun then PVP in this game. It is ARK at its finest especially if you take the harder route and mostly choose to play on foot while fighting other players using dinosaurs. Definitely challenging and a lot of hardwork but always fun and rewarding at the end of the day.
  11. The fridges come equipped with an intense neural transmitter that stimulate the cells in the brain tissue of the creatures stored within.
  12. As Snipsnip said it will show up as the old name. This also works for dinosaur names btw. The reason for this is simple, for whatever reason the ARK devs store this data as plain text rather then in a dynamic fashion by say linking tribe and dino id's. I guess its a performance thing but it does result in outdated data not being updated when other variables change such as new tribe names.
  13. They can protest all they want players are entitled to build wherever they want. If they don't like it they can try and blow it up but that has consequences
  14. Tame a Pteradon and pump points into stamina. Then once a week just zip around all your junk structures and they will be reset much to the char grin of your envious neighbour who's been eyeing that patch of land
  15. There is nothing illegal about pillaring the majority of the map as long as he leaves sufficient room for the other tribe to exit and enter their base. This is pretty standard practice on most PVE servers I am told. A core tenet of the PVE experience.
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