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  1. That says more about how unbalanced flyers are compared to everything else.
  2. I won't be playing ARK for a few months so I am wondering what is the best way to store your char for the long term? Previously I had a char with another account left on a server and when I came back to play recently he had vanished. I presume he was deleted because the server I think was removed. So my question is it safe to leave a character in the ARK ie you upload him but never download him? Or is it better to leave on a highly populated server? @Jatheish
  3. A proper PVP server without carebear rules? That's a rarity for unofficial. I hope you do well.
  4. It plays out by having a dead game. PVP in that game died out the minute they implemented that. Basically the system works as follows: You pick a time slot once a day when you can be attacked. Only during that time which is 2 hours from memory, can you be attacked. Otherwise your completely untouchable. The end result is you can never mount a surprise attack because the enemy always knows to be on guard that time, you also can't disrupt their farming to weaken them outside of that time. The whole thing completely misses the point of PVP. It's why that game was a total f
  5. No. The game is already inundated with flyers. The last thing it needs is every beach Bob running about with his own dragon.
  6. And I don't want Atlas's crappy carebear PVP system in which you have to tell the enemy your coming. That said ARK could do with Atlas' dynamic water and improved rafts.
  7. Every map is dominated by boring flyers and you want a DLC for it too? Hell no.
  8. The Combat Log This is a thread to post your daily violent interactions with other players. Today I raided a bunch of easy bases. Some good loot for what they were (stone). Later on I attacked a turreted box base with 10 autos. Poor placement allowed me to take then down one by one. Enemy resistance was minimal, one player on Pteradon trying to stop me. Got some good mastercraft BP's. Overall good haul.
  9. It's still PVP. I don't need a valid reason to along with my Titan and smash your thatch palace. It also encourages learning and personal development. When your base explodes every day then eventually you conclude building on the beach is bad. It's what I would call a good learning experience for the new player.
  10. I've been playing this game since 2015 and the game was fine and balanced with radaraurus being added. The problem with the Parasaurus' ability is it dumbs down the game, the same is true for the snow owl. What happened to listening with your ears and using your eyes? The other problem is since its a low level tame its super cheap and easy to tame, allowing just about anyone to get one. My suggestion would be that at the very least it not show the specific location of where the enemy is, but only a message that he is nearby. Ideally though this ability should be shifted to a much hig
  11. INI should not work on official servers. It simply should ignore anything in it. They also need to implement some kind of PVP graphics lock ie minimum setting medium, with ground foliage enabled.
  12. That requires actual coding and effort. Devs aren't too keen.
  13. Hi there sir. I'm your customer rep Dave from ARK Insurance Co. If you would like to file a claim for lost dinos and or material and have an account with us please submit a completed ALT_F4 form and our customer service team will look into it. Alternatively you can buy our Gold insurance package and be covered for the next time your base is deleted for just one easy payment of $9.99** Sincerely, Dave Customer Service At ARK Insurance Co we really care. Join today **Terms and conditions may change or service may cease to exist.
  14. It's called PVP, harden up champ or head on back to PVE. When you join a PVP server you accept that you maybe obliterated regularly and often and you may also do some obliterating yourself. If you build a base in the open it will naturally attract interest. Hide your base and you will be raided somewhat less.
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