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  1. Are you playing PVP or PVE there is a chasm between those two modes when it comes to how to play.
  2. The meshing problem could be more easily solved if they introduced relatively flat maps without caves and other underground things. This would make it far easier for them to build in detection.
  3. The reason I put them together is because they are very much related. The whole purpose of the map is to serve this new mode in particular without flyers you don't want to have giant cliffs or mountain peaks (or caves) as that would offer to strong a defensive position to build on.
  4. I made a suggestion thread for this here:
  5. ORP servers are broken in terms of gameplay. Its very easy to exploit the ORP so that you can never be raided.
  6. Well if you have played on 8 servers and had no issues with the admins it means either the servers were fairly dead or you weren't doing much PVP. The minute you start winning on these servers and the other players/tribes start grumbling that you are winning too much that's when strange things start to happen. A wild Giga will suddenly spawn in your dino pen, an enemy tribe you just obliterated will have rebuilt their base overnight, some of your doors might suddenly become unlocked... I've experienced the last 2 phenomena and heard of others experiencing the first. Basically unofficial servers operate on the unofficial idea that no tribe should become dominant because its bad for the server population. Many admins are more then prepared to see that rings true.
  7. New Map & Mode - Jungle Flats & Warrior Mode New Map: Jungle Map This would be a relatively flat map set inland (no deep water/ocean) covered in dense jungle. Features: Gentle rolling hills No deep water No obelisks No caves (or caves can't be built in) Dense triple canopy jungle and foliage all over the map. New Mode: Warrior Mode This is a PVP focused mode that aims to balance the game and allow for the use of various types of strategies and dinos. It would be fairly close to how the game was in 2015/2016 with some differences. It would be based off creatures available on The Island map. No Flyers No Gigas No Yutis No Titans or Titanosaurs No other creatures from DLCs No TEK Parasaur no longer has a spotting ability. Wild Dino levels and player levels capped at say 60 or 90. Minimum graphics setting of medium in order to join (so players can't disable grass, rocks and bushes and so players can run the game on ultra without being penalized). If this is possible with the engine. Player move speed locked at 100% Dino move speed possibly locked at 130% Player bolas removed Players cant be grapple hooked No whips (or whips no longer disarm players) No crosshair for ranged weapons (and random deviation) when not in aim mode. Ideally too guns would not use hit scan but ballistics like the bows. Resource and rates 1x for resources. This would mean the tiers before metal would be worth building rather then just skipping them. Original XP rates Taming could be left at current rates because standing around taming doesn't add much to gameplay.
  8. Exactly and it's not even a case of players that are losing wanting a wipe. I don't know about you but my group is quite wealthy atm from all our activities and yet we still feel a wipe would be fun and liven up the game. I also think though they need to not just wipe the servers but reduce the amount. Having an average of only 10 players per server is not fun or interesting for gameplay.
  9. Definitely makes it harder for little raider tribes to sneak around. Even simple stuff like a smith or a mortar and pestle in some abandoned base can be really handy for tribes on the move. They also server as discreet storage locations. I often solo raid bases and if I am short on time will simply dump all the loot into storages from a blown-up base nearby. Once the raid is finished I will swap accounts and come and collect with a tame. To anyone nearby it looks like I am some farmer just checking out a dead base.
  10. That would be a disaster. I've seen other games attempt that and basically what happens is everyone stores their loot and puts their main base in the PVE zone and then the PVP area becomes a barren empty wasteland that serves little purpose. It would effectively turn the server 100% into a PVE server with only meaningless and inconsequential PVP to be had.
  11. I've made a few suggestions on before about this before and there seems to be a decent chunk that would be keen. It's hard to say though, I am sure there a lot of players that bought the game in 2017 or later and love all the super dinos and fancy gadgets. There is also us veterans who got to experience the original uncorrupted vision of the game before things went off the charts and actually preferred that. I would be happy with a The Island land only map (no deep water and no obelisks) with all the mountains flattened down to rolling hills, no flyers, no Gigas, no Titans, no other creatures from DLCs, no Tek, no caves (or caves can't be built in), minimum graphics setting of medium in order to join (so players can't disable grass, rocks and bushes and so players can run the game on ultra without being penalized) and extra/denser jungle and foliage all over the map. Additionally player move speed locked at 100%, same too probably for dinos, player bolas removed, no whips, no crosshair for ranged weapons (and random deviation) when not in aim mode. Ideally too guns would not use hit scan but ballistics like the bows. As for resources and things I quite liked the original format where it took a lot of effort to get a full metal base. Maybe it could be 1x for resources, original XP rates, and leave taming as is because standing around taming doesn't add much to gameplay. This would also mean the tiers before metal would be worth building rather then just skipping them. Dino levels and player levels could be capped at say 60 or 90.
  12. And one without Gigas/Titans/flyers on a new relatively flat map filled with jungle
  13. As we all know the player numbers in this game are not what they used to be and yet the amount of Official servers has remained fairly static. The result is a 100 servers where the average player count per server is 10 or less which isn't great for gameplay and leaves the servers feeling kind of dead. As we know all know nothing lasts forever. I think its time all Official PVP servers (non small tribes/ORP) were wiped and then the total numbers of servers halved or even quartered. By doing this you would force players together just like when the game was released and the servers were maxed out every night. Servers with 70/70 players are much more fun then servers with 10 players on them all from the same tribe. This would create a breeding ground for violence and increased competition amongst players and tribes the likes of which we have not seen since 2016.
  14. There are still issues with exploits and cheats yes but not as bad as it once was at least in terms of blatant aimbots. The main issue with the game atm besides meshing is general balance. There have been a tonne off content additions especially dinos but a lot of the new ones supersede the old ones. Also the DLCs and futuristic creatures and TEK aren't everyone's cup of tea. A lot of folks liked the game back it was still mostly a dinosaur game which was back around the time when you were playing. Scorched Earth as map and DLC was by far the worst one. It's a useless map for farming and general gameplay because of the heatwaves, its only good for obtaining Rock Golems/Wyverns and sulphur. Definitely was poorly designed out by the devs with no thoughts given to why players choose to play on it vs other maps.
  15. On Official PVP its anything goes, these notions people create of gentlemanly behaviour just doesn't work in reality. Large tribes wipe random little tribes because there is a real risk that they are not just some humble beach bob but may be infiltrators settings up for a server invasion. It's one of my favourite tricks for when joining a 'fresh' server. You make out your loot storage tribe to be some gentle random noob tribe, really friendly and polite to everyone while your guerrillas are going around slaughtering at will. You are right though about one man's trash being another man's treasure. On our new server where our guerrilla warriors have commenced operations, we came across a half destroyed large base yesterday. It was all raided, all the loot was mostly gone but whoever raided it was rather lazy. They left not only a chembench and a near dead industrial forge still standing but also the generator for them. It has been extremely useful in allowing us to farm up resources quickly on that server.
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