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  1. Hello everyone, one of my friends do not see our nitrado server and he sent me all the procedures and he does not see it, while me and the other players can see our server. Someone has a solution?
  2. Dinoluc

    Weapons damages

    Oh okay 😉 thanks you ☺ 😊
  3. Dinoluc

    Weapons damages

    Hello ☺ I still love ARK, but would it be possible to increase gun damage? Because my sniper is doing 126 damage, while my normal crossbow is causing 370 damage to animals. It may have come from my server, but I liked to write you a suggestion. ☺
  4. Dinoluc

    ARK Digest Question Collection!

    - Is it panned to have other "real" dinosaurs in future DLCs? Like a member of the family of Brontosaurus, T-Rex and even the Parasaur. ☺ - Do you have plans like for exemple, an ally that could take on the saddles of the T-Rex as a passenger? ☺ - Will a Player exchange system be implemented instead of launching items on the ground? ☺ - Primitive + will it have other updates? ☺ I love Primitive + 😀 - Will Structure + be integrated into the basic game? (SE, Ragnarok etc..?) ☺ Otherwise your game is the best game for me 😇😄
  5. Dinoluc


    Hello or good evening ☺ I noticed that my hives do not produce beeswax on primitive + in my server nitrado
  6. Hello: D I wanted to say that I love ARK, it's my favorite game: D I can not wait to see the ARK sequel in August and beyond: D You have my support for 100% 9_9

  7. Too many dinosaurs I'd like to see in Ark lollll