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  1. IMO seems legit, but hey, PC gaming is why I switched to console... So your guess is as good as mine
  2. Bola still ain't working in the Abberation cave Like the title says... PS4 Console
  3. Neebs Gaming Ragnarok Supercut Hi, SuperCut, man I love these guys
  4. Beer making seems broken Hi, Beer making seems broken from my end. The barrels does not want to irrigate, as well. I tried putting in full water jar in it, and seems not brewing. PS4 here. Regards,
  5. Im a Ps4Pro user myself, why would I want to crossplay with PC player base? To much cheaters on the PC platform, hence the reason why Im on console... However to my detrement, I don't have yet access to CI and all the beautifull mod's they have on PC... So NO IMO on Crossplay with PC...
  6. Tropeo is very cool, just wished WC would have choosen a new sound for it as opposed of using the same sound as the Tapejara...
  7. Is the Tropeo limited to CI? Hi I'm on PS4 and since CI not out yet, I was able to spawn myself a tropeo on my server. Question is, is this dino limited to CI only or does it spawn wild on other maps? Thanks,
  8. Hi, r.bloomquality 0 r.lightshafts 0 Does not seem to work via PS4 on my nitrado server via admin command, anyone knows if I can add it to the game.ini file? Thanks
  9. admincheat gcmt is broken Hi, gcmt is broken, they can have all the resources, however can't fly and don't have the blink rifle. Please fix. Thanks
  10. Same on console, however from my end I can slow it down by pressing L1 (or R1, don't recall), however If land and take off again, then superspeed comes back. However I do love it being fast, its even faster then the rendering lol. I have to lay still to have ground render
  11. menu setting still not saving Hi, You release a 4 gig patch today and omitted one basic bug. I still can save the menu setting if I save/exit. Every freaking time I load up the game I have to reset my setting, vsync off and so on. Why can you fix the basic stuff? Thanks,
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