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  1. By the time Ark 2 gets released, Unreal Engine would be updated to version 6 lol. As for Ark 1 remastered. I understand both sides of things. Will I get it? Nope, not until I see it's release version and see the reviews on it. I honestly do not trust Wild Card anymore. They do NOT have any good QA team, hell current Ark 1 is still bugged... for a PS5 user, Ark Ascendent, 40$ for Island, plus 20$ for the other ones, then another 20$ for the rest if not for all the other ones... I feel cheated to some point, but I don't care anymore... Good luck, with respect. Regards, Moose
  2. MooseX

    Ark Park VR

    Hi, I could not find a sub forum for this title, however would you know if Ark Park VR will receive a PSVR2 update? I pre ordered my device and looking foward to test it out. Thanks,
  3. Agreed, I stop playing ark on my ps5, the graphics texture issues are too awful to look at, totally ruining my experience. Most likely will not renew my Nitrado server, expiring in a few weeks...
  4. Hi, I just heard that Ark Survivor Evolved will be free for PS Plus members in March, expanding the player base. Could WC at least fix the texture issue?
  5. If the latest patch was suppose to fix the texture issue, then what the hell is this? LOL
  6. Sure wished that WC would take advantage of the PS5 SSD speed, would help a lot with some of the studdering and loading... and yes texture issue, altough better, is still happenning and crushes my game experience.
  7. I would say latest patch fixed it 55%, i'ts still happening...
  8. Lets just hope it does not take 1 month to release a fix for this. Can't play on my Nitrado server because of it...Well "Can't" might be a big word. Altrough why would I? If I wantted Origamy dino's and texture, I would have purchased such a game As well, who knows how much , if any, damages this bug is doing to my CPU on my PS5? Not willing to take the risk, thats for sure... Over taxing my GPU/CPU because of this "preventable" patch, what can I say besides ranting and shouting on how this could be?.... I'm even trying to reserve myself in this post on how much furstration this gives me... Anyhow good luck with Ark2...
  9. Xbox one X as well? Wow, where is Santiago when we need him
  10. Guys I feel your pain, those of us that was lucky enough to get our hands on a ps5, it was because we want better graphics and performances. Expected by next gen, right? WildCard please fix ASAP. Not even sure how you got certified for that last patch, however Sony employees that gave the green light should get fired for letting this slide and WildCard, shame on you for not testing adequatly. Thanks
  11. Can't see my long or lat grid with this crap... I'm quitting Ark until this gets sort it out. I gave admin to my server to my other buddy because for me, whats the point of playing when you have graphics like that? It's too fustrating... Hell Minecraft looks better (altough I don't play it because of crappy graphics as well) Thanks WildCarld for waisting my money on a Nitrado server for Lost Island...
  12. By the way, this is with VSYNC on as well...
  13. Just look at the quality of my raptor, better then before? maybe, hell needs improvements thats for sure...
  14. Im pretty sure a Sinomacrops is not suppose to look that way
  15. Good to know thanks, did not want to pull my PS4 Pro out of the closet lol
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