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  1. I say, why the hell not Its a game, nothing has to make sense lol...
  2. MooseX

    ARK 2!!

    Any news if this "exclusivity" is temporary or permanent to MS Platform? Thanks
  3. Just Wow, high graphics finally Still Smooth. Even flying/warping as admin, the loading texture is way faster then before. Awesome Job WC, thanks again.
  4. MooseX

    ARK 2!!

    Was a bit hyped yesterday, just to read now that Playstation players got *****, ah well was nice supported them while it lasted, good luck. Then again they say 2022, with their records, more likely like 2024. 2025 for a playable product...
  5. Ok, Got my PS5 loaded up, took me a while to redownload ark, but yea it worth it. Smooth gameplay, loading time way faster. Now if we can get WC to release the update, then I'll be in Matrix heaven lol. Also wish that WC would take advantage of the new PS5 Controller, man it feels totally different with it features enable. Its a game changer Cheers, Moose
  6. Hi, I'm still waiting for my ps5, tomorrow if all goes well with delivery. Any new console players wishes to express their thoughts? Xbox X, Ps5 users alike... Game play, loading time, graphics, fps, also curious for Single Player via the PS5 SSD. Please share, Thanks
  7. Just look awesome, pls bring the PS5 patch as soon as possible Merci, thanks, Regards, Moose
  8. Yep, incoming this Saturday Question, I saw the WC compare video on the latest xbox. Will there be a patch for PS5 users? If so, when? Thanks
  9. What do you expect from WC, its broken, same type of deployment aka broken...
  10. Yep so far, no mound, no scarecrow and no autumn colors leaves... I just reset one of my server, tried a few maps, Valguero, Island, Ragnarok... Either a failed attempt of a proper launch or they trimmed it down to point of not worth it... BTW I'm on console, PS4, so we have no mod's, so that extra "oumf" in eye candy like the autumn leaves, is something I always look forward too.
  11. Hi, Is it me? Or is this event lacking stuff we had last year, like the autumn leaf settings, the mounds, scarecrow stuff...
  12. I would agree that Ark Survivor Evolved has excellent elements to make an awesome movie I would buy it...
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