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  1. So why don’t you add S+. Wildcards response “we care more about mobile that have a in game currency and cheats for the switch they have all updates from previous ones, pc has more updates and mods, and for console, pfff by a pc” well if it’s a big update you might as well add S+ and get that out of the way but NOOOOOOO you’ve got to worry more about other platforms and why don’t you give ps4, mobile, switch, and pc there own dino skin huh why not XBOX one.
  2. Probably close to the end of the month maybe the 25th because of the 2x event so if we’re lucky we can get it at the end of the month they might launch a TLC or something first and add S+ or just fixes and S+ only so just keep checking.
  3. If you guys look closer they said extensions that means TLCs and yes MORE DLCS! Yeah I knew that extinction wasn’t the last and I’m guessing a map just a huge ark filled with water and a few islands and be able to plant trees. Now that’s what I think they might do or add SotF to consoles and there giving s+ to pc for them to test then other platforms will be able to try out and test. Just remember this is what I think will happen.
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