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  1. Ps4 Patch... nah wait another month. We gave you a 8 gb patch! What more do you want since launch!
  2. Latest Patch - Dino Textures not loading Certain Dino's textures just wont load in at all properly. At this moment I'm stood next to a Pelagornis who looks like he's been hit by a truck and a Ferox bigform that looks like a cardboard cut out. I move them around or leave to another area they don't seem to change their appearance. Guess it's their new look.
  3. Still happening after today's patch. Lost two to this bug currently.
  4. Latest Patch - Tamed Ferox's despawned (ongoing issue) Tamed Ferox's are disappearing from players bases, completely despawned. Tribe Log states they're alive, but I've checked everywhere, it's a ongoing issue as I've had 4 reports up until now, now it's happened to me twice.
  5. Latest Patch - Bloodstalker Crash Every time in the frozen biome, I go to mount the bloodstalker, it crashes the game. Bloodstalkers are currently unusable. This is the first bug I found from new patch, there maybe more yet. Edit: Tested 10 times. Game crash is instant. Not sure if taking to new biome changes the crash, as seen reports of other issues in seperate biomes, all I know is I can confirm Bloodstalkers are currently Broken on PS4 Flyers work now... so that's something.
  6. Had a Parasaur on alarm mode watching out for endless bug swarms. Full invantory of berries. In front of my eyes he just died No reason and not starvation. I laughed it off with others as it was hillarious. Yet can confirm this to be a thing.
  7. I've got a few tips on dealing with the swarms as well as observations too. 1. Spikes do nothing, however Dinogates they don't seem to fly through. It's strange how they get through walls, but a gate stops em. 2. Tame a Parasaur asap. Put it in turret alarm mode. Swarms are easier to hit/spot when u know where they're coming from and can see where to hit. 3. Decent Paracer makes light work of swarms and it's damage radius hits all in a area. Swarms seem to come in waves and all at once spawn. It possible the bug spawning them is connected to the weather? When they all spawn
  8. I own a small PvE server on Ps4, currently the bog is unplayable. Seems spawns in the swamp are spread out or don't exist. Only thing that seems to spawn and by the bucket load are Bug Swarms. Not one or two, I'm talking 10 chasing a player at a time, kill 1 and 3 more appear, to the point I spent two hours with a friend killing swarm after swarm and they never stopped coming. I see videos on YouTube with pc players complaining, yet I laugh as it's one measly small swarm. Spawn rate is just insane on PS4. Bog biome is unplayable currently.
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