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  1. I almost forgot... Suggestion #6: Make it show in tribe log if members upload tames to another server, this would help deal with insiding.
  2. My First 2 Suggestions are very simple changes that would make crafting a lot easier on console Suggestion #1 Ability to lock items in inventory to stop them from being transferred when hitting transfer all. E.g. when crafting but you have ammo on you (which can't be put into your hotbar) every time you transfer all you have to go back and get the ammo. This is annoying and slows you down on xbox especially in a laggy base. If I was able to lock the ammo in my inventory, then hit transfer all, it would be a lot easier. Suggestion #2 Ability to take enough to fill you up but be able to move, instead of the current take all which encumbers you so you can't move. For example, I have just made thousands of turret bullets, I have two options: 1) Take all, then be encumbered and unable to move, then have to transfer bullets back in stacks of 50 1 by 1 or 2) Take stacks of bullets one by one until I am full enough to be able to move but move a lot of ammo. If there was a simple button to take as many as possible but while still being able to move, would save a lot of time and stress especially on console in a laggy base where it's not so simple and easy to drag stacks around. The Following 2 Suggestions are bigger and would Help with the PVP and Getting Offlined side of things Suggestion #3 Remove the ability to use C4 on the back of Stegos. Even before the turret limit coming in, it's too easy to offline people since you have been able to use c4 on the back of stegos (formerly turtles). This removes the requirement to have to drain turrets as you can just walk right up to turrets / generators and C4 them as a bred stego with a good saddle can tank a stupid amount of turrets while it strolls towards them to blow them up. With the turret limit coming in, I think this change needs to happen ASAP. Suggestion #4 New structure: CCTV Whenever I get offlined I always wish I could have had the chance to see my defenses in action. Also, when people are 'silent raided' it can be annoying. A solution could be CCTV cameras, they could automatically start recording when turrets fire for example, and when players come back online, they can watch them over. Giving them the chance to see how their base faired defensively and who was attacking. Final Big Suggestion #5: Rebalance the Island: Currently, it feels like players on the island are punished in terms of wild dinos and resources, with the current server transferring, trolling and wars, Island dwellers are at a huge disadvantage compared to the other maps. For example, we see about 1 or 2 gigas spawn per week on the Island and they are rarely ever above level 50. The Centre (which I played for a long time) can have 2 or 3 120+ gigas show up in one day. Griffins and Wyverns: It would be so easy to turn the Volcano into a Wyvern den on the island and scatter a few griffin spawns, as 2 of the best birds for PVP currently, I can't understand why they aren't added to the other maps. Trophies for boss fights: It is so easy to get the trophies for the bossfights on Rag. On the Island it can be impossible to find Megalanias or Spinos for weeks on end. This makes it very difficult to get element compared to tribes on other maps. Metal, pearls, paste, obsidian, oil, etc: Just about all of these resources are way easier to get on the Centre, Ragnarok, Scorched Earth, I don't really mind any of that though but why not add things like Silk to the island? It would be so easy, and give us the engrams like whips etc.
  3. true but you lose all of your dinos and equipment when you transfer.. so the motive to server jump wouldn't make sense.
  4. So I play on an official xbox server and want to save my character to change to another official xbox server.. maybe one of the new ones. This is not yet doable on the xbox. Some people say that this is a feature on pc and will soon be added to xbox, others say that character transfer is never allowed on official servers. Which is the truth? In my opinion you should be able to transfer your characters between official servers as it would help spread the players into the new servers and there is no unfair advantage to be gained because all of these servers have normal xp and taming rates. Thanks in advance for any information