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  1. Extinction is certainly not impossible from a fresh start. My advice is to stick to the city area until you get your footing. Enforcers/scouts can be crafted from terminals around the map and don't necessarily need a replicator. Tameable gigas do spawn in the wasteland area.
  2. I recently returned to the game after a long break (just after extinction release) because a friend rented a server and got a few other friends playing again. One of the guys spotted a Unicorn and decided to take it back to his base for taming, He's built in the cave under the lighthouse with nothing to stop it from running right off of his platforms, which it did, and he got to take all kinds of friendly harassment for letting it drown. After that I figured I'd not see another pop up for a while but I was in the highlands building a wyvern trap and see something bright white running along the
  3. I don't have genesis so I can't test myself but I know that since the release we have the odd problem transferring things into dino inventories, usually when it happens we can create a folder in the dino's inventory and then we are able to put stuff in. Worth a shot I guess.
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