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  1. You are not really familiar with cave drops and fishing, are you? Those loot tables differ. Big time. With fishing you get the same crap over and over again. The loot table is very limited and mostly to a few useless saddles (gallimiums, terrorbird, etc). There are many items/bps you won't get by only fishing. Cave drops are crap as well, but their loot tables are fairly different. I did some fishing with mc rods got many asc items, but after some time, I stopped because I got the sames ones over and over again.
  2. Sure Electros need a rebalance, however currently there is a "soup" and it's called Basilosaurus - they render the Electros useless. However Electros render any other watermounts useless. So it's currently ride a Basilosaurus, or die. ^^ If Electros ever get a rebalance, so should the Basilosaurus.
  3. Nice to hear! So you are suggesting to add a "cooldown" to the Electrophorus shock effect. That is a good idea, however, if they zap you off your mount even once, you are probably dead due to the torpor effect. If you are afraid my suggested item would render the Elecrophorus useless, then we could update the description to, this affets only wild ones. So the tamed ones still could shock other dinos. Thanks for that suggestion!
  4. A timestamp would be helpful yes. However sorting it out could cause some work. Ofc that would be on the owner/admin. "No body?" Are we playing the same game? I've been to many servers and each had shady players. Most of them got banned but they still exist. And there are a lot of them.
  5. Anti-shock lotion/soup So nowadays many players are upset with the Electrophorus's stunlock. Many lost their biggest tames because of a suprise attack from a rock or lagspike. They are asking for a nerf. While I agree, Electrophorus is pretty annoying and renders most of the underwater dinos useless (especially in caves), I would like to change this with a suggestion. There should be a consumable lotion/soup which gives you/your tame temporarly immunity to shock effects (wild:Electrophorus, Cnidaria, Shock Dart - or maybe even Tuso grab) upon consumption. It would require Basilosaurus Oil (or /Tuso?) as one of the components, which seems to make sense, since it's also immune to such effects. Other components are up to the devs/your suggestions. Torpor effect would not change. What are your thoughts?
  6. I would love to see such a feature, but it's very exploitable. 1st - What if they were online? Whistleing passive can give a fake "p" and there is no one to prove it, unless there is video evidence. 2nd - They used passive dinos to defend the base. When the dino got in trouble, they jump off. Again the "p" messgae, and no one can prove otherwise.
  7. OMG, don't even say...or when I want to check a dino with my spyglass, and all I see is the quetzals head whereever I aim or move.
  8. Imprinting mechanic is terrible. It requires time, instead of skill. Forcing players to play the game for hours just to imprint is ridiculus.
  9. The worst is when you try to climb a ladder, a dino hits you with it's head and you fall all the way down. Dinos moving their heads your way is one of the most frustrating feature in the game. We need a action to disable it.
  10. Bumping this just to make sure this topic is not dead and the devs see this. :3
  11. I like the idea of a stronger taming food for the herbivores. I was missing it since prime meat. However I think gathering it should not be easy, probably you should enter a cave and gather it from there, this would make people go into caves more often and would add some more difficulty to it, than just harvesting a tree.
  12. It's nice to see this many players support this (I thought players did not really care). I agree. You should be able to see the info for a longer period of time, or until you press the button again/put it away!
  13. It's nice to see I'm not alone on this. Hopefully Devs will check this suggestion out, and implement it in an upcoming patch. Hopefully this will make the transponder tracker more popular! Also it would be cool, if it wasn't destroyed when using beds to fast travel or traveling between arks (never tried if it works between different maps tho).
  14. Hi! Today I was playing a little with the Transponder Tracker. Sadly experienced, you cannot use it while mounted on a dino. I heard from other it is pretty useless, however this may give it a buff (I don't know why can't you use it while mounted in the first place). So my little suggestion is, to make it usable while mounted. Getting off the mount, use it, and getting back on makes it useless, because when you get on the mount, the info from your screen disappears. Especially when you are gotta land. Thanks for listening!