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  1. I like the idea of a stronger taming food for the herbivores. I was missing it since prime meat. However I think gathering it should not be easy, probably you should enter a cave and gather it from there, this would make people go into caves more often and would add some more difficulty to it, than just harvesting a tree.
  2. It's nice to see this many players support this (I thought players did not really care). I agree. You should be able to see the info for a longer period of time, or until you press the button again/put it away!
  3. It's nice to see I'm not alone on this. Hopefully Devs will check this suggestion out, and implement it in an upcoming patch. Hopefully this will make the transponder tracker more popular! Also it would be cool, if it wasn't destroyed when using beds to fast travel or traveling between arks (never tried if it works between different maps tho).
  4. Hi! Today I was playing a little with the Transponder Tracker. Sadly experienced, you cannot use it while mounted on a dino. I heard from other it is pretty useless, however this may give it a buff (I don't know why can't you use it while mounted in the first place). So my little suggestion is, to make it usable while mounted. Getting off the mount, use it, and getting back on makes it useless, because when you get on the mount, the info from your screen disappears. Especially when you are gotta land. Thanks for listening!
  5. Are you planning on making improved versions of the map (that you can look at, "m"), and spyglass (probably binoculars or built in zoom in a helmet, a mix of spyglass and Magnifying glass) - thinking of tek version or something similar.
  6. This cage is not an unexpected bug nor a glitch. It was made to encage players, however it has flaws and those flaws are really bad, like abusing it so the victiom will never be able to play this game again if they spend enough time to be assholes. I wonder what will be your excuse after the gaem is released, I'm expecting something "every game has it flaws, give the devs time to fix it" or "this game was just released glitches, bugs and imbalanced stuff is okay for now". I doubt this game will ever be released. They pushed the release deadline, saying they imported more dinos that was promised before. So they can always think some kind of useless dino, import it, and pushing the release time again, and again and forever. Anyway, as OP said, I don't wanna spend more time arguing with white knights. So I'm pretty much done here. I'm sorry about you OP, there are so many topics about this on the forums and on steam, many many players complaining they cannot play the game since/for days, because they are encaged. Nothing was done, We will see if anything will be done. There were so many nice options to fix this suggested by the community, but devs are too busy to add other contents like the unbeatable Mesopithecus arena, or the useless dinos. ^^
  7. Why would they add such a broken thing to the game in the first place? I mean the cage is a good idea, not getting out of it -for like forever- is a terrible idea. (note: I have never been caged, hopefully I will never be). You guys cannot hide behind the EA forever. But I have a feeling there will always be an excuse.
  8. Basically playing this game, is not playing this game. We should get new ideas like, creating a gun, that puts your target into sleep for 20-21 days. It would be so fun! Or a spear that you can hit enemies with, and every hit adds a day ban. So if you can hit your target multiple times you can ban him forever! XDDD Keep these nice ideas coming guys, I'm sure the devs will implement these, I mean the cage is just the start!
  9. You know, you could just send them a PM instead of opening a thread in the General Discussion. Oo
  10. I'm a solo player mostly on PvE and Argies are useless to me. Even the worst Quetz can be better than a good Argie. A few weeks ago I started everything from the start again on a new server (2x xp, 2x gather, 3x tame). After I got my pteradon, I tamed a low level Quetz by using grappling hook. Before that, I tamed ~2 argies, just because they were nearly level 120. Never really used them. Around a week ago, I was lucky enough to find a level 120 Quetz. I had my lower level Quetz, with a Quetz taming plaform (or you can call it whatever you want ^^), which didn't really worked out, the Quetz fall onto the ground. I made some walls around it. After that, just needed to pump some narcos in it a few times. Nothing hard. I didn't have enough kibbles for the perf tame, so I just gathered prime meat, which is pretty easy thing to do. I fed him the kibble+prime, and bamm, the magic happened. Just like before. After I got my first Quetz, I was on the lookout for Quetzes and killed the low level ones to spawn another possible higher level. Easy as it is.
  11. First I play on a PVE server, currenly I'm playing on a PvPvE server (but there not really going any PvP), so I'm going to add my thought only to the PvE list: PvE Tiering S Tier: (Creatures in this tier are the best of the best in a PvE environment. Many tribes seek to tame these creatures for their amazing utility and near perfect strength) Agreed. Agreed, a little bit overpowered in base damage tho- Disagreed, useless since the beaver dams appeared. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed, however, way too overpowered in weight, rendering most dinos useless compared to the Quetzal. This cerature is way too good. Disagreed. Maybe a B tier for collection berries (and maybe thatch, but Megaloceros beats it). Supporting a platform means nothing, since you can tame a Quetzal and fly around with your platform, with 40x speed compared to the Bronto. There is no currently stronger sea creature, so Mosa is the best if you want to do anything underwater. However I do nothing underwater, because there is nothing to do. I'm using Ichtys for collecting deep sea lootcreates. Much better (however I'm using my own trick). Agreed. Disagreed, I can collect 20k fiber in 5 minutes with my Sickle (playing on a 2x rate server, so make it 10k fiber in 5 minutes).
  12. My ascendant riot and fur stuff is in my vault, because I'm too afraid to use them. If I die because somethign kills me, fine. I'm not afraid of that. But fallign through the world? happened to my friends and almost every player at least once. That's what I'm afraid of. So I will let my ascendant stuff gather the dust for a little longer, till they fix this major glitch (...they should do instead of adding anything not-important tho) - if they fix it even.
  13. Same here. But again, I don't mention anything to my customers I can't actually finish by the release. - Coming in the next patch: "We will fix all the bugs and will add all the dinos in the next patch." - Actually in the next patch: "Whoops, never mind, we just did a quick "more fog" update for now. But next time...we will add all the dinos."
  14. I'm more interested what they gonna leave out of the update this time.
  15. Thanks for the thought guys! I would like to see a devs comment why isn't this implemeted in the game or will this ever be implemented. I think this is an important accessory for a server owner.