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  1. Did you remember to put saddles on the theris? Maybe the wipe messed up that part and removed/rolled back the saddles on them, so they took much more damage than before.
  2. I almost bought the new DLC but the lack of absolute hype and radio silence from the "very soon" coming DLC is just tells a lot. I don't feel hyped for the new DLC at all, they showed us a few pictures and pretty much that's it. Boring.
  3. I'm a solo player mostly on PvE and Argies are useless to me. Even the worst Quetz can be better than a good Argie. A few weeks ago I started everything from the start again on a new server (2x xp, 2x gather, 3x tame). After I got my pteradon, I tamed a low level Quetz by using grappling hook. Before that, I tamed ~2 argies, just because they were nearly level 120. Never really used them. Around a week ago, I was lucky enough to find a level 120 Quetz. I had my lower level Quetz, with a Quetz taming plaform (or you can call it whatever you want ^^), which didn't really worked out, the
  4. First I play on a PVE server, currenly I'm playing on a PvPvE server (but there not really going any PvP), so I'm going to add my thought only to the PvE list: PvE Tiering S Tier: (Creatures in this tier are the best of the best in a PvE environment. Many tribes seek to tame these creatures for their amazing utility and near perfect strength) Agreed. Agreed, a little bit overpowered in base damage tho- Disagreed, useless since the beaver dams appeared. Agreed. Agreed. Agreed, however, way too overpowered in weig
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