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  1. ARK Digest Q&A!

    - Will we be able to setup our own personal server for Xbox using play anywhere and Windows 10? - When is Ark going to be on Play Anywhere? - Would Cluster servers using Play Anywhere have to have one PC for each map you want to host? - How deep is your love?
  2. ARK at TwitchCon 2017!

    @JatheishI can't wait for aberration and the s+ mod, that's gonna be awesome. But is Ark going to be on the Play Anywhere list anytime soon?
  3. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    Nevermind. I asked around. Apparently, my cousin did do raiding without telling us. Alpha Tribe is in the right.
  4. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    I'm looking at my brother's log. I don't see any tames killed so I'm not sure what they're talking about. Did they say what it was my tribe killed?
  5. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    We don't raid. And we have proof that when we first started, they were raiding us. They've been at us since we first logged in. They destroyed our boats and left nothing at that time, too. We SHOULD've raided the heck outta them. Perfect hindsight.
  6. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    Nah, we can rebuild. But I was going off of the rules from your Weebly page, which says that nobody is allowed to go and wipe a base off entirely. They're supposed to only go directly into the base enough to get our stuff and go. But they went and destroyed everything. They killed our passives(which about half our wyverns were) and they destroyed our behemoth gates(There were so many and they are so huge that there is no way you'd need to destroy every single one to get in or get things out). This was clearly a violation, if the rules on weebly were anything to go off. If they were not actually a part of the rules, then I'll put this aside since nobody can be held to blame for rules that aren't. But I need to know if the rules on weebly were not a part of this or not. Just saying.
  7. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    If you didn't do it. Then I have to report that our base was demolished by them in entirety. They didn't leave anything behind.
  8. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    I see...
  9. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    Is admin a part of "Alpha Tribe"?
  10. I'd like more character customization as far as clothes.
  11. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    K. My brothers and cousins bug me when it goes down. Which is why I'm poking you constantly. Sorry. It'll probably happen again.
  12. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    Server is down.
  13. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    Gamertag says you're on home screen. My cousins say they can't play. Just confirmed.
  14. Ark Online | 24/7 Ragnarok | PVP

    I'm already playing your server. Are these stats current? I've noticed some changes in the last few days.
  15. NEW Ragnarock PVP 24/7 NO RULES

    Did it die? Its not letting me join.