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  1. Easter event end date and time Does anyone have the exact time this even is going to end?
  2. Built in Mission areas I’m playing an an Asian PvE server and there are pillars galore in nearly all the mission zones... is this a thing or am I missing something?
  3. You can still throw Gigas out at the start yes. And you can also throw Rex’s or what ever Dino’s you want out just before the end (the last bend before the cold area). Make sure you cryo your Gigas up at the end as they can’t go into the last boss fight. And I’m pre sure you can only take in 10 survivors and 20 Dino’s into the final fight in the cave, but you can port into the overseer more than once as long as the first people don’t go into tor initiate the final fight.
  4. Built In Mission areas How are people build in mission areas? I’m on an Asian server PvE and there are pillars galore in nearly all the mission areas what can be done about this?
  5. Tier 3 lootcrate Sooo I’m very upset with the tier three loot crates. I saved up all my hexagons and got a Tek Rep and journeyman riot boots.... what the actual F wildcard?
  6. Ferox taming So I perfect tamed a 150 ferox and it didn’t gain the levels once’s tamed but it says in the tribe log that I tamed a 225... what’s the go?
  7. Tek Cave Door Killed Me? What can be done about this? I’ve lost all my boss Rex’s to this bs.i have a video of it but can’t upload
  8. I’ve found this only happened to the things that were cryoed when it’s doing a patch?
  9. Well I’m trying the tek cave on official PvE either tomorrow or Sunday. So I’ll keep you all updated
  10. I tried it on my single player server (just to make sure) and it didn’t let me?
  11. Tek Cave Has anyone recently done the Alpha ascension and were able to bring in cryod Dino’s to throw out? As in can I throw a Giga out anymore at the start or throw Rex’s out at the end?
  12. Haha just joking about the x3...
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