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  1. PS4 OCE SERVER BEING DOS'D FOR PAST WEEK The official server I have been playing on has been getting DoS'd for the past week by an individual. I have found out their PSN Is there any way to stop the DoSing knowing their PSN, or anything else you can do with the information? For their PSN, please contact me (or reply for me to post it)
  2. Losing Dinos from DoS. Replacement? Server is being hit by another DoS yet again, for the 4th day in a row. Have lost tames (growing dinos) from starvation due to not being able to feed them/interact with anything. Wondering if due to this, tames are able to be replaced at all? Thanks!
  3. PS4 OCE SERVER BEING DDOS'D FOR 17 HOURS I, and others have submitted many, many tickets in regards to this, yet have not had any contact back, nor has the issue been fixed. Not only my tribe, but the whole server have lost tames/loot because of this. I am aware this is not where you post them, just hope someone will see this!
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