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  1. NON-Dedicated question

    Hiya. 1) yes. no. but if he were to host a dedicated version and play on a different Xbox you could all join whenever (so long as the host machine is on and running, of course) 2) no. 3) no. but you can rent a server from Nitrado that can host cross play with the Windows 10 (not Steam) and Xbox.
  2. Nitrado ini game settings question

    You can change your local Xbox settings to pick up the higher resolution in one of the options menus, but I wouldnt change the Nitrado setting. Could be a risk of lagging out players on older boxes, or disabling the game completely. But, like anything Ark, it's all speculation.
  3. Not possible. Ever so briefly, there was a way to transfer dinos/stuff from a locally hosted non-dedicated session to a Nitrado server, bug that was a bug. From an Xbox dedi, or official server to Nitrado, it's never been possible and there are no plans to develop the ability.
  4. Different maps have different defaults for max level dinos. Take a look at the table on this page, it worked perfectly for me - https://ark.gamepedia.com/Difficulty. You're looking for the difficulty offset and the override official difficulty settings.

    Welcome to Ark dedi on Xbox! It's all wild speculation, frustration, DCs, corrupt save files, no backups and random wipes when updates are released. Give in now, improvements are late and incremental. But bonus! There is zero support and 50 teenagers will be mad at you for something you can't control! (but I'm not bitter*). If you decide to rent a server from Nitrado, it's * slightly * better, but super expensive, and with the exception of having save backups, not much better as it has its own host of issues. *totally bitter