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  1. As exciting as this sounds...not the crunch a good chunk of us were hoping for...new maps are always fun and I get you're trying to stablize genisis. But it would be nice for an update on when you're gunna fix the things genisis broke. And why no EVO??? Was looking forward to it
  2. The veins/drops issues has been happening since gen dropped...back to old school boss fights to get ele I guess
  3. I've never been on valguero...but I guess I could try it....that doesn't help fix the problem though
  4. Ice wyverns don't spawn On Ragnarok 30 ice wyverns/eggs have not been spawning anywhere. None of the spawn points ever have eggs no wvys are flying around nothing. It's been close to a year since anyone has seen one. I'm not sure if this counts as a bug or what. But it would be nice have the ice wyverns back
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