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  1. Rexs on Ragnarok

    Viking bay 3 and up the hill toward the castle is full of them they also spawn on the other side of this hill and down to the volcano
  2. Primitive Plus on Ragnarok

    Problem with Primitive + on Ragnarok is with the loading times. Ragnarok on itself is a big file to load but with primitive its extending load times to 15+ minutes You may also need some fine tuning to the dino spawn rates as they seem to go out of control pretty quickly on Ragnarok
  3. Primitive + loading time.

    Anyone figured out any tricks how to shorten load times ? Primitive Ragnarok takes like 15-25 minutes to load and quite often ends up crushing during load
  4. Ragnarok Bugs/Glitches/Issues

    foundations will not snap in the cave cords 35/24