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  1. The Ark Mobile team is implementing a relatively innovative way to revive tamed dinos that die. This includes taking an implant from the dead dinos body and using a craftable Revival Platform (level 65). This would have huge implications for the meta-PvP (and PvE for that matter). https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/arkmobile/mobile-feature-featurette-r30/ Is Wildcard considering implementing a similar system in the non-mobile versions for future updates or is it planning to leave tame death permanent forever?
  2. The Argy is probably one of the best re-balances to date. I used to use them all the time early-game to fly to mountain tops and carry back resources, so I love how instead of making it more difficult to do that, they actually incentivized it. Overall, these are great changes to make Argys not completely obsolete to gryphons & wyverns IMO. I've heard some argue that ruins the game because it takes away exploration, but I disagree. There's nothing stopping anyone from doing the same with non-fliers, since now many of the land dinos are getting reworked as well.
  3. I have been wondering the same for months. They've had that plausibly copyrighted bark since level-up animations. Also what about the Nameless Queen/King and Ridley Scott's Alien? Not sure how the laws work for that. Hopefully they don't get sued again.
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