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  1. lysergicsid

    Speciality Server Suggestions!

    @Hahnibal Great post. I like this idea a lot. I used to do this exact thing on my private server when only my wife and I were playing (resource health x3, resource amount x2, resource respawn x100). I can say from experience it was actually a lot of fun. It works great for small population servers, and forces you to explore, be wise with resources, etc. It would be difficult scaling it up for large servers without at least allowing some degree of resource respawn, however. Or perhaps there could be a unique form of resource respawn, like only very few trees repopulate after it rains, or something like that. The major idea is that the resources should be finite, not endless forests and metal mines in your back yard -- which is what the default game is. If there is not at least some mechanic for the resources respawning a little bit, alpha tribes will just rush the metal nodes and build on top of them, because everyone already knows where the metal is. Random, procedurally generated maps may fix this problem, though. I could see a random procedurally generated map working with resources never respawning! Also there are some animals like wild beavers that would be exploited for their ability to produce resources without resource nodes. For example, tribes will just cage wild beavers for infinite wood, pearls and cement. Supply drops could also still be used for free resources. Plus, refertilizer actually becomes useful for something, and because it is basically a universal resource These would definitely be exploited in this game mode on a competitive PvP server, and should be considered when balancing the settings. I would be very interested if WC made this concept of severe resource scarcity work, and ironed out the wrinkles to make it balanced for full server-level gameplay. If implemented with the right settings, it would fix the issue of constant resource grinding and "cancer bases" in the gameplay, which would be very appealing to many players. Again, great idea and I want something like that to work.
  2. The Ark Mobile team is implementing a relatively innovative way to revive tamed dinos that die. This includes taking an implant from the dead dinos body and using a craftable Revival Platform (level 65). This would have huge implications for the meta-PvP (and PvE for that matter). https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/arkmobile/mobile-feature-featurette-r30/ Is Wildcard considering implementing a similar system in the non-mobile versions for future updates or is it planning to leave tame death permanent forever?
  3. The Argy is probably one of the best re-balances to date. I used to use them all the time early-game to fly to mountain tops and carry back resources, so I love how instead of making it more difficult to do that, they actually incentivized it. Overall, these are great changes to make Argys not completely obsolete to gryphons & wyverns IMO. I've heard some argue that ruins the game because it takes away exploration, but I disagree. There's nothing stopping anyone from doing the same with non-fliers, since now many of the land dinos are getting reworked as well.
  4. I have been wondering the same for months. They've had that plausibly copyrighted bark since level-up animations. Also what about the Nameless Queen/King and Ridley Scott's Alien? Not sure how the laws work for that. Hopefully they don't get sued again.
  5. lysergicsid

    Ragnarok with Aberation Creatures

    I agree. The cave underneath the castle is too empty. Perhaps deeper into the cave in that massive cavern there could be some aberration creatures.
  6. lysergicsid

    Zoologically Correct Blood Colors!

    True to a certain degree, but the original Ark animals are more or less based on real species which have had unique natural selection pressure placed on them over many generations in the Ark, which is why many get their own unique species name. It's a theme I really appreciated about the original Ark animals. They try to make them more realistic and true-to-life than the SE and Aberration animals. So even though they are fictional, they are based on real-life taxonomy. The probability that all of those species in the OP, who have a common ancestor that really existed IRL, each had an instance of convergent evolution giving them red heme-based blood is basically zero
  7. One thing I wished Ark had when I first began a couple years ago is aerial camouflage for buildings. It would make it possible for small tribes and solo players to survive and not get wiped at the whim/mercy of the mega-tribes. Low-Tech Camouflaged Buildings One of the major issues with young tribes and solo players on official servers is the fact that you cannot establish a base without it getting broken into within a day. Why not just have an aerial camouflage that you can throw over your small base to make it so not everyone paroling by on a griffin/argy can ROFL-stomp offline your noobie base? This would make it more possible for people to stay out of the way and keep their base a bit less obvious. PvP-wise, it would also allow FOB's to be somewhat concealed so people don't have to resort to undermapping, etc. With the game currently, you can paint your base and throw re-fertilizer everywhere, but that doesn't seem to work well and no one does it. I think a mid-tier building camouflage mechanic would make Ark more appealing to most players. One limitation I want to note is that technically there would be render-issues, such as when someone turns their graphics to low and view distance to high. The camouflage cover would have to somehow look like natural terrain/foliage and also have a higher render priority than other buildings. For example, when you enter a new area the camo would have to load before the building under it, otherwise scouts could exploit it. I know something like this may not be the most likely for devs to implement, but if they do I think it would add a very excellent depth of PvP gameplay. It would also make it so there is a new value to land-scouts. Currently there is no point to scouting on anything that's not a flier, and I believe this would help fix that somewhat. High-Tech Camouflaged Buildings I am hesitant to haphazardly suggest throwing Tech-tier camouflage in since there are obvious balancing issues that could arise, but it is worth at least considering as an upgrade to the primitive/mid-tier camouflage mentioned before. Perhaps there could be an active camo device that runs on element/Tech power for end-game tribes, and also methods for overcoming the camo (e.g. animals with scent mechanics or expensive Tech-tier equipment for circumventing active camo). Please like if you think a balanced and fair camouflage mechanic for buildings is something you want to see in Ark! Also, what are the perspectives and input of others? Is there any pitfalls or benefits you would like to discuss?
  8. lysergicsid

    Zoologically Correct Blood Colors!

    You brought up a good point though. If the programming of the game does not accommodate changing the blood color this would be difficult to implement, especially with the many gameplay issues Ark still has.
  9. lysergicsid

    Zoologically Correct Blood Colors!

    You guys bring up an interesting discussion. I intentionally left out the Abberration and Scortched Earth animals from the OP since many of them are largely fictional anyway It's a giant mutant rolling mole-rate that bursts through metal and stone like Sonic the Hedgehog, so if they want to give it green blood too, why not? lol Although I should probably include the SE mantis and moth.
  10. lysergicsid

    Zoologically Correct Blood Colors!

    My understanding is that majority of insects (not arachnids) have hemolymph which can be colorless when deoxygenated, or slightly green-blue to blue when oxygenated. When they get crushed, their other body fluids can cause different colors (giving the supposed amber color some people observe in bees). I'm not an entomologist, so beyond that I do not know. I kind of lumped the insects (ants, dragonflies and bees) together in that category because they can have a spectrum of colors from amber to green to blue. One thing for certain is that they definitely do not have red blood. Thank you for the thoughtful input! Thank you, I appreciate the complement! I definitely acknowledge there are bigger problems with ark that take priority: building overhaul, undermappers, duplication, miscellaneous exploits, etc. And just to clarify, I'm not suggesting to remove blood animations for any animal aside from Cnidaria, only to change the color. Scorpions (and I think leeches too) already bleed green, which doesn't really confuse the hit indication for me at least. I am not a programmer by trade, so I haven't dug through the game's code or spent extensive time with the mod tools, but I would think since they already bleed different colors there must be some code for different colored blood already. Couldn't they just use the same method to make different species bleed to correct colors? Thank you for your reply!
  11. lysergicsid

    Overhaul Mammalian Breeding

    Thanks for the constructive reply BigRed1227. Yeah, I agree with you that the structure of most official servers (and some unofficial) would not accommodate the litter idea. It would also probably be more ammo for spammers to reach server pop cap and cause issues for other tribes.
  12. The blood colors are wrong for some animals! For example, the trilobite bleeds red, but this is an animal that probably existed before iron-based hemoglobin (what makes blood red) evolved It is believed that trilobites used copper-based porphyrin in their blood, just like their modern relative the horseshoe crab. So they bleed blue! Same with squids, spiders, scorpions, other arachnids and most mollusks. Compound Chem made a great infographic to summarize this, which I've attached to this post. So why not make the blood the right colors? For science! I went through the dossier and noted all of the animals that should have an exception to the red blood animation, in hopes that it would make it easier for the devs if they choose to make this happen. Please feel free to reply for discussion. Please like this post if you want to see more scientifically accurate aspects of Ark! Animals that should have blue blood: Achatina Ammonite Araneo Arthropluera Eurypterid Pulmonoscorpius Trilobite Tusoteuthis Animals that should have green blood: Death Worm (SE) Leech (It should be noted that Lampreys are vertebrates, and have red blood) Animals that can have either blue or green blood: Insects (6 legs) have hemolymph which is grey-clear when deoxygenated, and blue-green when oxygenated (i.e. when they bleed). Some people report different colors (i.e. bees bleeding amber) because when bugs get crushed other body fluids get released, like digestive system contents. Technically speaking, their blood is anywhere from grey to blue-green. Giant Bee Jug Bug (SE) Lymantria (SE) Mantis (SE) Meganeura Titanomyrma Animals that should have NO BLOOD: Cnidaria They have no circulatory system and therefore no blood, so they should have no bleeding animation. References: Cnidaria Circulatory System. http://circusystem.weebly.com/cnidaria.html Hardison RC. Evolution of Hemoglobin and its Genes. Cold Spring Harbor perspectives in medicine. 2012;2(12):10.1101/cshperspect.a011627. doi:10.1101/cshperspect.a011627. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3543078/ Hardison, R. (1999). The Evolution of Hemoglobin: Studies of a very ancient protein suggest that changes in gene regulation are an important part of the evolutionary story. American Scientist, 87(2), 126-137. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/27857811 Modern Horseshoe Crab. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Horseshoe_crab Respiration and Circulation [of Snails]. http://www.molluscs.at/gastropoda/index.html?/gastropoda/morphology/respiration.html
  13. lysergicsid

    Overhaul Mammalian Breeding

    I'll keep it brief, but why not make mammals breed, grow and operate like real life? There are two major changes that would facilitate this: 1) Lactation The mother, after giving birth, should feed the baby through lactation until it becomes a juvenile. This could be as simple as just making the baby follow the mother, and if the baby is close it will be fed at the expense of the mother's food stat (animation not necessary). The mother will eat more to account for food provided through milk. 2) Multi-gestation When cats, dogs and many other mammals give birth, they have litters (e.g. 6-8 babies at once). Why not make wolves, sabertooths, purlovias, etc give birth to higher numbers of offspring? If that's logistically a problem, you could even just make the rate of twins and triplets way higher in mammals that have litters. Either way it would give more of a parallel to real-life mammals.
  14. lysergicsid

    ARK Digest Q&A: Aberration Questions!

    It was mentioned that the Ark in Aberration has an unstable atmosphere, leaks, etc. so how does that tie into the gameplay, if at all? Like are there some areas where you can suffocate outside of water? If so, will there be any masks or tools that can counteract this?