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  1. This isn't my type of game but, i fell for this game and I've been here since legacy; lost my main character and my next guy is stuck in an endless loop of DC on valguero 1081. To be fair; my main character split into two.... One on rag and one on SE. I don't have a clue how it happened. I just know that when I had an error in transfer and D/C i went to transfer again and it gave me the you sure you want to wipe that character message.... looked and sure as pie... i had two of the same guy.... I Ascended with one he was a 118 the other a 105. After the update; logged into Rag 161 and imprinted. Left the server, logged into SE 118 and imprinted. Got off, came back on later and when I logged into Rag - weird errors... Finally was able to log into Rag and had the make a new character..... no biggie. The other guy is on SE. I transferred him to Rag and poof. A longtime buddy told me that the server had been doing rollback after rollback in that timeframe.... imprinted dinos.... tribes under my main guy...... I had another character from a different account in every tribe on every server. I went to Val to get him. Endless loops of disconnections... I had him dragged out of the base and killed. Respawned at a bed... back to endless DC I prepaid for Genesis; i'll be reversing that charge. I dont know that I'll stay with Ark..... I've been a non complaining 'roll with it' player for a long time. Always helpful to noobs and other players. I've never duped (on purpose - character....) respect the other players, respect the rules. Never crapped on Devs, because I used to really like this game. I've had about enough of endless silence and non-action. Tired of being penalized because of the cheaters. Tired of feeling like my $ has gone to waste. Well see... if Mistlawnge stays stuck on 1081 - im about done... 100s upon 100s of imprinted dinos with my main guy ... i can live with... but not being able to get my other guy loose to take care of things....... just makes me lose any patience i've had.
  2. Recently, I had appx 800-900 stacks of achtina paste disappear from a dedicated storage box. Anothe person on my server said they had two items disappear from dedicated storage. Has anyone else experienced this?
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