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  1. how to change the Meta away from Cave Raiding The perspective of God: 1. Dont Let Titans be transfered to other Servers then Extinction: 2: Tek saddels doesnt do dmg to non Tek Struckters(including not doing dmg to Tek Turrets) 3: Lets Tek shoots do dmg to the MEk Shilds Dura/ Make real bps for Mek shilds prim 5k dura jorun 8k. 4. Reduce armor on Tank dino saddels 5. Give Racer a weakspot where it takes more Dmg 6. Let Turrets shoot through quetzal strukters and make the rider on the quetz protect from turrets 7. make the snow owl healing like big healing (Food consumtion and at 0 food you cant heal ) 8. remove the slow on mek shild debuff 9. if mek shild is up meks do 50% less dmg to struckters 10. Mek Gun dmg to dinos decress 11. decress velo dmg / make turret mode on velo 100dmg but a health buff 12 Tek turrets do % dmg to bigger dinos. 13. give ice wyverns a real frezze and dont let them be frozen and give wyvern armor saddels at least a bit 14. Make it harder to get muttations MUCH HARDER 15. higher Turret limit to 250 and exclute x plants counting as turrets on outside bases lower them in cave to 50 16. Velos cant be on turret mode in caves 17. Fix Meshbiting 18. outside caves when offiline turrets do 4x times the dmg 19. Dont let allys build to ally strukters 20. Overwork the targeting options from turrets 21. cap dura on flak to 1k dura Riot to 1k Tek 1.5k 22. give enforcers Saddels 23. Why can you drain Tek turrets naked ? by just running around if they are the most advanst turrets ?
  2. so every smaller base will get destroyed by titans ? why even play then
  3. Cant you remove titans from the other servers then extinction or at least set the redownload timer to 1 week or 2 ? Why improve PVP on your current official servers by 10000%
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