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  1. Tek Tape Range for land bases I would like to discuss that Tek Tape are too strong atm / or since month or always you can say, because they have almost a range of 18 foundations while turrets on HIGH only shoot 20/21 i think thats redicules that you can Tapi rush towers buildings without soakers and destroy almost all tek turrets and hatchframes where turrets stand on. If you Mr/Mrs Wildcard want people to build on the ground again ground bases not pillars or Caves i suggest lowering the Range to at least below Medium range of turrets. I know that nerfing the tek tapi dmg was important
  2. I know they want to drop an update for this matter aswell in a few hours but i want them to consider after and before this update that a Frezze from snow owls hold longer then 5 sec and the slow even more so please consider this and dont bring out something that doesnt help the people
  3. 10 sec Cryo Timer after throwing Please Implement a Cryo timer after throwing a dino out. The Snow owl Giga drop Meta is poop and had not real counter when it comes to pvp there is not much skill behind it and i am really getting tiered of 5 people frezzing me and poping there gigas onto me. Would be nice to get a cryo timer for dinos that get thrown out like 10 sec or 15 sec cryo sickness after you throw a dino out. Also make a slow Cooldown on the snow owl slow, would already help a lot against the giga drop meta and maybe bring some skill back into the game
  4. Is it allowed to use INI now ? My Question is now that i see so many people playing with a configeration of there own Files that you dont get blind effects or that its not dark or other stuff like not seeing tress and bushes ? Is it now allowed to use such stuff on Ark Official PVP Servers ? Since people like me who dont use that and not config there files are really getting the short end of the Stick since we get a huge disadvantage to the people that use it
  5. 10 sec Cryo Timer after throwing Pls bring in a Cryo Timer after throwing a Cryopod out. that The Dino which you threw out is Cryosick but not unconces for at least 5-10 sec depending on the size. It would help against the pocket giga meta and that people who build outside caves dont get gigas droped into there bases the timer you can change like make it 5 sec or 15 sec but its really needed in my point of few.
  6. Cant you remove titans from the other servers then extinction or at least set the redownload timer to 1 week or 2 ? Why improve PVP on your current official servers by 10000%
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