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  1. CretaceousArkEU 24/7 PvP Ragnarok Dedicated Server

    We have yet to have any issues with it and we have downloads on all the time.
  2. CretaceousArkEU 24/7 PvP Ragnarok Dedicated Server

    No as when you upload on single play it save locally and does not upload to ark data, you also cannot do it from you own dedicated as it is all linking through my xbox profile you can only see the item placed in obelisk on my server. which allows us to upload, turn off server, change the map and download on new map.
  3. Dedicated Server Crashing to Dashboard - Mega Thread

    He says mid Aug but im going to bet my house on the fact that it will be pushed back to the official release and then right before that drops that will also be delayed till mid September. Iv had my server wiped twice this week and the first time i lost 20 people and this time about 7 i understand that they need to get the game ready for disc, but for god sake give us something i wouldn't care if the server crashed twice, three time daily as long as i could still load it back up and didnt lose an entire server this is playground poop. poop that the have in the first year of development not months before the full game comes out. even if the dropped the nitrado servers for us that way we can at least back up a save.