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  1. ReturnToArk

    Can you get help with tribe ownership issues?

    In my experience I would say no. No, you cannot get help with tribe ownership issues. I really cannot understand why such a big and impactful decision does not have a "confirm" box in the game. I don't know about PC players, but the constant lag spikes on console mean the chances of you putting a point in the wrong stat when leveling up or the wrong engram is pretty high. The player was a good guy and he did give ownership back. That could have been really bad. Just so you all know if you are ever in the situation all I got from support was crickets. I hope you never have an issue like this. I know it was my fault, but there are things that could be in place to prevent things like this and it should be added in IMO.
  2. ReturnToArk

    Can you get help with tribe ownership issues?

    yeah i mean the final release. This is on a new official pvp server.
  3. I've been running my own tribe since the game released. When I was in the tribe menu I was scrolling through the members as a lag spike hit and ended clicking "transfer ownership" There was no "are you sure you want to do this" or "confirm"....nothing.......it just straight up changed the leader. Am I seriously at the mercy of this person go give ownership back or will support help? I have a ticket but no response yet.
  4. ReturnToArk

    Is Ddos fixed cuz

    This seems VERY familiar. Ragnarok official PVP 82 on PS4. If that isn't Ddos I don't know what is. Constant booting and non stop lag. The server has disappeared off the list a few times too.
  5. Cause this game is such a financial failure......
  6. ReturnToArk

    It's not too late Wildcard

    I'm not going to say that you don't have a good point, but is all seriousness..... I have been gaming for a good bit. Since the SNES. I have always had a huge love/passion for gaming and I have seen a lot of crap. This beats everything I have ever seen. Never in my life. WC is on a whole nother level. That is what all of the rage and people quitting comes down to. I respect people who take and chance and and try to grab life by the jewels, but this is just too much. Like at what point do you start improving? Jesus.
  7. ReturnToArk

    How do i adjust the screen size?

    I've had this problem ever since they had the update where the changed the options. I have never heard a fix for it. I don't think there is one. If you find one please message me, but I think they just can't fix it. Back in the day I could have the screen fit the screen perfectly fine. No longer.
  8. ReturnToArk

    Whats the Over Under on if Ark meets THIS deadline?

    I'm all in on delayed. I would have said this no matter when I was asked this question. Seeing that it's after 8am and it says "latest version is installed" I'd like my money plz.
  9. ReturnToArk

    How many people is too many people in a tribe

    I agree with what most people have said. Once your tribe passes the 15-20 member mark you just start looking like someone crutching on others for success IMO. Like when you watch these "mega raid" videos on youtube and they have like 50 people or something and they are raiding like 5 guys. It's just like "wow, good job." The game allows for tribes to do this so if that's what people want to do then all good. Might be a bit of an oversight to let an entire server be a single tribe though lol.
  10. ReturnToArk

    Update BEFORE or AFTER tonights downtime?

    Surely they will let everyone download everything so that when release times comes they will be ready. Some confirmation will be nice, but release your game and then let people have the updates? At the very least console people would be able to download Ragnarok.
  11. ReturnToArk

    What do you guys think

    I would say Scorched would be your best bet, but you could probably get away with the island too. If I didn't want to play Rag so bad then I would probably go to Center though. Resources for days. Either way with a 2 man tribe I would be trying my best to get to know people and make friends/alliances be they spoken or in game and cover all of my territory in so many turrets you can't even see the ground.
  12. ReturnToArk

    What will you do on your new server?

    It's a fun aspect. The competition with other players and the level playing field the new servers bring is a great addition to the game. Only lames that have to crutch on 30+ member tribes to be successful really make the competition stale and weak. Close battles are a blast. SP will always be there.
  13. ReturnToArk

    Three days

    i would be interested in seeing a poll of how many think the game will be released tuesday at 8am as claimed.
  14. we tried to start another game on a seperate pvp server from lvl 1 at one point just to do something fresh and new. Every other day was "wipe day" on that server where 3 tribes that were allied scouted the whole map and killed anyone else they could find. They would even take down a 1x1 wood hut as we build one on the beach to see if they would do it. I smiled pretty big when I heard the server was getting wiped. Getting your rocks off wiping stone and wood bases with your gigas and explosives is funny, but also sad. In many cases it is absolutely the players fault. I still maintain the main reason is because WC understandably want a wipe of the legacy servers contaminated with ddos raid and duped everything. It sucks, and yes it is their fault, but the duping ruined the servers.