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  1. Why they even have these server just confuses me entirely when they know its unplayable from all the server outage reports yet not a single acknowledgment of the issue anywhere to say atleast they know they have a problem. Wish they read there own forums at least once in a while so they could learn.
  2. Barron753

    Anti-Lag suggestion

    This is the same as above on 72 but also getting disconnected a lot with the same old message of lost connection etc etc which is making this x2 weekend another pointless waste of time.
  3. Barron753

    Heavy Lag back on EU Ragnarok 72

    I wouldn't mind hearing more on this either as server just went down it seems and now I'm just getting "Joining Failed, Connection Timeout"
  4. Does anyone know if the wyvern roaming distance has been increased? I'v never had a wyvern anywhere near my base until i log on this morning and a 190 lightning is hovering around only to wipe out dino's.
  5. Barron753

    Server crashing 375-382 clusters.

    It would seem so as rag72 has not been on for some time now.
  6. Barron753

    Joining Failed - Connection timeout

    Have the same problems had a support ticket in for a day and a bit and got word back this morning that i had to submit a server outage report and just hopefully waiting to hear back on that.
  7. Barron753

    Connection Timeout

    Im the same had a ticket in for 24 hours too with no reply.
  8. Still happening here i can play at home but im unable to on mobile wifi since latest update. Had ticket in now for a day with no luck of it being even looked at.
  9. Barron753

    Connection Timeout

    Any word on any kind of fix or temp solution?
  10. Barron753

    Connection Timeout

    Is anyone else getting the 'Connectinon timeout' message when trying to log in to official servers? If you have and found a solution please say.
  11. Has anyone had any luck with this? x2 weekend all planned out and being able to not connect is kinda going to spoil it all.
  12. Anyone got any tips for being able to get on to the 70/70 full servers or is just still whole luck based?
  13. Barron753

    lack of servers a complete joke

    I see they even added a few more console servers again.
  14. Barron753

    lack of servers a complete joke

    This would help as with if they made you connect to the server before you load game so you dont have to wait to load up to the snapshot 16 screen only to get the lost/timedout connection to host when its full.
  15. Barron753

    lack of servers a complete joke

    Been 3 hours so far this morning trying to get on with no luck. Could be refund time if this is not sorted out soon as its becoming rediculous.