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  1. ? You made my Day! I think the people & employees should really think about that. And if its true that you are using this excuse just because you are late and @Cedric agrees on that and dont speak the truth sorry but then he should better not mention black lives matter anymore because you agree to blacks get used and everything else is hypocrisy in my opinion. And to understand everything here in the comment section clear, i can recommend to all people reading this comments to watch for the posts people did in this Forum and how long they are aboard seems like mostly only new people believe in that hypocrisy.
  2. im really sorry to say that, but after 5 years of Ark i sadly have to say "Typical Wildcard" or can you tell me one release you was bringing in time? and now you even use the riots as an excuse? really? i mean of course #blacklivesmatter like all lives do but tbh whats the use of all these riots? it only ruins more lives, black and white imo. And is it not #positiveVibes what People need, especially in such hard Times? you've always being late on releases and many times u blamed others. every release was a facepalm for your community. and this release is again one of the worst marketing i've ever seen. im really looking forward already to what you will tell us when Genesis 2 is coming i really like your Game even with more bugs then dinos even with crashes, dcs and servers that cant handle the Game even after 5 Years, i really do but i cant believe that your event and dlc was ready to release and to use this situation (worldwide) as excusion makes it even worse then to say sorry honestly. But maybe thats only my personel view. #PlayerBasedoesntmatter #ifyoucantholdthepeople #JustReleaseArkforfree #noobswillfloodtheservers #andbuydlc #Epic
  3. Well yeah sometimes it feels like Wildcard Customer Support is like
  4. just to let you know: i preordered too and sorry, but to compare new content for your Game with a Pizza i dont know how addicted you are but you should think about it maybe. Also you seem to have no clue from programming and design at all, its not like cooking a pizza with having a recipe, its more like creating a recipe and yes of course People can create new Recipes easy but if they are tasty its another thing and i dont know if you like a ChoclatePizza with Citronal and Fish more then a new Pizza recipe that will be tasty but i dont know maybe your Name fits and you are Ralphy from the Simpsons, who knows? But dont you think you will get a better Product if the Devs have more time for fixing bugs, for example until Release?
  5. Thank You Wildcard for Pushing it back one month, really thank you. if it takes 3 months or even 5 its no problem at all but please please please try to release it without critical issues, bugs, crashes ... you released previous dlc with. Im only speaking for me and there is no sarcasm in this post i really hope it will be the first time that you bring an official dlc that has no problems at all right from the beginning like Valguero for example (smoothest release ever) im sorry to say but youve never released a dlc that was running that smooth from day One. And i think thats an important point many Companies didnt see they are trying to push, push again and then they try to push harder just to release it right in time but a modder is doing it because of his or her heart, because they like to produce that content for the Game they like and Companies ofc they need to make Money but People that get a product they are happy with usually buy more products of the same company and they will recommend to their friends, family ... pls think about that. A fast release of a dlc brings in fast cash but a good dlc keeps the company not even running it keeps the Company growing. And back to the main thing this post is about, thank you for not releasing it in january and please think about how a release would be for (y)our Community if they can enjoy it from day one? I think the Name Genesis is worth that effort. Maybe Genesis will be the thing the People will remember you in Years and its your decision how they will remember about it Keep on doing the good Work #PositiveVibes and im pretty sure there are more People outside that are thinking like this, i mean Ark is a longterm Game i know some People (me Included) that have more then 10k hours on your Game we wouldnt play that Game if we wouldnt enjoy at all but i saw many People leaving Ark and ALL of them because of the Issues your Game has and Server Lags. Im sorry to say but its the truth. So please take all the Time it needs but please Fix Genesis until its running smooth maybe even do another open beta test and listen to your Community whatever but please take all the Time it need to bring us a Genesis we will like and enjoy and after that please Fix the Rest of Things that are still Broken in Game like Tek Bridges that cant snap to structures and decay after 12 hours as a lil example. Sorry thats a Long Text i wrote here and i think many are to lazy to read it but please think about it if you are one of the Team from Studio Wildcard that is reading that text and if you are just another Gamer that likes this Game like i do and agree with me and what i wrote here pls give me a thumbsup Emote to Show them there are more in the Comunity then just the People who say release release release, come on Wildcard release it tomorrow or better right NOW, ... And please Remember thats the same Group of People that will Cry after you released because it has so many bugs ... Some People will never be happy, but some are if you get them a good and enjoyable Ark again, those are with me pls give me a like (not just for me, i know there are more out there thinking like me, i mean for the Devs so that they will know. Sorry for my english and that this Text is that long but please read it! #PositiveVibes
  6. thank you Fanboy here is your Candy ? The Point is: im not surprised at all !!! But again why blame People that are trusting promises of Studio Wildcard instead of getting the fact that Wildcard dont care tomorrow of what they tell you today?
  7. I dont even play on Legacy anymore i moved to official on day 1 official came out because i saw that coming but i can understand the People that was still playing on Legacy to the fullest bc there is no support its all about the community! If you have a good Community over there and someone blocks off a cave, its no problem then People will Block all his Gates with Brontos and Gigas for example until he didnt block off the community from the cave anymore, that kind of stuff they mean when they say "we fix it ourself" and instead of blaming the Legacy Players, what about Studio Wildcard? They are the Ones that made promises they dont keep! (Once again) Of Course this People are pissed off, and it seems like that Wildcard forgot some of these ppl are or was your Base and helped you to your success! And to tell them "Future content will also come to the Legacy Servers" and then say "hell no we close ALL PVP LEGACY SERVERS NOW and some of the pve its like ok give me your money and you dont get anything back ok? So what do you expect? That they are happy now? Sorry but thats no positive Vibes at all.
  8. ARK: State of the Game By Jatheish July 19, 2017 641 comments 55,098 views July 19, 2017 original you can find here: so the Legacy Players arent crazy imo. For me it looks like Studio Wildcard dont do what they promised. (One Time More)
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