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  1. On my unofficial server, WC has given us the ability to allow for unlimited mindwipes which I have. You might try unofficial, that have allowed this, and this problem goes away. As for your problem with engrams, WC has released code, and I believe there are a few mods to do this as well, to allow for enough skill points to get every engram in the game so you can be both combat and crafter, which I have on my cluster also. However, I have not put in code to give players more leveling points so there is a "choice" in that one also Unofficial may be your problem solver.
  2. Esquire1980

    /Unstuck is needed ASAP

    I just don't get it, I guess. I've PVPed in SWG (a lot), STO (a lot), TOR, ESO, etc etc etc and I just can't see the fun in "taking prisoners". Doesn't help your kill count, doesn't get the rush of the battle, is not really PVP as the v part is just not there, and it just seems, to me anyway, as counter-productive if I'm just out to kill players and/or match my build/wits against something that doesn't have a programmed AI. Seems to me to be only a griefing measure and I guess I've never seen the fun of trying to obstruct another players game time or ruin their gameplay for the evening, day, week, month, etc. That type of measure sure doesn't get me any more red dots to kill and even less if they /ragequit, move to a new game, move to another server, or just start a new toon.
  3. OP, try unofficial, many have servers with less difficulty or starting maps/servers. I've set up my cluster more like a MMORPG, have a starting/leveling server, The Island, and difficulty increases with every map up to and including X10 on Ab.
  4. Esquire1980

    /Unstuck is needed ASAP

    /Unstick is very needed.
  5. Esquire1980

    Cosmetics ?

    Understand 110% about consoles. Understand about gaming rigs costing a boat-load. I have a 9 year old Alienware Area 51 and it "barely" plays the game, on low setting and starting with low memory. So, I bit the bullet and bought another new Alienware Area 51 last year and I don't even want to say how much Dell got me for on that one. I have no idea if WC can add mods to consoles. I know that the mods we use takes quite a bit of memory that I doubt consoles could take. Maybe WC could add files instead memory to mods to keep that down. Zen might be the better guy to ask if this is even possible. If you get a gaming rig, I would go with at least 32 gigs of memory and at least a 1070 for ARK. I've got 64 gigs and a 1080TI in the new Alienware and the performance of the new machine v the older is night and day.
  6. Esquire1980

    Cosmetics ?

    I was there in SWG from almost day 1 to the day the servers closed and we had bugs, bugs galore in fact, some so game breaking we logged in and couldn't move our characters. And SOE was the largest in the business in those days (2003). The difference in those days was, you just didn't have all that competition out there so you stuck with it, complained on the forums and waited for the fix. Sometimes it came, sometimes it didn't as in the case of beetle cave entrance bug on musti was there the day it released and there the day SOE closed the servers. Bliz and WoW did make some of a change there but the amount of players and the amount of their dev team seemed to really make the difference and set maybe a new standard. I've always said WoW was a terrible game at it's core, it's just ran so well by Bliz that some customers looked at 1 over the other. Bugs, are part of the deal it would seem. And in the days of "pre-release" play, alpha and paid betas you can really expect to see bugs. This acceptance of "well, let's just have cosmetic items in a store" from players have made monetization what it is today. Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies I was beta in STO, not a great game at launch but it had it's good points and bad. But then, players accepted some "cosmetics" in a store and made the excuse that to keep the game going, Cryptic needed another source of income. Then came the defiant and players through such a fit that devs gave a "grind" way of obtaining the ship. After that, the genie was out of the bottle. More and more OP ships hit the store and then low and behold, we saw lockboxes that had 1 in a 200+ chance of dropping for way OP ships like the bug, etc. That continues today only the prices in the store keep going up and up and up. Saw the same exact thing still going on in TESO just before we came here. Only "cosmetics" but then the buffs came and shortly thereafter, the lockboxes made their arrival. At the announcement of the lockboxes, our entire guild left, started looking for another game, and ended up here, mainly due to the no store. (I looked for game without a store and found quickly I had to get totally away from MMORPGs to do that. In a game like this, I just can not see the reasoning for a store, due to the fact that there are so many modders out there. And WC has hired a guy to help make more. I know, I'm watching Zen's tutorials myself and trying to learn as I go. So let's say there is a store on "official" and modders do away with it on "unofficial". Would you still play official if you can get everything WildCard has and more on unofficial? That's an easy fix. Just move servers and do away with all their store. I'm positive I'd notbe here if official was the only option. Survival games are not our forte. I've set up these servers like a MMORPG. Made workarounds for food/water/coldheat via the server settings and I doubt any of us would like going vanilla once we'd got so used to castles, keeps, forts mod and all the deco mods I've added. We're running 35 mods now. Yep, there's a loading time, but it's a different game on our servers. We're not all that into "easy" either. The Island, our starting server, is pretty easy, but that goes up from there, up to and including X10 official difficulty on Ab. Try Ab at that difficulty setting and the "easy" gets out pretty fast. Continued content release? To be honest, I see WC doing just that. Only MOST of it is free to all their players. Perhaps, I see a bit more of it due to the fact I run these unofficial servers and post their patch notes on our forums for our players. I've been tracking this since 259 and there's certainly been a boat-load of content, fixes, etc added via WC since we've been around. http://arkchoice.freeforums.net/board/11/official-patch-notes-ark You can see all the entries I've added to that thread right there. WC has certainly kept up with what SOE did with SWG in the shear amount of patch notes they've put out which to me anyway, is quite an accomplishment looking at the size of SOE Austin and the size of WC's team. I don't know about you, but I'd pay a sub for ARK, even for my unofficial. I'm sure some wouldn't with todays F2P crap, but I would. I see fixes coming from WC. I just seen the ascension cave fix posted in the latest patch notes. We were looking for that one. We have that cave on farm and the ticket mod to get everything that drops out of there so that bug really affected our gameplay. It came, the bug got fixed, and I think the cave got ran several times this weekend, in fact. (I was there for a couple of them, myself). For me, a store is not a game breaker. The last month the wife and I played TESO, we spent over $100.00. However, we've been playing with about the same sect of people, some since 2003, that have followed us around since SWG and some of then can't spend that cash. We have 1 guy who's about 70, on a very fixed income, and a store is not in his, and his wife's, budget. I'm not retired, have that disposable income, so I take on the costs for the clan. I can a SWGEMU server for a couple of years and the connection was over 150 per/mo and I had to buy the servers. ARK? I rent 5 "servers" and pay a bit over 70.00 per/mo. The comps say, quite a deal. Cheap entertainment. If I take the wife out for dinner and a movie, I've went thru about 100.00. That's why the "no store" feature is an important one for me. It may not be my wallet that gets the hit, but MMORPGs are a social animal and if I pick a game that limits the people I can play with, I'd rather not.
  7. Esquire1980

    Cosmetics ?

    Some of us are old enough to remember when games didn't have monetization in them at all. They had a buy in, they had a sub, and everything that the game entailed was in the game. There was no "I got more money than you" bragging rights and no kid hitting up their parents for the family credit card because some1 else got a new "shiney". Then, we got "card games" added to MMORPGs which had cash money tied to them with "nothing but cosmetics". Then devs added buff cards and after that all hell broke loose. P2W, P2collect, etc etc etc became the norm as devs found "new and exciting ways" to find the almighty dollar. In fact, I haven't seen a game that hasn't went this route except ARK. And that includes all of them that have tried it, SWG, STO, AoC, AO, TOR, all the way up to and including TESO. And all of these lose players, end up with server transfers, server migrations, trying to find other players just to make a "team" to run group content. I'm lucky. I'm old and have disposable income. I can afford $200.00 ships/etc. But, I'm also a guild leader and have seen guildy after guildy that can't afford pixels as fast as dev teams can crank them out. They fall behind, they can't keep up, and they quit. These types of game are unique. WC has released the dev kit. ANY monetization item they release will make it into a mod. And modders can not charge, they almost have to be for free. So, the same "skin" you want in a store will quickly become part of the game for unofficial without the store. Even if they do not release that item in the dev kit, some modder will copy it and a clone will be available, maybe even a bit better as the modder might just take more time with it in blender. If WC needs more cash, I'd rather pay a sub than see a store, any day. You want skins? There are plenty in the game and even more in mods already. Try unofficial and keep your credit card in your pocket. The no store is a large feature for me and the largest reason I play. And this comes from a guy who spends $70.00+ a month renting a server cluster for all the official maps.
  8. Esquire1980

    Cosmetics ?

    No pixel store, please, ever. Have everything in game, as it is now, and earned.
  9. Esquire1980

    New Mod: Rocket Poop!

    Thanks ev1, for taking the time to do these tutorials.
  10. Esquire1980


    Try unofficial. Less players mean a bit better policing and only 1 server or cluster to worry about for admins.
  11. Esquire1980

    Why do you play Ark?

    You may have never played 1 but MMORPGs are very social animals. I played SWG for almost 9 years. My wife called it "star-crack" for the 1st 2 years until I got her to start with the game, then she would up with 1 more account than I had. (I had 4 with a jedi unlock, she had 5). Both of us play ARK now.
  12. Esquire1980


    Resources are not currency. Let me explain why resources do not work. I have my own cluster. I have set up my cluster like a MMORPG being that difficulty on all facets of the game increases via maps/servers within the cluster. My players, and I, felt that resources and difficulty were too hard to come by for new, starting, players so I have changed the amount of resources per hit, the amount of resources taken before the plant/rock/etc disappears, shorter time to come back, etc etc etc and WC has given me the ability to do so in their options. If you played on our starting server, you would call it at the least, "EASY". As the maps progress, all of these settings increase in difficulty to even X10 of official servers so this isn't just instant gratification but giving new players a chance to catch up with everyone else on the cluster. I have also increased the stack size, increased the amount of weight given per point by a boat-load (never did really like weight restriction in games), and if someone on my server put up a stack of 5K bars, someone else on another servers couldn't even carry it home. (This does take care of the gripe I see here a lot of blue gear takes more that I can place in weight so I can't even craft the item). So let's say I add or make a mod that makes resources as currency to trade between servers. Now, you have a flooded economy, on all servers, and ev1 would hit my Island server, get their resources "EASY" and then flood other servers with my "EASY" resources. I doubt you'd like that too well at all. That piece of flak you pay 1000 bars for would end up being 100,000 bars with other servers having 1 as their resourcing stat and unable to compete. I seen this inflation personally back in SWG as the years went by and credits became more and more available in the game. What WC needs to do here to make an actual economy, is to do what some modders have done already. Put in a currency, put in a vendor system, put in a bazaar, and a vendor search. That would make a economy outside of resource settings. I would think that this might be even an EASY development fix as modders have done most of the work for them already. Just because players have invented a resource economy doesn't mean the game still doesn't require an actual economy.
  13. Esquire1980


    An economy is about the only thing lacking in this game. WC needs to put in a currency along with SWG style vendors with a vendor search NPC/Term, craftable.
  14. Esquire1980

    Is ARK Ending?

    I doubt ARK is ending. It's still very high in STEAM's game list. I seen 1 comment that a developer made about ARK 2 but that was off the cuff and more of a response than a plan being put out. The next expansion is all they've announced. That doesn't mean it will be all it gets. I would imagine that player interest will be more of a deciding factor there. And even if it does end via WC someday, we already have the base code on "unofficial" servers all over the place, a dev kit, STEAM modder central, etc etc etc. They could end the official servers tomorrow and there would still be servers to play on for many years after, along with future development from modders. Not to worry.
  15. I know servers.io has these feature that you can chose and click. Auto updates mods and WC patches and you can set a 10 minute warning to servers before they go down for the patches. You still have to get the client side of mods/patches thru STEAM but that happens on log-in anyway. Sometimes there is a wait of a few minutes for patches/mods before server.io get them but that appears to be a STEAM Q that does that.