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  1. 6x damage: all buildable zones. Don't know if anyone from wildcard actually reads these... But on official PvP servers *all* of the buildable regions in genesis are taking the 6x damage modifier usually used for caves. Obviously, this is rather broken for PvP.
  2. It's the entirety of the genesis map on xbox official PvP at the moment...
  3. Ah, a bug then? I'm on an Xbox official PvP server...
  4. Six times damage in all regions? It seems that all structures are taking the 6x damage modifier usually used for caves in all buildable regions on genesis. Is this intended (I have no idea why as it makes wiping anyone in PvP laughably easy), or is it a bug?
  5. Great! Now you just need to fix all the tonnes of duped stuff on Xbox official. Which probably entails a server wipe, which wildcard doesn't seem brave enough to do. Good work on stopping most of the meshing though, I am very pleased with this news
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