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  1. I hope they would add in glass tier because I don't like having my window smash by some dilo anyway to get glass tier I was thinking that you had to learn metal and greenhouse structures allowing you to learn the glass tier for free or it will cost a small amount of your points (idk up to wildcard if they add glass tier) (WILDCARD IF READING PLEASE MAY YOU ADD PLATFROM PLUS AFTER THIS UPDATE OR SOONER AS I REALLY LIKE BUILDING ON PLATFORMS BUT SADLY IT A CHALLENGE TO MAKE THE WHOLE BULDING NOT LOOKING LIKE A BANANA) Anyway thank you for listening
  2. Day 3 still waiting for extinction to come out console and I mostly failing at not to watch the video of the map curse you all ARKtuber for spooling the final boss in the thumbnail i can almost taste the dry waste map for me to play
  3. I hope there is a setting on all platform that make the Titans perm tames On single player, private session with mates or just unoiffcalvserver fingers crossed
  4. we was SOOO close to the date, bit sad now I had a sense of hope for a moment for you guys well I guess it better than having a broken map to be honest
  5. Well that answer almost all of my questions from last week but are they like titanosaur where they stave to death or is it a timer that was introduces by liopleurodon the worst creature to use and tbh a complete waste of time taming it as it can give you a worst item from the drop like a ascendant spear than giving you like ascendant riot gear, wildcard my lord if reading this, please I beg you to make the Titans same as the titanosaur as the raid creature (creature will stave to death no matter what they are feed with, if tick the raid creatures will be able to feed it self and continue living than normal) so we can have a perm tamed Titan on unofficial server or in our single player or private session with friends
  6. I hope having a temporary tame meaning. A tamed frost Titan will just die of hunger, if that the case I can change the setting so like raid creature such as the titanosaur can eat and live forever and so I can have a mighty beast I work so hard to tame in my dino pen, plus I am a Xbox player so I be much happier and not being left behind from pc master-race having a mode that allow them to be perm tame for good
  7. teknology

    Corrupt Gloves

    Amazing work, now extinction is upon us as we seek for the truth of ARK, also when would we get the rest of the aberrant armour like the aberrant helmet?
  8. this is my first ark meme I made, no hush feeling Devs? Sry we all have been there, eager to play the new DLC seeing new creatures and being the first to make a video showcasing it and we all know how we felt when aberration was delay multiple times hopefully not this time
  9. Earth Titan? Could be Possible maybe it is a another mini boss just like the frost Titan mmmmm
  10. Wildcard if you are listening please make this king of serpent aka the baslik rideable and tamable but taming this beast is going to be hard because my idea i would is trust taming so you have to do something trust worthy OR just have Normal tame methods
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