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  1. Unofficial Cluster; The Island, Genesis 2 Did some last minute prep then headed up to the blue obelisk with E and M and we took down the Alpha Megapthicus. Nice to get some Tekgrams. Then I popped over to G2 to pick through E's stock of breeding tek rexes with his permission, as I am officially taking over the line. Picked out a pair, happened to be the only female he hadn't bred yet with a matching stat male. Brought them back to The Island and popped the resulting egg. Raised the baby alongside 4 snow owls since our flyer box is getting empty again. Not sure where all the birds are
  2. Unofficial Cluster, The Island Not much doing today, just breeding. Saber line still isn't finished, couple of bad rolls. Stubborn. I'll sell off the slightly lower leveled cats, sure we're not the only ones taking on The Island. M unfortunately crashed while transferring maps last night, he got his character sorted but discovered today he had apparently lost the spinos he'd been taking across with him. We have a couple left so I bred them and put the egg on his body, he'll find it tomorrow. Didn't want to pop it myself so he can imprint the baby. Noticed he had tamed a uni
  3. Unofficial Cluster, The Island Work was awful today and I came home with a headache. So I kept it simple and stuck to breeding. Finally popped a perfect male saber to go with my perfect female. I also got my first melee mutation. Nice. So this project is almost done, just need to do a little cleanup. They have all the stats they need but there's a 3 level difference between the two perfects that I need to fix. The melee mutation is also both female and lacking one stat so I need to bred her to the perfect male to hopefully get a mutated male. My base level is 258 so ideally I need a
  4. Unofficial Cluser, The Island / Genesis 2 Very busy weekend, lots of taming and breeding and all that fun stuff. The end result, at least for me, is that we now have 4 Shadowmanes. We tamed a mate for Glitch and this time the taming went so much better. It was harder to get him in the box than anything lol. Bred immediately and got a baby girl that I claimed, she has our two breedable stats which is great. Bred her once she grew up and M claimed the second baby, also a girl with both stats. We got a male yuty and bred 2 of those as well. Got some owls and thylas going.
  5. Unofficial Cluster, The Island / Genesis 2 Did my morning round of saber breeding. Doesn't matter what I got though because the dino storage mod broke and anything in a terminal was lost. By sheer luck, I did not lose Glitch. She survived another impossible scenario due to me having her in my inventory rather than my terminal. I will say the owner of this cluster does an amazing job. He ended up pulling a server backup save and anyone who lost tames was able to go on it and retrieve almost everything. 2 day old backup so some things were lost. E grabbed our tribe's. Go
  6. Unofficial Cluster - The Island Did my morning round of saber breeding. Got a perfect stat cat...but mutated. Sigh. Would be my luck lol. Been getting a lot of muts lately, which means I'll probably get none when I finish with the stat build. So typical. Well, it turned out there was a bit of a miscommunication with M and he didn't realize I had abandoned the tame last night despite giving him multiple warnings so...well first he kept at it for like an hour after I left, but second he left behind all of the gear I had left for him to use including Eeyore. So on Genesis 2 this morning
  7. Yes, that is very rare. I would be overjoyed with a 49 melee rex. That's very much an outlier and not to be expected. Typically I'll take anything 40+ depending on how rare the dino is when establishing a line. It's up to you to decide if you think the time is worth it to keep hunting down the wild dinos. I would probably try for a little more melee, 39 isn't bad at all but considering how important the stat is, I would aim just a little bit higher. Keep in mind this is only one step of a very long process and being a few points off an arbitrary target isn't going to have a huge effect in the
  8. 40 is very, very good for a wild dino. So what the taming bonus levels do is randomly dump a bunch of points into all of the stats. So a wild rex might have 40 points in say melee, but when it stands up it might well have 50+ depending on the roll. You typically want to tame a whole bunch of these high potential dinos to get the best ones out of it. Past a certain point the RoI isn't worth it and that's when you start building your breeding line.
  9. That's actually really good! You want 30+ in a wild dino so it will hopefully stand up with 40+ when tamed. The exception is birds who don't put points in movement speed anymore, so you can look for 40+ on wilds.
  10. There is a way to tame Shadowmanes in a trap, here: Not my video for the record and we kinda messed up when we tried it but the concept is solid.
  11. Unofficial Cluster - The Island Not a lot of Ark going on this week. I was ill on Monday night so no Ark. Tuesday morning I popped on to breed the sabers. Got home late after getting my second vaccine shot, did another round of saber breeding. Was feeling exceptionally tired for some reason so I turned in very early. Just bred the sabers again this morning. If I'm feeling ok by the time I get home I plan to do another round when I get home, then hop over to G2 with supplies to tame at least one Shadowmane. It's my present to myself for getting vaccinated lol. I was going to do i
  12. Unofficial Cluster - The Island / Genesis 2 Wary but ready to play again I logged on and did some breeding first. The sabers haven't been doing well and today's results were no different. Not one successful stat transfer. I don't know how anyone bothers breeding on official, even with halved mating intervals this is frustrating. I usually have them off in single player. While the salvageable sabers were growing up (I keep the 1 stat females to keep breeding), I went out hunting for tames. Found a female megatherium, tamed her up, and brought her home to breed with my male. Didn't get
  13. Unofficial Cluster - The Island / Genesis 2 / Ragnarok Very frustrating day. Whatever we accmplished today didn't matter at all. The server was down for half the day, then after it came back up it overheated and crashed, rolling back 3 hours and erasing everything we did. I had a breeding quality rhino tamed up that I lost. My tribemate had his character accidentally duped and ended up having to start his character over at level 1. I quit and spent most of the day building on single player, on Crystal Isles with a fresh character. I wasn't going to play on the server again but M
  14. Syntac Ultimtate Ark or Phlinger Phoo Soloing the Ark season 4, everything you need to know to get through The Island through Extinction. By then Syntac will probably have at least G1 done too.
  15. Unofficial Cluser - The Island / Genesis 2 Having gotten home from work a bit early, if very tired, I decided to hop straight on to the cluster. Almost everyone was around, and we have a new tribemate A who appears to be a friend of D. I didn't waste any time; having explored enough in single player and knowing G2 had been added to the cluster, I went ahead and transferred over. First thing I did? Tame a maewing. Second thing I did? Run loot crates until my inventory was full. Got some pretty good stuff. Not gonna lie I stored some of the best that I'm likely to use in my personal va
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