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  1. If you're on PC you can use this to fix your spawn levels; the story maps are purposely weighted to favor low levels, which can be extremely frustrating especially on SP. https://old.reddit.com/r/playark/comments/bbrrul/updated_level_equalizer/ Slap it in your ini file (always make a backup first) and do a dino wipe and you should see immediate results. I would personally go for a spino or a mega over a crab for long distance traveling. Crabs are great for grabbing wild dinos to tame, but they are slow.
  2. @Kaprosuchus I read most of the posts here although I don't often comment on specific ones. Playing alone after so long on servers, I guess it helps to have a little bit of the community feel by seeing what everyone else is up to even if we can't interact in game. I admit I'm much more likely to read a post that has a screenshot in it though lol. That said I haven't posted much lately because I doubt anyone wants to read 2 weeks worth of "spent 3 hours breeding basilos and hatching rex eggs while watching Phlinger/Syntac/non-Ark YTer and redditing" lol. It just doesn't make for good content. I wasn't really going to post today for much the same reason until I saw your post. Because I don't have anything interesting going on. I finally got around to setting up my tek replicator, but I haven't made anything else yet. I know for sure I want to make a set of armor and a rifle, and I don't think I'll really end up making much else because as soon as I defeat the Overseer I'm moving to the next map anyway. Doesn't make sense to build a bunch of stuff I probably won't see again for like a year lol. I made up a checklist of all the things I need to run the Dragon and well...I didn't have most of it. So I took my spino out and farmed the allo brains and yuty lungs. I already have the rex arms and the basilo blubber. And I know I'll more than likely get the tuso tentacles from farming for the underwater artifact so I don't worry about that one yet. That leaves giga hearts, I "only" need 3, but when I have yet to kill a wild giga it seems like quite the tall order. Not gonna lie I am seriously considering just luring one down to carno point and throwing my rex army at it. I don't care if they die because I'll need to breed the next generation up for the Alpha Dragon anyway. 35k HP and 600+ melee is simply not going to be enough. If I use my current top gen rexes I can do 30k HP and easily push 900+ melee. Also in full production mode gearing up for everything so metal runs and crafting tons of hard poly. I have more chitin and obsidian than I know what to do with after grinding down so many high tier junk saddles so I'd rather do that than penguin farming. Boss prep is pretty boring overall, just a lot of mindless grinding. Still haven't gone and retrieved my doed and mammoth from over by the swamp cave, I'll do that while I'm over there. I know, more cave runs there. I didn't bother running the artifact while I was farming for the bp so I only have 1 for decoration.
  3. Definitely not doable with just 1-2 dinos then. You want 19 rexes with high armor saddles and a yuty. For Alpha Broodmother you want around 35-40k HP depending on the saddle armor. Melee I'd go at least 700 but 800 would be better.
  4. You could always adjust the rates for player and dino exp/harvesting separately. So it's still a pain to gather on foot, but once you get dinos life is way easier anyway. Grinding isn't exactly a measure of difficulty imo and once you hit the upper tiers when you need mass quantities of stuff to get anywhere, you'll be regretting keeping your settings low. Exp is somewhat negligible these days since Explorer Notes are a thing, but I agree that even on the current default you'll progress quite fast if you have even a little bit of game experience. Also a big part of the difficulty curve back then was that no one knew what they were doing yet (and most stuff wasn't in the game either), so a lot of your memories might be nostalgia too. I remember those days well and I can say I don't miss them lol. There's so much to do that beach bobbing it on the coast is only a small part of the game now when we've got 4 official and 3 DLC maps to progress through. The Island was the whole world back then and it hasn't been for a long time.
  5. It may be the server itself that's unreliable. Do you have a second server that you play on? I would suggest moving to a more stable server as a temporary, or possibly even permanent solution if it persists.
  6. Well fwiw my first generation of battle rexes that took on Alpha Broodmother had 0 mutations at all, they were all the base stats of my current bloodline. I just spent time while doing the rest of the boss prep (mostly farming that stupid bp) stacking my mutations up so when I lost rexes I could replace them with better ones. I honestly expected to lose a lot more than 2 rexes. I also didn't level them to max, so even taking the saddles out of the equation, if you used lower quality saddles and pushed them to max level, you may still have a decent chance at it. Honestly if nothing else you can probably do Alpha Megapithicus first and use him as a litmus test since he's the easiest of the three to down.
  7. Well it's been about two weeks, there wasn't much to post largely because nothing I was doing was interesting. It took a week just to breed my basilos together to get the result I wanted. Actually ended up with a pod of 4 so I have a breeding pair, a mount and a spare. Nice. I also didn't play much because I was getting into another game, it's nice to take breaks and do other things from time to time. I did miss most of the Halloween event, but honestly it felt like too much work farming all the stuff for the items anyway so whatever. But I got back into it today and took on the Megapithicus, took down all 3 with no trouble at all. In fact I think the hardest part was dealing with the rexes on the platform...well that and a stupid pego pack stole my thyla claws and I couldn't figure out which one had them so I had to refarm a bunch. There was like 6 of them, it sucked. Glad I didn't have any cryopods on me. And now I can start preparing for The Dragon. Joy. I have no idea what to expect from this except probably death. I know it's better to use theris, but I put all of this effort into my rexes, I don't really want to start a whole new breeding project from scratch for this if I can avoid it. That was why I went with rexes, specifically so I only need to maintain one bloodline. I've seen plenty of people manage it in videos with rexes so I'm hoping I can too. I also have no idea how I'm going to get 3 giga hearts. I know I can try to drown them, but I'd also kind of like to kill at least one legit, if I can do it with guns anyway. Funny to think I've been playing this game for so long and still have so many unknowns and experiences that are new to me. It's a long story but the short version is stayed on a single map server to play with friends, server died, tribe disbanded, couldn't find a cluster I liked and now play SP in the hopes of playing through as much as possible before Genesis. Which at the rate I'm going I might finish The Island and maybe Scorched Earth. Aberration I already know is going to be tough due to the map limitations, and then once I hit Extinction I should be relatively ok since I'll be able to set up infrastructure fairly quickly. So yeah, a lot of farming and watching videos for reference ahead. Quite a bit to do, I'm thinking I'll need probably 2 weeks just to prepare. I haven't looked up what I need yet but I might also start preparing for the Overseer while I'm at it. Assuming I survive the Dragon I'd like to move ahead as quickly as possible to finally get off this map.
  8. The excitement surrounding patch day (ok sometimes it was patch week). Checking YT constantly because you knew once the trailer dropped, they were getting ready to roll the patch out. So we'd get the trailer, get mega hype, and then as soon as the patch dropped it was a race to update and get in the game to go check out the new stuff.
  9. The bosses don't change, but dinos in SP have different stat multipliers if I'm reading the page correctly. So potentially you wouldn't need as many animals in that case.
  10. Need a lot more information. Single player with single player settings enabled or a server? Or single player with server settings. Also wyverns, like all flying dinos, are not allowed in any boss arena with the exception of Scorched Earth, wyverns are allowed there. I'm doing single player with server settings and my boss battle team is 19 rexes and a yuty. But you don't need nearly as much with single player settings enabled.
  11. I would caution you before outright disabling cryopods because you don't like them, talk to your friends and see how they feel about it first. It's your server, but they're your players, and sometimes it's worth compromising for the sake of keeping them happy. Cryopods are the single biggest QoL upgrade this game has ever seen. If you don't like them then you don't have to use them personally, but that doesn't mean your friends should have to suffer the pain of pre-cryo gameplay. It's not just about tame cap; if you've never had to walk a bronto across the map, or lose a freshly tamed bear to piranhas while crossing a river, or having to caravan a line of 20 rexes to an obelisk, then it might be hard to imagine just how frustrating long distance travel can be in this game. Cryopods aren't just about being easy, it's about reducing the frustration of a game that's already needlessly frustrating for many other reasons. While I agree for lore purposes it makes little sense, I'm very happy that the devs made them available to everyone at a reasonable level and in this case, gameplay trumps everything else.
  12. Doing single player, have done Alpha Broodmother and Megapithicus with 35k HP 600 melee rexes (after leveling), but I have loot quality turned up to 3 so I have 202 armor saddles. And I lost 2 of my rexes to the Broodmother. Been stacking muts on the next generation of rexes in the meantime and they are significantly stronger, can push to over 900 melee easily. It took me a month of farming swamp cave to get the BP. I tried basically every other method and nothing else was worth the effort. If you want to roll with that saddle, you'll probably want to run much higher melee on the rexes, I'd guess 800 minimum if you want a shot at clearing Alpha Broodmother. She hits hard. Also, don't bother bringing the pig into the arena with you, it's not really worth it since you won't be able to control it unridden. Keep it outside on the platform for post-battle healing. 19 rexes and ride the yuty and you'll be fine. I actually have a prim quality saddle on the yuty since I haven't found a bp yet, it got a little dicey with the spiders because of the stupid slow but we survived.
  13. Coming off yesterday's victory, another immensely successful day. Started out with a metal run to feed the machine of progress. Also known as an industrial forge. Then loaded up my basilo and set off for the depths. I ended up with a full pod, taming 2 more males and finally a female. None of the stats are super fantastic, but I can combine them all to make one good imprinted whale for future underwater caving shenanigans. Well, obviously I'll end up with 3, a stat pair and the actual active whale. Still mad at myself for not breeding the bary before he died, I lost my high melee stat from him. It's surprisingly difficult to find good stat barys for some reason even though they're not that uncommon. I also took the opportunity to farm eurypterids for black pearls to build up my stock. Then I settled in for an afternoon of breeding. Got stage 1 of my whale project done, raising a female with 2 stats to go with the male who has the other 2 I want. Got a melee mut on the rex line, progress is slow but steady. Haven't gotten anything on the spinos in awhile but that's fine. Honestly I'm probably going to stop once I get to 10k base HP since this line is just for fun and I don't really need it for anything. I'll get the stats on one of my color spinos and make that my main mount for the rest of my time on this map. Farmed a bit more metal, spent some idle time letting the babies grow, then called it a day. I did make my tek replicator but I haven't set it up yet. I need somewhere to put it, and my doed is still over at the redwoods base along with my mammoth. I'll go grab them the next time I play. It's not a priority right now anyway; aside from being tek tier and looking cool the replicator won't do much for me until my next set of boss fights as I'm down to just 12 element, not enough to make anything. This week will of course be focused on setting up for the megapithicus; if all goes well I plan to do them next weekend, once I tally up what I actually need to do. All in all, very happy to feel like I have tons to do after a month of essentially idle time.
  14. Dodorex can spawn anywhere so just make sure you have a good security perimeter. For myself, I didn't play at all on Thursday or Friday. But yesterday...yesterday was huge. First I spent the morning finishing my prep. I am very, very sad to report my unnamed bary, who has been so crucial to my success, has died. I lagged/mistimed the final jump in the lava cave and...yeah. The worst part was raising a new bary and otter and entering the cave again knowing I was going to see the death message and there was nothing I could do. Sigh. But I brought some prebuilt structures and built a bridge across that jump, totally forgot I can do that with PVP settings on. I won't say his death was for nothing, but it was avoidable. I also figured out a little trick for the artifact, at least on SP: don't pop any loot drops before getting the artifact. Get the artifact, then go pop one loot drop, then go back and the artifact should have respawned. Much better than waiting 30+ minutes for it to respawn naturally. Wish I'd figured that out 3 caves ago. Anyway, with my prep finally done I went back to base to gather everything I needed. I had already moved my army to the obelisk since they needed time to wake up. So spoiled doing this now with cryopods, so easy. Parked my bird and my pig, positioned all of the rexes. Saved the game just in case. Took a breath and popped gamma Broodmother for my first ever solo boss fight. Victory! Barely even took any damage. Back on the platform, put my new flag and the precious element away. Gathered the second set of mats and popped beta Broodmother. Victory! Definitely took significantly more damage, although no one was really bloody. My worst hit rex was down maybe 10k max. As an aside my strategy was to turn group whistles off on the yuty. I hop on whatever is closest, whistle attack, then when they clear out I can jump on the yuty and whistle attack again to get the last rex moving. Then circle around behind to get the rexes to fill in the gap so she's circled. Yulia definitely needs a better saddle. Healed up again, stashed the prizes. Big, deep breath because I know the first two fights are nothing compared to this...alpha Broodmother. And the verdict is...victory! But not unscathed. I lost 2 of my first gen battle rexes and in the rush of first victory I stupidly forgot their saddles. And we definitely took a lot of damage, I had one bloody army. Yulia actually came close to death from the spider swarm. I think I'm putting the rest of her points in HP, I did boost stam a bit and was considering some melee but no. Also I really should replace her, I have a significantly better yuty I can breed with much higher base HP. Nonetheless, I was extremely happy about my hard work finally paying off. Somewhat anticlimatic though, not much to celebrate just yet. I packed the army up and took it home to heal, along with my prizes and a total of 112 element. But, losses don't slow me down. If anything I come back stronger. I spent some time breeding and hatched 3 of my second gen boss rexes. My first gen hatched out at level 239, pretty respectable. My second gen hatches out at 271. Nice. I only needed 2 but I happened to pop a third so I'm keeping it. Also got another HP mut while hatching everything. Did a large metal run, checked my mats. I really need to spend some time organizing everything, it's such a mess. I ended up building a new crafting station just for the replicator. I have everything I need except I'm short on black pearls. I gathered my gear and some kibble and took my new bary out to the open sea. A crossbow mitigates the jellyfish threat. And honestly these things are OP. The fact that it can stun alpha megs never fails to amuse me, we killed 3 of them in our travels. Scouted an alpha mosa that I'm not going near for awhile, and a 145 kraken that I may tame for the sake of it as I've never tamed one before. But the real prize, eventually I found a 140 basilo and tamed him up. He has high melee, which I'm pleased about, but low HP, which kind of sucks. But that's fine. Cryo'd my bary, popped on the ascendant basilo saddle I found while farming swamp cave, and continued farming in hopes of finding another. No luck, but then it was getting late anyway. It's been a long day! Back to base, very, very happy. Current goals, leveling up the new boss rexes, making their saddles and the Tek replicator, taming a mate for my new basilo so I can breed them, which also means finishing the water side of my base perimeter.
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