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  1. They already stated you won't be able to transfer anything to the new servers from legacy servers. So if you go to the new servers, its a fresh start for everyone.
  2. So as everyone knows this game is poorly optimized and has been for 2 years now. Before I think most people gave them some slack cause its in EA and they still adding in content that optimization was going to have to wait. Well we are past the content part of EA now, and there is only a couple weeks until official release. This is the time where the optimization is supposed to be done, but guess what it hasn't happened. They posted an announcement saying the disc version for consoles is finished. Not a word about if it was optimized though, so I'm assuming its not. Playing the game and having to deal with the roller coast FPS is quite ludicrous. Literally I can go from 100 FPS in Ark down to FPS in the teens in a matter of seconds depending on what I'm doing or looking at. At E3 they had that Jesse guy I believe? He was talking about the console version and only promised "variable" frame rates with a fake smile on face as if to say "please don't question me further on the game performance". A Little Further Out- "Boss Wars"- More Creatures, Gear, Armors, Weapons, & Structures!- DirectX12 Mode for Windows 10! Approximate +20% perf - Random GPU Driver crash fix: TrueSky- GPU & CPU rendering optimizations Its still there after how long? "A little further out" seems to be equivalent to years out. If its not going to be optimized on release I'd much prefer they'd just come out and make that statement directly instead of stringing people along patch by patch with promises of optimizations to come that never materialize. Cause these optimizations were supposed to happen like 2-3 patches ago now? They got removed and never mentioned again.
  3. Raft exploit fixed

    They should just add that functionality in to the raft building, instead of having the glitchy way of using the building system to do so. Limiting rafts to such a small area is bad.
  4. So patch 261

    Hopefully 261 will have some optimizations! Only a month from release now and still waiting....
  5. Rain and Thunder on The Center

    I actually never really noticed that it rains more often. I like the the thunderstorms though its much better than theIsland to me.
  6. Ark at E3

    Today's news made up for yesterday lol. Cool that they got a new map, just please support it as official maps! Don't like waiting months for them to update with the new content.
  7. Ark at E3

    They can try all they want, but consoles will never beat out PC. The new Xbox is just catching up to current PC capabilities. By the time people adopt the new console, the PC will have moved on to later and greater things. I just view this from the perspective of a PC player, I can play the same game with the same performance on console if I drop about 1k on equipment to run it. Its just a waste of money, I'd rather buy a new PC that will be better and be more relevant for years to come.
  8. Ark at E3

    Yeah that announcement was lame. I like how the guy before Jesse came on was talking about how people aren't going to spend money on like 4k TVs and equipment cause they don't really know what all that tecnical talk means and stuff like that. Then ark comes on and announces they're re-releasing the game for the new Xbox. So you'd have to get a 4k console, and 4k TV to get what we have on PC right now. With the same performance of FPS good in some spots, bad in others. No thanks lol.
  9. ARK at E3 & Community Crunch 95!

    Have to say the announcement was really underwhelming, I was expecting much more than a re-release on the Xbox. Hope that wasn't all the hype was about!
  10. So the new UI for singleplayer looks nice but testing it out it seems the values you put in don't work and do not get applied in game. Its still using the old values of what was in there before and even after deleting the game.ini and gameusersettings.ini files to create new ones it still doesn't use alot of the modified values, it just uses the game defaults. Like for instance player stat multipliers is using vanilla 1.0 setting despite it being set in the game.ini file as 3.0.
  11. Tell Me Why...

    Going out of render distance is what prevents them from laying eggs, dinos need to be loaded in otherwise they lay no eggs.
  12. I'm sure they do have a plan for what they want to work on in what order. And they would put that in the upcoming patch notes.
  13. Yeah they already said they're done with the major content patches, now its polish time. I'm excited for this game to start running smoothly so hopefully they can get it to do that.
  14. Boss fight times are ridiculous

    I'm not a fan of the timer myself, but personally I've never ran out of time either. The bosses were difficult when they were first added, now they're pretty easy. Can just kill them in under 5 minutes. Losing your stuff though is okay though I think, it may feel cheap but its effectively you failing to kill the boss so you would have lost your stuff anyways.
  15. Please separate Yutyrannus nerfs.

    See how it plays out, I don't think its a good idea thought to start making dinos different depending on what mode you play in.