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  1. Why ? You announce an Event which is great. Sucks for console as PC get it on the new map while we still wait on release date . So again we fall behind . Plus During the event you choose to maintenance as well , how much is this going to stuff people around especially if break things while people are trying to breed . Last time this happened I knew people who lost alot of dinos. So I expect we wont be getting a new map during a 2 week event taking us to the middle of July at the least for release.
  2. Legacy vs Official. I have been a player since Beta. Watched many changes , people leave , people come. We get a lot of new players come to Legacy for a more enjoyable experience with tribes , that help create a great community. I personally have dinos ive worked on for years and when you look at stats across dinos , Official out ways Legacy by far. Was big reason for the split you didn't want mega tribes already established wiping new players on release. That's not the case anymore. Why not open some new servers on official allowing a migration onto those servers from legacy if you want to wipe Legacy. Don't think would be too hard. Another few comments , we have explorer notes etc work across accounts why not allow all trophies and rewards be account bound allowing more characters to be made , I have one on Legacy Extinction , Island, Centre , Scorched, Aberration, Ragnorock all around the 100. Fort me get all Tek engrams I have to travel to each server, risking losing a character and every thing they have achieved. Once legacy goes , like many off the players that I play with. will be end of Ark . Not spending another 5yrs to get to where I am now. Thanks for your time. Zeuphyr
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