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  1. Why ? You announce an Event which is great. Sucks for console as PC get it on the new map while we still wait on release date . So again we fall behind . Plus During the event you choose to maintenance as well , how much is this going to stuff people around especially if break things while people are trying to breed . Last time this happened I knew people who lost alot of dinos. So I expect we wont be getting a new map during a 2 week event taking us to the middle of July at the least for release.
  2. Legacy vs Official. I have been a player since Beta. Watched many changes , people leave , people come. We get a lot of new players come to Legacy for a more enjoyable experience with tribes , that help create a great community. I personally have dinos ive worked on for years and when you look at stats across dinos , Official out ways Legacy by far. Was big reason for the split you didn't want mega tribes already established wiping new players on release. That's not the case anymore. Why not open some new servers on official allowing a migration onto those servers from legacy if you want to wipe Legacy. Don't think would be too hard. Another few comments , we have explorer notes etc work across accounts why not allow all trophies and rewards be account bound allowing more characters to be made , I have one on Legacy Extinction , Island, Centre , Scorched, Aberration, Ragnorock all around the 100. Fort me get all Tek engrams I have to travel to each server, risking losing a character and every thing they have achieved. Once legacy goes , like many off the players that I play with. will be end of Ark . Not spending another 5yrs to get to where I am now. Thanks for your time. Zeuphyr
  3. I have raised the issue with wildcard several times as I hvae lost 5 characters to not being able to log into same server , some randomly , some after I go off server to do boss fight . They need to fix it as I can look at 2 of my own bodies on the Island I am on.
  4. Well you can go to only certain maps others you fall asleep on and are asked to create new character. And someone here could do something, I don't want support for my character, I want server fix for the ones broken, I have raised a problem with a server error or whatever and I'm pretty sure its not just the ones I've mentioned. They have the obligation to maintain there servers Legacy or Official otherwise shut them all down. Not leave them all up broken.
  5. HI ARK DEVS? you will probably choose to ignore this , your game is broken since last update and its not a good sign. I have raised the issue with you and a GM says he cant help because of your policy Regarding Legacy Servers. WELL ITS NOT US or OUR CHARACTERS its YOUR GAME CREATING THE ISSUE > THATS ON YOU TO FIX whether its a legacy server or not , your the host and they are you servers , if it was another game they would be fixing it . I have lost 3 level 100 + characters to your game over a 2 day period because I wanted to do boss fights on Ragnorock and Abberation. I moved my characters around on PVE-OC-PS4OfficialServer46 , 45 and 47 and when going to put back to normal , After logging them out on there correct servers again . Once I went back to feed on them I was asked to create new characters on each of the servers even though my characters where asleep on the server. I was able to repeat it over and over with an ALT Character I created same issue sleeping on server have to create new. WHAT THE !!!!!! Wake up our Characters of fix the issue so we can log back in to them , its up to 7 other players on 1 server so far , not sure on the numbers on the others , or even if its occurring on another server. PLEASE read and inform us of the solution , we love the game for a reason , and play for a reason whether its Legacy or Official , they are still your servers to maintain , currently these ones are broken and all we want are our characters back , to continue . You can reply to me as GM Primo did but according to your rules he cant help . SOMEONE MUST BE ABLE TO FIX BROKEN SERVERS. Thanks
  6. YES i am on Legacy Server . BUT Just before we became legacy I lost my character and dinos after 10 mths of playing. TODAY I was asked to do a Rockwell fight on Aberattion 912 so I transfered my Level 99 character from AB912 to Scorched Earth OC45 where it currently is slumped in a hut. I then transferred my 102 character from Island OC46 (Main character) to Ab912 then boss fight didnt occur , i then transferred back and ran around doing meat run on OC46 before logging off to transfer Scorched back to Ab and it asked me to create new Character. Then I tried to log onto OC46 and it asked me to make new character there as well. This is 2 whole bases and dinos again I am to lose because of reasons I dont know . THIS IS URGENT I have 1 character 103 left on Ragnorok 8 but dont want to transfer incase I possible lose it as well. This is 12months of rebuild and dinos i have spent months in real time on . Let me know please otherwise I will see what other way I can get support and from where . I have photos of my toons and there levels and stats if need.
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