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  1. Big weekend for our tribe, our alphas got hit by 2 titans! at the same time, they battle logged ( ORP server) but still ended up losing 75% of their base. We know this was coming so for a while so we decided to relocate our base and tames to avoid getting hit ourselves, (We live on the center) currently were in the process of moving all of our gear and blocking up our new base location (floating island!) we have completely blocked one entry to the floating island, the huge entry to the lake in the middle of floating island on the east side of the island, we just plugged that up with 3200+ pillars from top to bottom with a metal behe gate at the bottom, the highest pillar wall in the line is over 80 pillars!, i was concerned about the build limit as we have 40+ lines of said pillar walls.. i calculated , that's not including supporting ceilings we needed to use. all up the wall is around 4000 pieces. still a fair bit under build limit but for one wall.... we call that our big d wall. this was a strategic move, we know were next in line for the titans as we are now the alpha tribe after the weekends ordeal. But now we own the floating island, turret towers at every entry and one of these walls to be installed behind each turret tower in the future, we have already blocked down every drop location we have found on the floating island. now there is no way we can get a visit from a titan! Tonight since the 3x is finished and breeding onslaught finally eases we have around 100 dinos left at our old base to transfer over. Hopefully we can withstand any heat coming from the other clustered servers and take control of one of the most epic building locations on the center.... the center. We are on a Official ORP cluster witch hosts all the maps, the guys with the titans are the aberration alphas, their main weapon of choice is reapers. lucky for us we have just trapped a 150 reaper over the weekend and have two 225 reapers growing, plus a butt load of gigas waiting for there arrival. for the time being, the floating island move was the best choice we made and now have the 100 turret cap in pretty much every corner of the inner island, we have our own private lake which is great for the dimetrodons and whats better is the beaver dams are still spawning. If anyone ever thinks about taking the floating island, and it's viable for them to do so, i suggest you do, i believe this is the best location we have built at so far and iv had 3k+ hours in the center, close to everything, above most of the map, isolated. perfect!
  2. only you can fix that. get a device that is supported. yours may be too old.
  3. Solo, No Tribes, ORP - or Non ORP, Fliers can be tamed but not ridden, Land caravan dinos boosted Resistance / Travel Buff. Constant x2/x3 Harvest/Exp x3 Baby Maturation/Hatching/Mating Intervals Scaled down boss battle suitable more solo attemps Players must decide the best way to traverse the land on foot Extended structure height limits Clustered serves allowing access to only 1 of each map
  4. what would be awesome is if we had the ability to link up our main accounts to the mobile version and be able to play on the go whilst being connected to your console / PC, like some sort of PS4/xbox/pc login made available on the mobile platform. then we can all imprint at work
  5. expanded our tribe to 12 members (which is huge because we have been 5 members for months) productively just shot threw the roof. gearing up for boss fights - we live on the center will be gathering last arifacts tonight and running through gamma next few days. behe gated off a large portion of land to expand will be building turret towers - our base location allows us to take a massive area of the map without anybody even noticing. build our water pen and tamed an angler - never seen so much pearls! - tribe mate just tamed dunky also today cant wait to try that bad boy out. got out first colour mutation on our rexs - dark blue line on spine - very nice have raised a megatheirum army but unsure if we can use this on the center boss? as we have to spawn both the monkey and BM? oh well we'll soon find out!
  6. oh well, you know, been prepaired to take down our first giga for a few days now, had all our mats, had the 49 quetz kibble ready, got a 145 male giga, downed him in our dino gate trap... narc him up for 2 hours for my whole party.. not just one of us.. but all 4 of us, timed out... next to our downed prize.. we log back in to find G, our friend carrying to kibble, has glitched into a rock in the terrain upon rejoining the server.. as we all try and take pot shots to knock him out or pick him... we all time out... again... for a second time... surely right, when we all get in.. G will be unstuck from this death trap terrain and we can commence our journey... right? negative. as i log on a 204 fire dragon kills me, 2 teras, our argy and the rest of my tribe before they could re log, also killed the downed giga and took everything.. trolled at the worst possible time and unable to defend... i love this game.
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