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  1. Flyers are bugged on servers with the new speed option enabled. Points spent in speed are resetting after being cryod, uploading and servers restarting. Flyers are also mutating in speed with no actual effect on the value.
  2. @Bearbrat Given how long it took to make the saves available last time I doubt that if the saves are available by the 9th that the save will be from the 8th....more likely a week or two earlier. And if the saves are indeed from the 8th I feel the 9th will be another deadline WC will not meet. Maybe I'm wrong but I just don't see it happening in one day.
  3. Lucky you my giga that fell through the map died on server restart.12 days imprinting the damn thing to 100%.....
  4. Yep it's the. Ark. Profile one you change.I am fairly sure it's localplayer you change it to not just local. In regards to commands check the wiki for a full list but the ones you're asking about are enablecheats first of all Then while looking at at a tribe structure you want to wipe its admincheat destroytribestructures for Dinos admincheat destroytribedinos just double check the wiki first though
  5. You need to find out your steam id, then find the profile in the save file with your steam id and change the steam id number to localplayer (I can't remember if the l and p need to be capitals) As for performance it will be poor at the start, even my server was the first day or so as the dinos and structures are loaded the first time. But it did improve for us and is much better now that we are about half way through removing everyone's bases and dinos we don't want around. Oh and a word to warning if you do use the command to wipe a whole tribes structures at once you will lag hard
  6. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/272921-legacy-official-pve-server-backups/
  7. Im also very excited about actually being able to play the game on my own cluster now that legacy saves are being released! Because for months my options have been play on my legacy server with all the foul mouthed griefing brats that have emerged since support was removed and lose more dinos under the map.Or play on a new server where i cant even tame a dodo. Heck I might even be able to convince my friend who lost his character and in turn 2 years work and got no help to come back with the promise of proper support on my cluster. Good times ahead indeed.
  8. Do you have any idea when the legacy save will occur or occured if already done?
  9. @GP i was replied to in this crunch regarding legacy saves and we were told next week. Its been 2 weeks now with no mention anywhere. Is there any word on this?
  10. https://survivetheark.com/index.php?/forums/topic/267542-thank-you-for-releasing-legacy-saves-its-been-a-good-run/&page=3&tab=comments#comment-1557989 Good job to everyone on keeping on to them about this
  11. We're doing Gigas during this event. You can be certain they've already done the save they're gonna give us since we are
  12. Check the community crunch. They replied to me saying they will make active pve legacy saves available next week.
  13. I play on a legacy server and am waiting for it to be deleted and save made available so I can host it myself for my friends. So today I will feed the dinosaurs and reset timers.
  14. The DLC getting delayed is probably bad news for those of us waiting on empty servers to get deleted and saves made available as I assume they were probably going to delete them for aberration servers. And we can only assume by @Jatheish not getting back to us on making current ones available that it's a no. After experiencing a serious bug recently and receiving no support I will only be resetting timers to minimise something else happening and I suggest everyone playing the waiting game to do the same.
  15. They're just gonna make us wait. You would think the next mass delete will be when the DLC comes out and they need to put up servers for that. personally I can't wait to get to unofficial with our save and be rid of the poor service regarding servers from WC.
  16. @Leoli i find it mind boggling they havent acted on this. They can clearly tell that many of the few people left on legacy are just keeping stuff alive and timers up till they delete, yet they simply wont release the save when they know these people will abandon legacy straight away. And all this while there just isnt enough new servers. OC is the region i play on and just about all the new servers are at tame limit.
  17. @Jatheish has not gotten back to us for weeks @Bearbrat so i assume they decided to stay with the original plan and are making is wait till they delete them. Which will happen with most of them. My server had at most 4 people online over the weekend. Log on feed dinos and reset timers till they do
  18. @Jatheish well i know someone on legacy who just lost their toon and will get no support. All this person had been doing was feeding dinos and reseting timets till their server gets deleted and they get their pve save. This person has now rage quit the game and thats one less person buying expansions. Personally i am playing less and less as with no support i literally want to minimise the time i am at risk. This is not a fun way to play the game.
  19. Any word yet @Jatheish ? I have just experienced a kind of serious bug this weekend that due to being on legacy will receive no support on. I could however resolve it if i was hosting the server for myself and friends.
  20. @Jat Any chance this will change? Its obvious with the numbers dwindling most will be deleted soon. All we are really doing atm is risking losing a chatacter or some other major bug with no support while we wait for another mass delete. Just make saves available for active legacy (pve atleast) so we can go and host if we choose. Its a win for you guys as some of us will leave legacy sooner helping you guys free up resources.
  21. Did people hosting their old servers log in to have their toon,base,tribe,imprints etc?
  22. Ok fair enough. Could you confirm that you will be doing the same regarding the saves with any future legacy servers deleted?making them available and the save being the day the deletion is announced That way we can continue to progress knowing its not a waste of time
  23. @Jat any chance of getting a pcpve server save that isnt deleted yet? Would be great to host it now rather than later. Works for you guys too as it frees up resources
  24. I believed them and rented a server. Just honor your word and provide them and while youre at it release All legacy saves (pve atleast) so we can move on. Your legacy servers will empty quicker so you can delete more if you do this. There has to be more options than nitrado too as they dont have servers in regions like oceanic.
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